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Disciples II: Dark Prophecy Dark Prophecy returns gamers to the magical realm of the Sacred Lands where four races - the Empire, the Mountain Clans, the Legions of the Damned and the Undead Hordes - continue the battle for the destiny of their Gods. A decade after the First Great War, the final prophecy continues to unfold. [Strategy First]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1968
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, General
Players 1-4
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Strategy First
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Disciples II: Dark Prophecy reviews ( 6 )

Socratease, Jan 19, 2013

After being tricked into buying the horridly boring Disciples 3, i had to go back to Disciples 2. Even after seven years of letting it sit on my shelf and playing much more graphically advanced games like Elder scrolls: oblivion and and Mass effect, Disciples 2 STILL manages to suck me into its world. Certainly, it`s a Might and magic ripoff, but `im okay with that, as D2 took just enough from it to be interesting and did its own thing. If you`re into deep turn based games that require your patience and greatly rewards it, then Disciples 2 is for you If you aren`t, you`ll probably get bored with it. And the king returned from his holy quest, and cried triumphantly: Behold! I have found a treasure long buried! And the people rejoiced! And there was much feasting, and singing, and merrymaking.

RagingPoet, Nov 2, 2017

Disciples 2 is not as well-known as Heroes 3 but in my opinion it is at just as good and in some aspects even better. I can still play campaign/quick match 15+ years after its initial release and have a lot of fun.

Sotamarsu, Dec 1, 2006

It's like "mini" Heroes of Might & Magic or Age of Wonders, but it's totally different. Spells for blessing, cursing, damaging and healing and plenty of army upgrades.

DarioT., Jan 1, 2008

Great graphics for its time. Turn base is a very fun game style. The only con is the battles are not very detailed i would of liked to see the characters at least attack the selected character instead of attack nothing right in front of them. (for some ranged units and fighters).

JonathanC., Feb 27, 2002

The graphics are great, the concept is also interesting. The only thing is combat, which becomes surprisingly boring after a while since there isn't much tactics involved in it. It would have been nice if units could move, and mages could cast a variety of spell rather than just one simple attack. Other than that the game is quite a lot of fun.

MichaelG., Sep 17, 2006

Graphics are detailed but still confusing, becomes boring after a short while, because of the fights, which are always the same style with no strategic depth. Menus for building and creating troops/buildings are clear an constructed. But finally it is just a warm up of an old game concept, which could have used more innovations