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Dirty Bomb In the not-too-distant future, London has been abandoned, a shell of its former self. After a mysterious disaster, the international Crisis and Disaster Agency stepped in to clean up the mess and decontaminate the city. They failed... badly. Now the streets of London are the playground of Private Military Companies (PMCs) who battle to control what remains of the city’s riches.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2667
Genre Shooter, Modern, Action, First-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Nexon , Nexon America Inc. / Splash Damage
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Dirty Bomb reviews ( 7 )

Burritobro, Jun 17, 2015

Dont listen to simpletons that call it pay2win, its not. Its more skill based than most modern fps games (meaning its probably too hard for "new generation of gamers"). Its pretty balanced at the moment. While still not pefrect its getting better each patch, cant be said about every free to play game.

Mr_Pobbles, Jul 27, 2015

10/10 would Shrek again. All the characters in the swamp are pretty well balanced, and getting other ogres using in game currency is totally doable so long as you do your daily challenges.

kinkias, Jul 5, 2015

This game is simply awesome! You can play your way into having every merc with no trouble at all, just playing and doing all the missions that come every 3 hours. You don't need any loadout past Bronze, those are cosmetic only, plus it's very easy to get the loadouts you want, not to mention you can buy a specific one if you so desire. I have 100 hours in the game and already bought 3 mercs out of 9.

juju-, Sep 20, 2015

Kind of p2w but not totally. Game is super fun. The 3 objectives in one map keeps it from getting boring. The localised spawn points are nice because running for 5 minutes to get to the objective sucks.

CasuallyDerp, Jun 25, 2015

For a bta this game is pretty damn stable and fun. There's some server joining issues here and there and some tweaking to balance characters but either than that it's awesome.

ToFewViews, Jul 23, 2015

This isn't quite a full review for Dirty Bomb because it's still in beta and lots is subject to change. This is just a breakdown of how the game is at this point. Dirty Bomb is a free to play FPS with micro transactions and extremely fast paced team based combat extremely similar to Counter Strike:GO but much faster. With the ability to jump off walls and parkour it lets you find hidden paths and new ways to flank your enemy, But must remember all the different Mercs haddel different and some are better then others when it comes to moving and jumping around. There are quite a few Mercs to choose from ranging from Medics,Engineers,Heavy's and others with the addition of new Mercs every few weeks.Your gun and bonuses are determined by your load-out card, there is 5 different kind of cards ranging from slandered starting cards to cobalt cards that give you some good bonuses. This is where the game can start to feel pay to win, People with the Cobalt or Gold cards seem to have a fairly good advantage over people who could just be starting with default cards and can push some new plays away from the game . Once you get some decent cards then you start to enjoy the matches a bit more.But one thing to remember to is that Mercs rotate like heroes in LoL and if you have a Merc you like a lot you will have to shell out 10 ish dollars or save up quite a bit of in game money to buy it. Once you get a few good cards and get into the play style you will start to enjoy Dirty Bomb but it's a bit of grind at the start so if you looking for a FPS you can just drop into you may want to stick with CS:GO for now. But I'm curious what changes come to the game in the future.

Gadenysh, Dec 14, 2017

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