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Dracula: The Last Sanctuary Immerse yourself in a hauntingly beautiful, incredibly realistic 3-D world of thrills and suspense. Journey through eerie atmospheric environments while attempting to solve the numerous puzzles and riddles that await you in this story-driven adventure. [DreamCatcher Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1159
Genre Adventure, First-Person, Point-and-Click, Modern, Fantasy
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
DreamCatcher Interactive / Canal+ Multimedia

Dracula: The Last Sanctuary reviews ( 3 )

charmer, Dec 25, 2013

In 2013, this game is quite dated but still very worthwhile for Myst-like point-and-click adventure fans. What I thought sets it apart from modern adventure games is its minimalistic user interface. Just hover your cursor over something and see if any action is allowed. If it is, figure out which item to use. There are no item descriptions, almost none protagonist in-game narration, no tutorial, no game options or explicit hints. The game just isn't holding your hand all the time but on the other hand, most of the puzzles aren't overly difficult and some of them are quite clever. However, you might get stuck on some pixel hunting several times. Story-wise and technologically, the Last Sanctuary (D:LS) is a direct continuation of Dracula: Resurrection, which was a much shorter game. I found the rendered backgrounds diverse and of very good quality even if the resolution wasn't very high. Voice acting was decent for most characters and sound effects and ambient music were quite fitting to set the atmosphere. Most of the story is told through animated cut scenes. Understandably, the animation is stiff for today's standards and some of the dialogues are silly but overall, the pace of the game is maintained with very few distractions. A new thing in D:LS as compared to its predecessor are the quick-time events, which are quite refreshing in an adventure game and also you can't easily predict them so saving your progress regularly is recommended. All in all, the second installment of Dracula does not disappoint the fans of the genre.

damaso7, Jan 6, 2018

Ambientación e historia sublime, sin embargo el final es algo frío para la trama y el diseño de niveles algo destartalado y repetitivo en algunas partes

WerY., Jul 5, 2004

Totally sucks. I cant believe that when I bought this game it said nothing about it being a worthless point and click mouse game on the box. I feel very ripped off. At least with the playstation version you can use a gamepad but as for the PC version , forget about it!