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Distance Distance is an atmospheric racing platformer. Fusing futuristic arcade racing with parkour, survive a deadly, mysterious, neon-drenched city by jumping, rotating, and flying.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 87
Genre Driving, Futuristic, Racing, Arcade
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Refract Studios / Refract Studios
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Distance reviews ( 4 )

ApexPhilosopher, Oct 23, 2019

Let me start by saying I do not enjoy racing games. This game, however, is a whole different creature, and I'm not saying that for its flashy beautiful neon streamed arenas, and its top-tier Quake -esk music. Nor am I saying that for the horror story which is actually compelling... really, I'm serious - a racing horror game. Unique as ?�??�??�??�?, and I typically am bored to death by all the cheaply crafted stories of modern video games - let alone a ?�??�??�??�?ing racing game! I love this game because the developers took the risk and made a game that isn't for the casual gamer. This game is actually challenging and creative. It's not going to spoonfeed you, and you will have to 'git gud'. You will have to master car-flight (Yep! car-flight,) arial turns, obstical dodging (laser-beams, chainsaws, etc.,) jet maneuverable (because you have jet-engine,) and the frequent change of orientation (because ?�??�??�??�? the idea of up and down in space.) This is is so far removed from the majority of money-grabbing games from this decade. This goes without saying but this game goes in my small handful of actual good games from the 2010-2020 era. Do yourself a favor when you play this game. Don't give up when you encounter your first challenge. The game will be easy until you encounter your first challenge, but when you do - you may want to quit. Don't! Persevere! You'll discover that once you do, that challenge will become a second nature instinct, and you will easily overcome it in the future. It will be so rewarding. Distance is absolutely worth the full-price. I would even say that it is worth much more than that, but I really appreciate the fact that they set a modest amount so that it would be affordable to people like myself.

rubens9345, Jul 22, 2019

Una absoluta obra maestra. Para m?� este juego est?? en el top 3 juegos mas divertidos jam??s creados. Le doy un 10 porque en mi opini??n este peque?�o grupo ha creado un juego al nivel de perfecci??n jugable y sonora que pocos juegos tienen. Para m?� est?? el mismo nivel que los juegos de Half-Life 2 y la saga Portal.

RagingPoet, Apr 18, 2019

Distance is a lot of fun, after you master its mechanics, but will be a bit frustrating before that. Core gameplay of jumps, barerolls and thrusters usage during racing is quite unique and challenging. Visuals are really stylish and look awesome even after a downgrade in VR mode. The best part of the game is hands down its maps. With fully integrated workshop Distance can provide almost unlimited amount of tracks to choose from in Arcade mode.

Kashmoney, Dec 15, 2018

Intro: Wow, I'm somewhat surprised that this game hasn't been reviewed by any users yet. What is it?: Distance is a racing video game created by Refract Studios, the same people who created Nitronic Rush if I'm not mistaken. Although this is a racing game, Distance twists the formula from racing on the ground to jumping and flying on different platforms and walls to reach the end goal. Added with an extreme booster, this game allows players to really hone their skills to beat their and other players records in order to become the fastest and the slickest driver around. The good: Distance also includes the main story mode and a few other stories for solo players, ghost time attacks, and also is supported with a steam workshop with people who've created tricky, cool, funny, and interesting tracks to race on. Personally, I like a lot of the Hotwheel tracks that community players offer along with tracks like Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart series. There are also different cars to unlock, but currently, I only have three unlocked at the time. Also, while I wish that it was a bit lower, the price for this game is around 20-24 USD is pretty fair and considering that this is an indie game that had a lot of supporters backing it, It's not so bad with what you get. Also, I didn't mention this, but there are also online servers so that's cool. The bad: Now while I do like Distance as a game to pass time and just have fun with the community created tracks, this game could be so much more by adding the ability to customization. Different cars, set up racing tournaments, and also maybe having more customizable traits like stickers or different car parts to make everyone stand out. This is more of a personal issue, but I think others would somewhat agree that there could be more customization. Also, I think an online hub world for players to meet up, chat, make tournaments, and etc. would also help the community come closer. Final thoughts: Distance is a great game with great designs and controls. The game has a fair price tag and will make you happy for what you get. Plus, if you aren't satisfied with the game you can always return it on Steam like any other title. Also, considering that this game was kickstarted, I like the end results and I hope to see more games from Refract Studios in the future.