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Double Dragon IV The next entry in the side-scrolling action game series Double Dragon is finally here! The story picks up after the elimination of the Shadow Warriors in Double Dragon II!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 565
Genre Action, Beat-'Em-Up, 2D
Company / Developer
Arc System Works / Arc System Works

Double Dragon IV reviews ( 4 )

IronKnack, Feb 3, 2017

Having played through this full game, (at least I believe so as I have unlocked a few secrets, but I don't know if there are more.) I can safely say that this is a well thought out, and produced 2-D throwback game that, if given the time to learn, (This is nearly Dark Souls hard, and you will have to learn the game to find fun and success in it.) Graphics: While these aren't OMG so realistic 3-D skin with bloom and brown colors so realism graphics, clearly time was spent trying to both match the style of Double Dragon 2 for the NES, and add onto it with new animations and characters and areas. Controls: Not only can you use standards such as Steam, PS4, and Xbox 360 controllers automatically, but I found that with little effort I could use my USB SNES controller adaptor perfectly with no issues which most games would require a 3rd party program such as Joy2Key. A small detail, but it's the thought that counts. Gameplay: This is no pushover by far, and players will have to die ALOT in order to understand not just to push buttons to do moves and win, but use the techniques correctly to counter the very smart A.I. who will anticipate your moves, and counter back at you as well as gang up on you. Smart countering and crowd control is rewarded with energetic fights throwing around groups of enemies at a time while staying on your toes. There is also challenging platforming, and a wealth of replay value including an unlockable Tower Mode, and more. Sound: Included is a modern remake Soundtrack as well as a selectable Retro Soundtrack with all the old retro sound effects from the original games, and are crisp and clear and sound great. Story: There is a small, very 80's video game storyline here to be followed as players complete levels. It ain't Shakespeare, but it's fun, and its follows the original game lore, which is nice. Overall: Arc Systems Works buying, and releasing of old, beloved Gaming IP's has been always had alot of care into recreating and adding upon has continued in this release, and if you are a 2-D gaming fan, or someone who is wondering what all the fuss about retro gaming is you will be rewarded with a surprisingly deep game, (if you spend more than 5 minutes with it.), which emphasizes action-based technical gameplay as opposed to the Plain Jane Shooty McBangBangs that have overrun the modern gaming landscape with non-skippable 30 minute cutscenes followed by 2 seconds of gameplay. (Totally not biased, LOL)

Games4Eternity, Feb 15, 2017

If you're an old school type of player. You "should" probably love this. Battle through 12 Stages in either single player or couch co-op. Added is a 2-Player Fight mode from the originals. (You unlock all the characters for the duel mode by beating the Single Player/Co-op game.) After you complete the Main story there is a tower mode that has 100 rooms/levels or so. (You only have one life to make it as far as you can.) When you reach certain points in the tower, you can then unlock Enemy characters to play through the story mode with. There's quite a few moves too. (I love that the special moves can be done in one button press instead of a combo. Which there are a few combos as well.) The graphics are mildly upgraded from the originals. The sounds are still classic. The music is only so-so. (Sort of calming music actually.) The controls feel more responsive and smoother than the originals. I have no personal complaints about the game. 9/10. It's truly my favorite Double Dragon ever and I feel it delivers on all fronts. Could it be upgraded a tad more? Probably, let's wait and see if there's another installment or even an update.

ZerotakerZX, Jan 30, 2017

Half-assed rushed attempt to leech on the popular name. To release something like this after Double Dragon Neon is just a mug. This game looks like a cheap beta of a fan-made game. Hell, even most fan-games are far superrior, like Abobo's big adventure, which is a masterpiece. Even plot here looks like garbage, and we talking about old-school beat em up here. Boring levels, braindead fighting system, severe lack of content, poor techical side of PC version (not even able to make this crap look right in fullscreen mode). Don't affirm Ark's laziness and never buy this one, or get immidiate refund if you do.

CandarianGaming, Feb 5, 2017

The new moves/customizable controls are an improvement from double dragon 2 with this game...however with it's lazy level design, forgiving continues and barely any challenge unless the screen is swarmed with enemies, anyone comparing this entry to the legendary double dragon 2 is completely delusional