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DiRT Rally DiRT Rally captures the essence of what makes rally unique – that sense of trying to remain in control of your emotions, as you hurtle along at breakneck speed, aiming to squeeze everything out of your car whilst knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3801
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

DiRT Rally reviews ( 7 )

MaMaD, Dec 12, 2015

Dirt Rally : I am the dark souls of racing muhahahaahahhahaahhaha Best rally simulation ever.The best and most realistic rally game Codemasters have made.

Jarlaxle_82, Dec 13, 2015

Endlich mal wieder eine Simulation die diesen Namen auch verdient! Habe gefühlt seit Collin Mcrea 2 nicht mehr so viel Spaß an einem Rallyspiel, wenn nicht sogar Rennspiel gehabt. Nach kurzer Eingewöhnung macht es schon am Anfang der Karriere mit der 60er Karre richtig Laune über die Pisten zu brettern. Finnland mit seinen unglaublichen Sprüngen lässt mich jetzt schon, mit 115 PS, unruhig auf dem Stuhl werden. Spiele mit dem XBOX One Controller was bisher wunderbar funktioniert. Kann dieses Spiel jedem Empfehlen der sich für realistische Rennspiele interessiert! Mein erster early-access Titel, hier hatte ich wirklich keine Bedenken... und mit dem Kauf alles richtig gemacht! =) Respekt Codemasters das ihr euch endlich wieder an die Zielgruppe rantraut, hätte ich euch fast nicht mehr zugetraut.

Eds, Apr 8, 2016

Muito bom o jogo compraria denovo simulacao e graficos 10 faltou mas carros e pista mas o jogo ta otimo graficamente o melhor de raly que ja fizeram na historia

AntonNovikov, Dec 12, 2015

DiRT Rally is the one of the best racing games I've ever played so far. I wouldn't say it's a better sim than Richard Burns Rally, but much more enjoyable to play, IMO. Amazing quality of track & cars modelling, outstanding sound, great visual effects. This game can even make you want to buy a wheel. At least I did. 300+ hours of playing since early access. No regrets. 10/10. Must have for all racing fans.

anfil18, Sep 14, 2016

Despues de llevar muchos años jugando a juegos de coches. este¡ definitivamente es uno de los mejores simuladores de rally jamas hechos. la fisica de la conduccion, los coches, graficamente muy bueno.. la unica pega que le encuentro por decir una y por eso NO le doy un 10 es, que deberia de tener mas paises y circuitos, no es que se quede corto el juego pero que si que podian meter mas paises con sus respectivas etapas. Enhorabuena codemasters ASÍ SI¡¡¡¡ PD: no atajes

psylife, Apr 3, 2016

Dirt Rally is quite simply the best rally game ever made. The driving is spectacular, the courses are fantastically entertaining to drive, the audio visual compartment is very competent. The engine allows for long draw distances that truly immerse you into the geography you are traversing, the replays for instance allow for some spectacular shots. The engine sound and the cockpit cam are exactly where they need to be. The team crew management is a welcome addition and the simplicity of the interface and design structure is refreshing. This is a game for people who love to drive and it is one of the finest racing experience out there.

Ninjasifu, Dec 17, 2015

I will give this a 9 if they fix the career save issue. Tried all fixes and none of them work. Still...why should we be fixing a "paid for" game. I mean not being able to save in career mode ffs.