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DiRT 4 Dirt 4 puts you at the wheel of the most powerful machines ever made as you face the toughest roads and circuits on the planet in rally, rallycross, and landrush.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1863
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters
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DiRT 4 reviews ( 6 )

Simulacra_53, Jun 18, 2017

Classic DiRT! Very solid game combining the best elements of the original DiRT and DiRT Rally. No technical issues encountered during the first 30hrs of gameplay - 4790K GTX1080 on Windows 10 64 bit, DFGT. As a side note there's a nice soundtrack as well. Highly recommended! Needs more locations and some extra tile variation added.

FrikiFrizzle, Jan 17, 2018

Users here are misrepresenting the game. It might be a 6 if you we're expecting DiRT Rally 2. DiRT4 + Excellent wheel and extra devices support + Good variation in gameplay + Track generator is realistic as real rally drivers get new tracks all the time + Compared to DiRT2/3 the extreme-bruh-dubstep-feel is minimal + Detailed career mode - Co-pilot's voice is bland - Track generator does seem to make bland tracks - Still kinda stupid poppy music - Just not as fun to drive as DiRT Rally, just look at Steam charts numbers of current players per game...

Dubeau, Jul 3, 2017

I play this game at high graphic settings at 85% difficulty. I really like the new gamer control model, which finally permits to play with a controller in all the weathers. However the small buggy control is just horrible and twitchy. I like the career mode and the build your team, but I am not sure how deep the career mode is really...there is no years, season or aging involved, just unlocking stuff, making more money for your team. So, I am not sure it qualifies to anything near a career. Some of the graphics are quite well done and they fix the short range of vision for night settings. The sounds are very good. The music samples are amazing and various. There is maybe not enough variety in the locations, as you get only 3-4 places (if it's more it does all look a like). I like that version more then the previous. Now if we could get the real rally license and tracks that would be amazing. I give it a 78%

Zinger69, Mar 10, 2018

I was hugely disappointed with the play-ability of Dirt Rally, great game don't get me wrong but unfortunately no adjustment for driver level ability, just preset on super hard and cop it. I waited for Dirt 4 to come on special in Steam as no way I was going to pay full price after Dirt Rally. I like the options here more play-ability wise and some different game modes but after a week of playing my love of the Dirt series games has now come to an end. It new coded driver engine is not consistent, throwing you off mid corner in Rally mode for no apparent reason, and the awful Buggy's are just horrible. Sorry Codemasters, you have lost a once loyal customer here but good luck in the future, can only get better from this stuff.

epuigvros, Jul 31, 2017

Well here is my review of this game: I played for 40 minutes then asked for refund in steam, so please take that into account. I haven't fully played this but I am going to expose the reasons why I didn't like it. Also I want to first say I enjoyed lots of hours of DIRT Rally and I think is an amazing driving game. I thought this would be an enjoyable experience as well and I saw some good reviews out there so I bought it. Now let's start with the review. The first thing you notice on the first stages is the driving and handling experience is considerably less enjoyable/realistic than DIRT Rally, even choosing simulation. It fees more arcade like, and the car seems to self-adjust itself for more stability, and at the end you having a feeling that you have less control of the racing experience. So driving is less fun that DIRT Rally. Second, graphic-wise the stages are too short, simple and very straight with few exciting and challenging turns. Also the views/locations of the track don't seem original either, looks a step backwards. You won't notice better quality either in the graphics, but what you will notice is a decrease in frame rate from DIRT Rally. Third, there is a lot of in game screens between driving and a lot of stuff like reading emails from possible team offers, create your own team, and **** of style "you've done it very well and bla bla bla, now do this and do that", look at these experience bars growing, etc. I simply don't get this, I just want a racing experience and I think I've spend more time on menus that actually driving and this is a driving game isn't it? So at this point I've had enough of it, the game didn't prove itself to be good enough on what it should deliver: racing. Quite a disappointment. Codemasters please, if you want to get cash, do DLCs/expansions for DIRT Rally adding more stages. I will be happy to spend 100€ bought of good quality stages. I thought you understood what we wanted after listening to the community and delivering a good game like DIRT Rally was. Now it feels like a step backwards again.

AlleyKatPr0, Jun 18, 2017

After the Darling Brothers sold/left Codemasters, the company and quality of games released has slowly gone downhill. Dirt 4 drives it off the edge of the cliff. This release confirms the company is producing nothing more than middle-shelf cannon fodder to shill to unsuspecting brain-dead consumers. GRID was the last good racing game Codemasters made, and utterly destroyed that franchise with GRID2. "Dirt" is now dead, just like its progenitor, Colin MacRae. It is an awful thing to note: the loss of yet another great British company to greed and apathy of the very thing we once, as gamers; held so dear: Quality. Giving money to Codemasters for this 'game' is an affront to quality and the paths we chose to meet it on the road, vying for position amongst the quagmire of dross and disparity of excellence.