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DiRT 2 (Also known as "Colin McRae: DiRT 2" in the UK/EU) DiRT 2 takes racing games to a new level with thrilling new race types, striking locations, big event atmosphere, and a peerless line-up of super-charged speed machines, each selected to deliver spectacular, fast-paced racing. Taking players on an exhilarating World Tour, DiRT 2 delivers over 100 stunning events, including aggressive, multi-vehicle races and intense solo challenges, set in the most diverse and demanding real-world environments. From the muddy tracks of the Malaysian rainforest to spectator-packed stadiums in London and Los Angeles, racers compete in contemporary off-road race disciplines covering Rallycross, Trailblazer, Raid, Landrush, and Rally. Embracing the culture and new heroes of modern off-road racing, DiRT 2 features an exciting line-up of the best new rally drivers - including the multi medal-winning Subaru Rally Team USA driver Ken Block alongside Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, and Tanner Faust, who help players build their racing career. [Codemasters]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 91 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3485
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, Rally / Offroad, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

DiRT 2 reviews ( 5 )

nopoles, Jun 2, 2011

I was never a fan of simulation racers (I prefer Arcade) until I played DiRT2. The interface and world look beautiful, and the game is challenging and fun. The ability to roll back time after making a mistake in a race is super cool. I'd highly recommend playing with an analog controller or some kind (I use an Xbox360 controller on PC), since you need precise analog controls to maintain control.

Peradon, Jan 4, 2011

This is one of few racing games that makes realistic driving quite fun. The game is wrapped in a cloak of shiny, impressive graphics combined with decent gameplay that makes it feel like a very good game. Some of the modes, however, are quite hard to get the hang of and you will likely find yourself in last place many times before you do. Personally, I don't have a problem using a keyboard to play this with, and although i'd rather use a mouse for the menu the controls are fine. Overall, a very good racer.

JuanV, Dec 28, 2009

DiRT 1 fell short on gameplay and online. But this one is worse... The game feels like the X-Games and not like Rally, I'm a rally fan, and I had great expectations of this game, but for me, it failed horribly in that aspect, is an almost an insult to call this game a rally game. If you look at it in a good side, it does everything else flawlessly. But overall the Big Event atmosphere makes me feel uncomfortable playing the game, it doesn't even feel like DiRT, feels more like Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero World Tour or Need for Speed. Also didn't like the music, again, its like an X-Games and not Rally.

erwin_raptor, Apr 6, 2012

One of the first DirectX11 games. Forget the original "Colin McRae" series, this is an arcade game with the X-Games in the top of the races. Awesome graphics, many beautiful locations and great steering wheel support (the Force Feedback experience with a Logitech Steering Wheel is awesome). This game is hard if you play it with a keyboard, because is not a NFS title, so is better to play with the Xbox Controller and even better with a steering wheel. You can't use any gamepad but the Xbox360 controller, so you have to look for Modifications on the internet to make work any kind of gamepad.Don't expect for a Rally Simulator, because it isn't: Flashbacks, some impossible physics to make your car stay in 4 wheels, no tunning for car specs. It isn't a NFS game, so you only can choose some pre-defined liveries, some funny horns and stuff to put inside the car (hawaian dancer, dices hanging from your rearview mirror, etc.).It has a very good soundtrack, but you'll only have the chance to hear it among menues and loadings screens, it could be great to hear it while in race.It would have been great to have Steam Archievements, but you'll have to install the Games For Windows Live, that is a useless feature because it only registers your product license and doesn't even saves your online rank, so, if you lose your Windows Installation you'll have to look for a good solution to rescue your saved data.There's a lot of fun in LAN party gameplay (a multiplayer mode almost killed by Game developers), and you can choose cars that doesn't match with the circuits to make races a really fun carnage.

TheJusta, Mar 6, 2011

One simple game option was omitted in this game. Proper volume management. This stupid idiotic game does not allow you to completely mute the sound of the game. For someone like me who's running ventrilo and watching streaming videos on my other monitor while I play it's a definite turn-off.