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Divide By Sheep A math puzzler focusing on friendship and slicing sheep in half with lasers.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1069
Genre Puzzle, Logic
Company / Developer
tinyBuild / Victor Solodilov, Denis Novikov
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Divide By Sheep reviews ( 3 )

Komizart, May 10, 2016

One nice little game made for the big brain! This game may seem simple and easy, but you need think harder and harder to pass next levels. A lot of fun.

makerart, Sep 3, 2015

Smart challenging puzzles with gorgeous graphics and charming black humor! Supremely charming music and sound! Often game challenge your brain, but at the same time make it relax! So much fun!

TitaniumDragon, May 21, 2017

Divide by Sheep is a pretty simple and straightforward puzzle game. The premise is that Death is lonely, and decides to collect himself some animal friends. Thus, the game centers around killing cute, fuzzy creatures. Really, the game is at its core about manipulating objects – sheep, wolves, and pigs – around a 2D environment. There are a series of platforms laid out in a grid, and each platform has anywhere between 1 and 9 spaces on it for animals to stand on. If you boot an animal over onto another platform, and there isn’t room for it, it will be ejected from it. If you put wolves onto a platform with sheep or pigs, or vice-versa, the wolves will eat the sheep/pigs and become fat and immobile, locking off spaces from landing on them. If you bounce pigs onto a platform with sheep, the pigs will land on the sheep and kill them. If anything is on a platform with a pig, only the pig will be ejected when you launch from it. These simple rules, combined with a few other things – a fence preventing ejection between platforms; a laser cutter which chops sheep in half (but not other things), doubling the space they take up; TNT spots, which blow up if nothing is left on the platform, removing it from play; frying spots, which burn up one animal on them per move; burners, which are turned off by buttons on another platform; a portal platform, which teleports back excess animals instead of killing them; a bounce pad, which immediately ejects any animal which lands on it onto one or more adjacent platforms (some will eject onto two, splitting the animals evenly between them); and a totem, which kills anything else on the platform it is on but can be bounced around from platform to platform by the player and is otherwise invincible – make up the gameplay. The goal is to ship out three sets of animals, in order. Boats come on the top-left of the screen, and your goal is to load exactly the right number of exactly the right kind of animal onto the boats. There are boats for each of the wolves, sheep, and pigs, as well as a boat for Death himself, which requires you to kill X many animals (making their souls appear on his boat), and a sea monster, which just requires X amount of any sort of animal (it isn’t a picky eater). There’s also a boat for a totem on a few of the levels. The boats won’t leave until they’re filled (or overfilled), and while you only have to get one right to progress, you need to get almost all of the boats filled to unlock consecutive worlds. Thus, the goal is to get exactly the right number of animals onto the boats using the various platforms and mechanics given to you. The game gradually introduces new mechanics over its length, adding about one new mechanic every 10-15 levels, helping it to keep itself relatively fresh as it adds ever more complexity to its puzzles. Overall, the game has 150 levels, spanning 5 worlds, and takes somewhere on the order of 6-8 hours to 100%. It isn’t terribly hard, generally speaking, but a few of them levels require quite a bit of cleverness to solve; none of the levels takes more than a minute or so to solve correctly, but you may be stuck on them for ten times that long if you can’t figure out the right trick. It is ultimately very much math-based, and oftentimes the process of elimination is necessary to try and figure out all the ways that clearly won’t work, so you can figure out the one way that will. This is a fairly decent puzzle game, and the mechanics work well for what it is. However, it is very simple, and unless you really enjoy simple puzzle games without much in the way of story or anything else, there’s nothing else here for you. That being said, this is really a game you will probably enjoy more on your phone than on your PC; it isn’t a sit down and play it for hours game (though you can do so), it is more of a throwaway thing. Overall, this is very squarely directed at a puzzle game player – the sort of simple puzzle game you might play on your phone or a similar mobile device. If you like pure puzzle games, this is a decent game. If you don’t like puzzle games, or if you like plot or purpose or anything else, this game will likely bore you.