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DmC: Devil May Cry DmC is the next installment in the Devil May Cry series, set in the present day, with new weapons and a new setting for Dante. Chain together combo after combo with panache and dispatch demonic spawn back to hell.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 15330
Genre Action, General, Action Adventure, Fantasy, Linear
Company / Developer
Capcom / Ninja Theory, QLOC
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DmC: Devil May Cry reviews ( 7 )

Masjou, Jan 25, 2013

I played all DMC games before, I loved them all, personally I loved most first and third. At first I was very angry about reboot. Turned blind eye to a game and my opinion was full of hatred... But then... Well it's stupid compare reboot to a old games. I mean story and writting isn't best really, but gameplay, environments, concept is really nice. And music isn't very monotonic. To be fair it's something new in gaming, some fresh air.... It might not a some deep masterpiece, but it's a good game to have fun, and games supposed to be fun. Also I'm happy with good PC performance, nice to eye graphics and smooth gameplay. Thanks for creating something new, I'm sorry fot those closed minded guys who can't enjoy anything and must act like mindless fanatics. No one forces play it, and I saw a game as a new game. It is nothing like old one, but it's better than repeating old stuff.

lalala11111, Jan 30, 2014

a very good game the combat is what i liked most,if u play it on a keyboard u are gonna have some problems but if u get a controller the game becomes pretty fun u just get to deal easily a ton of flashy kills with style and it feels awesome,i just wanna go on bloody palace mode and kill for hours

KillerAlfa, Jan 26, 2013

Great game and one of the best PC ports ever. I think that fanboys of older DMC should calm down, this game is not even named DMC5. Even MGS fans are less worried about that new MGR spin-off.

cottoneyej31, Apr 4, 2017

Don't believe the hate. I fell in love with the DMC franchise the moment I saw a preview for it in an EB store, back in 2001. Badass, was not an adequate word for it. Loved the franchise ever since. Then I heard about the reboot and heard all about the controversy and the middle finger ninja theory gave to the fans with the white wig "never in a million years" insult. And decided not to play it. Got dmc in a bundle and decided to play it. I was missing out. This game is pretty awesome. The combat is fun and varied. The environments and visuals are great. And the new dante, is immaturely hilarious. The story is meh, but its alright. I think had ninja theory not pissed off the fans, this game would done and been received much better.

frosty722, Jan 26, 2013

It's a shame so many people are giving this a negative review without even playing it. That's like Amazon reviewers giving a product a 0 because of a shipping issue. Garbage... I've been a fan of the series since 1 and have played every one since then. I wouldn't call myself a die hard fan, but maybe that's a good thing looking at these terrible fanboy negative reviews. As a game, I thought it played great! Ninja Theory did an excellent job of paying tribute to the original series (from gameplay, story, visuals, etc.) without it being an "abomination" as some call it. Combat was fluid and felt visceral which is what DmC shines at. I actually liked the story and VO better than the original series. The old games came off a bit cheesy here and there, whereas DmC has a more down to earth approach. Is it perfect? No, but it's a solid game and looks amazing on my HTPC with the great PC version framerate. Looking forward to the sequel! :)

toberewoven571, May 23, 2015

this game is quite nice. The story is quite ok and the characters are also ok . The difficulty level is not bad but i find DMC3 and Dmc4 is far more challenging. The boss battles are nice. And the new redesign of Dante and Vergil is nice but i prefer the original design & personality of Capcom did. The ost is ok but i think Capcom has better OST maker. And *spoiler alert* ................................. i think DMC3 final mission is more difficult, challenging than this game final mission. For Dmc3 and DMC4, player can choose 4 style+. This game has no style selection. And 1 more con is no taunt .

ShamrockVA, Oct 11, 2013

Sorry guys, but it's not game about demon's sun Dante. It's just typical fine slasher. Not to hard, not to long, with as usual cool boy with big and tongue. But it's not a game about Dante.