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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser Trespasser tells an entirely new story, set 2 years after the main game. The story explores what it's like to be a world-saving organization when the world no longer needs saving.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1843
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG, Western-Style
Company / Developer
BioWare / BioWare
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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser reviews ( 6 )

KostasGreece, Sep 10, 2015

Trespasser was indeed a true epilogue to Inquisition. It took all the good elements from the Dragon Age games and gave us the best gameplay/experience. It contained lots of action, tons of lore, a simple and yet fun get-together with your companions and love interest. Choices also DO MATTER. A lot, and they affect EVERYONE as the ending epilogue has many different scenarios. Of course, as it happened in the Witch Hunt... you get to have questions answered. In the end, it perfectly sets up the stage for the next Dragon Age game while leaving you with plenty of emotions regarding the past, present and future of DA universe.

raorian, Oct 8, 2015

i would have given it a 10 had it not been bioware. it really is great. both gameplay and story is great. why 9? because great is normal for bioware, and the only reason it feels like a 10 is because we've been used to bioware transitioning into gameplay/loot focused mmorpgry (decent) or general lazy writing. (unconsitantly great and meh). trespasser is very well told and directed. may bioware make their next game bioware level with bioware attitude. hf. also, protip, do not read spoiler.

kryfionka, Dec 3, 2015

This DLC shows how DAI should look from the beggining. Perfedt balance betwen fight and STORY. And story is good, had this Dragon Age feeling. And ending is so much better than this in basic game. Some of the questions are answered and it's better ground for next game.

Cell1e, Sep 20, 2015

I enjoyed this dlc. Mostly because of the chance to marry Cullen, that was so sweet! It was nice to have a wedding, it was nice to see all the old companions and catch up with their news! I'm glad I also got to see Solas again as I became very fond of him from playing the main game so many times. I'm pleased the developers gave us way to choose our armour/clothing styles and continue to craft stuff from the area but I did miss having access to the mirror of transformation. (But that's a small gripe) The armour we get during this dlc is quite nice too, prettier than the Hakkon and Descent armours. I would like the option to drop those ghastly metal shoulder pads though ;) All in all a nice conclusion to DAI and a wonderful addition to my games library. I'm very content my inquisitor can now go off and live happily ever after with Cullen.

owen1218, Sep 22, 2015

Finally, a DA:I DLC worth paying for. Trespasser brings Dragon Age back to its roots, namely a focus on the protagonist's relationship with other characters, interesting environments, and especially meaningful decision-making. And after the base game, I appreciate the freedom from fetch quests and boring, endless landscapes.

PappyBakesCakes, Dec 31, 2017

Although most will call it an epilogue I feel this is more of a true ending than the game originally had. Still, it does tease a bit about the next game which kind of irked me but is expected. This is a dlc that is quite short for the amount of information and the implications that it provides for the universe and the rest of the series. This leaves me wanting and when combined with the mostly uninteresting enemy encounters and a small "world" I found this whole dlc to be a tad bit underwhelming. Bioware's narrative strength is shown very well throughout the whole dlc and they did implement music very well for once so my hopes are high for the road ahead.