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DiRT Showdown DiRT Showdown is an arcade spin-off of the Dirt series featuring over-the-top Hoonigan, Demolition, and Race events.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2541
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, Rally / Offroad, Automobile
Company / Developer
Codemasters / Codemasters

DiRT Showdown reviews ( 7 )

Setzera, Jun 25, 2012

Yes, it has some issues. There is some lag online at times, and some glitches. However, this game has to be the most fun derby game in a very long time, and not only that, but you can go online and have crazy matches. I think this game is severely underrated because it has the Dirt name, which disappoints previous Dirt game fans, and scares away people that didn't like Dirt 1-3. Demos are out on all platforms, and even though there isn't much to see on them, anyone who likes smashing cars owes it to themselves to play at least the demo if not the full game.

InsidePCgaming, May 27, 2012

full review http://www.insidepcgaming.com/dirt-showdown-review.php "A fantastic spin-off title worthy of the DiRT name!" 90% Score.. DiRT Showdown is arcade racing at it's best.

biggranny, Jul 27, 2012

I don't understand why everyone hates this game. It's for people who love demo derbies. If you don't like demo derbies, don't play this one. Anyway, the game is very fun. The graphics are extremely beautiful, the car models are nice, the damage engine runs very well, and there are only a few flaws here and there. I have one major issue though: Profile corruption. When I play about 30-100 races, my profiles go corrupt, and I can't play it anymore and I have to start over, it happened many times and I finally started to quit this game. Overall, it was good while it lasted.

folkingtales, May 30, 2012

This NOT a DIRT game, but since it has "Dirt" in its name I must take that into account when writing this review.(10/10) GRAPHICS: Very pretty visuals. Car models are great, particle effects are pretty good and damage is also rather well done. All in all this area of the game is nothing to complain about.(7/10) SOUND: Cars sound great and so do all the effects like spinning tires and so on... Now the SUPER-annoying "announcer" guy is the worst part of all the audio in the game and that is why it loses 3 points (also non-stop explosions and fireworks get old rather quick too). Try listening to "YAY! T-Bonalicious!!!! "BOOOOM!!!" "Awesome over-take DUDE!!!! BAM!!! ......and that happens non-stop in a supposedly driving game.(3/10) GAMEPLAY:This is the area where this game fails. Now understand that I might have been more lenient if his game was called simply "Showdown", but since there is a "Dirt" in there I , and many others expected a racing game with somewhat realistic handling. This is completely the opposite of what this game delivers. The handing is so terrible for a racing game I don't even know why it has a "Dirt" in the title, simply should have been called "Burnout Showdown". That's how these cars handle, very close to Burnout arcade style handling. So to sum it all up (because I can go on forever) this game is basically a bunch of "derby" style races and "gymkhana-inspired" events with lots of jumps, fireworks and an annoying guy yelling non-stop. This is NOT what a Dirt game is Codemasters.(5/10) Replayability: I would guess that someone who is into completely arcade style racing with dare I say a "hip" feel to it along with a narrator who should have gotten a job as an inspirational speaker might enjoy this game. All others who expected a real racing game should pass on it and not think twice about it.TOTAL SCORE 5/10

Leo4211, Dec 23, 2013

If I could rename this game, I would have named it "Codemaster Derby". Putting the brand DiRT in the name is such a disgrace. As we all know, the DiRT series is about rally. Hmm, seems this game has gone far a little bit. The gameplay overall is a bit awkward as it features some races (traditional races, elimination(?)) but also some derby (last man standing, pushing cars off the platform, racing in a track full of crossroads). Altogether it don't blend well and I simply can't tell what genre this game exactly is. The game's a bit boring (yeah it's fun hitting cars in 5 mins and 3 rounds) and gymkhana still exists. Ugh. The graphics are not appealing or better (How possibly could a derby game have amazing graphics?) The locations are a bit dull. (smelter, somewhere near the sea, mostly sand and dirt) Even Flatout Ultimate Carnage has more locations and graphic features to offer. The music is medicore. The controls are acrade-style so I have nothing to complain about it. I really don't get why this game has the DiRT label in it. It's not a rally game and it's not good also.

Slit, May 31, 2012

I don't get all hot and bothered about names so i didn't mind playing a FlatOut style game named Dirt. Especially considering how much last FlatOut sucked. New Dirt however isn't much better. It's main problem isn't abandoning it's roots. It's the fact that it is just a poor game. Primitive tracks, primitive driving, primitive progress structure, primitive damage model. The appeal of destruction derby is missed completely. Cars get destroyed waaay too quickly. And then they respawn. There is no thinking involved. No careful trading of ones car health for opponents damage. No satisfaction of barely surviving. No challenge of driving severely damaged car (barely alive one drives like new). The only positive thing to me was car design. It's fairly imaginative. Obnoxious general style (I'm not your bro or dude FFS) forced down your throat and an annoying soundtrack from the kind of bands who are sure that any music is good if its played sufficiently loud and that lyrics do not matter as long as front man shouts them complete the picture.Not only isn't it a Dirt 4 (not a problem in my book) but it is also a very tasteless and pathetic attempt at a FlatOut. Avoid.

airdrac, May 2, 2013

A horrible waste of time! This game feels like taking Blur, dumbing down the graphics a couple of years, and going back to controls from the early 90's (Think Destruction Derby 1). However unlike Blur the levels are ridiculously small, the selection of cars laughable and handling decidedly bad (even when taking into account that this is a arcade-game, regardless of the false marketing claims in using "DiRT" in the title). This has NOTHING to do with the "real" DiRT-games, let alone the Colin McRae-rally-games. You can't even select which gear to use anymore! If only Codemasters had the decency of giving back the money i paid for this game, because it is by far the worst game i've played for years! Oh yeah, and the menus and music makes even Dirt 3 seem quick and nice-sounding. They're ridiculously slow, and the "hey, bro"-style of the commentators and general (unskippable...) speak is painfully bad, and makes me want to choke myself in my headphones' cord. No matter what you're looking for, you wont find it in this game, move along!