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Dragon Age: Origins As the spiritual successor to BioWare's "Baldur's Gate", one of the most successful role-playing games in the industry, Dragon Age: Origins represents BioWare's return to its roots, delivering a fusion of the best elements of existing fantasy works with stunning visuals, emotionally-driven narrative, heart-pounding combat, powerful magic abilities and credible digital actors. The spirit of classic RPGs comes of age, as Dragon Age: Origins features a dark and mature story and gameplay. Epic Party-Based Combat – Dragon Age: Origins introduces an innovative, scalable combat system, as players face large-scale battles and use their party’s special abilities to destroy hoardes of enemies and massive creatures. Powerful Magic – Raining down awesome destruction on enemies is even more compelling as players apply "spell combos," a way of combining together different spells to create emergent unique effects. Players develop their characters and gain powerful special abilities (spells, talents and skills) and discover ever-increasing weapons of destruction. With its emotionally compelling story, players choose with whom they wish to forge alliances or crush under their mighty fist, redefining the world with the choices they make and how they wield their power. Players select and play a unique prelude that provides the lens through which the player sees the world and how the world sees the player. The player's choice of Origin determines who they are and where they begin the adventure, as they play through a customized story opening that profoundly impacts the course of every adventure. [BioWare]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 93 / 100
User rating
Downloads 31843
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / BioWare
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Dragon Age: Origins reviews ( 7 )

Mark, Dec 10, 2009

Dragon Age Origins is not a perfect game, but I can't rate it at an even 9. The game takes you into a fantasy world that you don't want to leave. It is a single player experience that I haven't had since I played Oblivion. While the gameplay is not exactly like that of the Elder Scrolls series, it is close in its theme. I had never played an RPG like this before, because I found the whole concept rather tedious. After my friend saying that he was pretty jazzed about getting this game, I vowed to give it an honest try. By the time I'd finished the origin portion of the game, I was completely hooked. The voice acting is excellent for the most part, and the graphics are pretty good, although the PC version requirements seem to be considerably high for the graphics quality. My son has no trouble with playing it with his dual core AMD CPU, but he has a pretty good graphics card. I guess the best thing I could say about the game, is that I don't want it to end. After playing for more than 50 hours I still have a way to go before finishing my first play through. I will play it through again after giving it a break for a couple of months, and try my hand at a different class of character. That must tell you something.

benpaco, Feb 6, 2014

Started this game as a female dalish elf and it played fine enough, would've given it about an 8/10. After it crashed about an hour and a half in though and hadn't saved (my computer's fault, NOT the game's), I restarted as a male human noble. The story lines are actually different enough it peaked my interest to keep going. Turned into a game that jus got better and better. Recommend this off the charts.

RyanB, Jan 11, 2010

Dragon Age Origins is one of those kinds of games that when you look at it, you go "Oh hey, Bioware makes great RPGs". But DAO surpasses the expectations that many gamers have, with its gritty realism in difficult sequences, it's lack of moral compass, amazingly well thought out combat system, and its superb RPG elements. It leaves near nothing to be desired, and Bioware is determined to make it even more of a hit with the new expansion pack on its way later this year. The almost constant flow of addons produced by Bioware is also a big plus for many of us gamers, as well as the many player-made mods. Overall, it is an amazing game, and will be the epitome of RPGs for years to come...unless Bioware releases something better :P

RagingPoet, Dec 11, 2017

9.5 out of 10 Dragon Age: Origins has the best implementation of varying backstories for main character in RPG. And the rest of the game is awesome too. Bioware took all the best parts from their Neverwinter Nights and KotOR series to make this one.

ToddR, Nov 23, 2009

Awesome story, decisions come back to bite you in the rear end. Diverse back stories. Endings are totally flexible depending on choices made during game play. Engaging plot and characters. Would have given a 10, but AI, even with the scripting tool, was clunky and not exactly trustworthy.

StephenM, Dec 23, 2009

Definitely has flaws but what a great spiritual sucessor to Baldur's Gate 2. Wow just give it a chance. Even better than Fallout 3 (great game) in my opinion. It will be interesting to see where the mod community takes this.

Objectiv3Review, Oct 10, 2016

Poor game, lacks true and more classical RPG mechanics like fishing minigames and no rideable mounts, disappointing game. The fanbase also negatively affects the game.