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Divinity: Original Sin II Master deep, tactical combat. Join up to 3 other players - but know that only one of you will have the chance to become a God.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 95 / 100
User rating
Downloads 11825
Genre Action RPG, Role-Playing, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Larian Studios / Larian Studios

Divinity: Original Sin II reviews ( 7 )

YoloWarrior, Jan 19, 2018

This game mixes old school game feeling with new graphics and gameplay. You can tell the developers worked really hard cause it shows in their product unlike other game makers.

Flaunt, Sep 14, 2017

A Masterpiece... A bold way to start a review, but think of the best RPG you have ever played, and then think of the best developers to back it up. Larian is humble, open, and inspired and they have poured those feelings and skills into this game. To be honest, when playing through early access the only think I felt was missing was Voice acting. I understood of course the challenge that would be required to do it right and I respected the fact that Larian had at least considered it. Without requesting more money or making excuses, they made if feasible, did it in secret, and released it as a gift. DOS2 has fantastic graphics, fantastic story, amazing mechanics, and challenges to the player to think through puzzles and mysteries. Its not handed on a silver platter, but each and every choice is made rewarding. You can literally play through this game billions of different ways. To top it off, you can play 4 player COOP. I have always wanted an amazing RPG with drop in and out coop and DOS EE was great for that. Now DOS2 has made it even better. In summary, props to Larian and i truly recommend you give DOS 2 a shot.

WarmlyCalculate, Oct 19, 2017

Okay so i am not good at writing reviews, in fact, i am not good at writing, i always get the lowest score in my English exams, but on bright side there was this girl who would help me with my writing, i think cause she felt bad for me, i wanted to make her my gf but she already had a bf :( Okay enough about me, lets talk about the game, yes the game, so i was looking online on guides on how to write game review on metacritic but to my surprise i found barely any guides at all. One guide suggested to keep my review short and simple, straight to the point. But another guide said list all the pros and cons and give an objective opinion on the game, i did not know which one to follow so my mom suggested i enroll in an english course online. Two weeks later i had completed my online training, i even met a girl there, thought she turned out to be a guy pretending to be a girl. Anyway, now i can finally give this game the review that it deserves. It's pretty good.

Aaargh, Oct 11, 2017

I never realised I needed a narrator in an RPG before DOSII. It provides the world with context only books would otherwise provide. The voice acting is great, the music is fantastic (and you can choose an instrument to your liking to give it a 'personal' preference). The world is realistic. You can solve difficult situations with diplomacy or action. You can talk to pets, talk to ghosts, ... The world is great and immersive. And I do not mind that I get killed. It is part of the exploration. You have to gain exp. to become better or you can try your look as a rookie. There are still some minor flaws. Without stealing, it is hard to get good gear. And I don't like having to steal. Pet pall is another very important talent. The crafting menu could be better. The skillbar could use some auto sorting algoritm. But I'm sure Larian will work on that just like with DOS. A free enhanced endition to solve/improve some things. This game reminds me of the first Zelda. It is not easy, you can go anywhere you please but that doesn't mean you will succeed. DOS II is similar only more intricate, more choices, more maps, more RPG elements (obviously) and ofcourse turn based. I would recommend it if you like an immersive world you can't rush through with strategy elements you can't always solve the first time and have the patience to see most interactions with NPC as something of value. Hope you enjoy the game.

Alessandrov81, Sep 30, 2017

Just resistered here for my FIRST review to affirm It is a shame user score is ruined by some crying noob like who is complaining about the difficulty and the number of reloads or the amount of dialog or Someone Who Says isometrics rpg are for older Guys... This is infact an isometric rpg not a shooter child, and instead u just want play hard difficulty at the first playtrought go plani and straight but win. This is a game for people who like to be challenged and immersed in a fantasy world. For this genre of players frustrated newbee reviews are a piece of cake that makes you buy games for sure. And imho infact this is a masterpiece, best rpg, even best than baldurs gate 2. The features are original such the unique combat or the fun thieveryvsystem than dont let you exploit too much and cheat. I am playing tactician (hard) and just reached act2. Reloaded just a fair times not Totò much and it is normal since it is the first pt. easy games are not hardcore. Go buy it and then score 10 well deserved to this superb and heroic (indie) sh name larian. The first dos has been improved in every area. Great work and thanks. I backed dos1 and not This but i ll l'ok forward for larian's next project. At the moment the metascore says it is best rpg pc game ever!!

my_own_summer, Jan 2, 2018

This game has simply everything you would need from a RPG experience. Surely game of the year and a milestone for the genre. It's filled with so much content, that it will easily keep you entertained for long weeks or months. I don't know what future holds for Larian, but I seriously can't imagine how can they make a better game than this.

zelloxy, Oct 28, 2017

I loved the first game. And I want to love this game as well, but I just can't. I can't even get myself to finish the game - it now lays on the shelf so to speak. The new concept around physical and magical armor just ruined it for me completely. This is a RPG game, that comes from board games where dices are the main component. But here, due to the fact of armor, NOTHING is random. 0% change to inflict CC when armor is up, when it's down 100%. This has gotten me to stop playing.