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DISTRAINT DISTRAINT is a 2D psychological horror adventure game for PC. You step into the shoes of an ambitious young man named Price. In order to forge a partnership from a famous company, Price seizes a property of an elderly woman. In that very moment he finds out the price of his humanity.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1524
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Jesse Makkonen / Jesse Makkonen
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DISTRAINT reviews ( 6 )

Fixx1983, Feb 3, 2016

DISTRANT is a little, hidden, gem. It's a story about humanity and it's not an usual horror. In fact you can see blood only a couple of times, there aren't no jumpscares. And the story is something wonderful, so "human", so dark. Give it a try, it's cheap!

ricmetal, Nov 29, 2016

I rated it an 9 because the game could have gone for much longer, just because the atmosphere was so awesome, and the horror bits where truly horrific.

Pucks, Jan 26, 2017

Ein unglaublich packendes Spiel von einem ein Mann Team. Gelungenes Pixel Art, mitreissende Hintergrundsmusik und einige Jump Scares. Props an den Entwickler. Ein Muss für jeden Horrospiele fan.

BlossomingFlowe, Apr 6, 2016

Another amazing and breathtaking experience from the same developer who made gamers take part in a journey through themselves with Silence of the Sleep. Distraint makes you realize what it is to be a human, to have a soul, conscience and be responsible for your own actions and choices in life. Restro-styled pixelated graphics, little bit of a good soundtrack with decent light effects deserve 7 of 10. Very well done, Jesse. Keep going, I am sure you have tons of ideas to make them all real with these games of yours.

kch3691, Dec 18, 2017

Distraint is a short 2D adventure horror game. There isn't much going on here besides the story and I didn't get into it. 16/16 achievements can be had in three hours.

RygoSywa, Jul 17, 2016

Let's not beat around the bush on this one: It's bad. It's really clunky, awful and BAD. As a game it's mediocre, trying to be a sort of adventure game with really simple puzzles. As a "horror" game it's dumb as it relies entirely on being loud, although to it's benefit it does not abuse the use of jump scares. As a story is awful. The subject matter could be interesting but it is muddled with bad storytelling, horrible symbolism and cliched garbage. Specially the ending. Final words? Greed is bad, but not as bad as this piece of trash written by a first grader. Do not waste your time.