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Dragon Saga Explore a world rife with monsters to battle, challenges to overcome and adventures to discover. Set in a world of Dragons and magic, Dragonica Online takes adventurers across the windswept land of El Grego to the far reaches of the world. Gorgeous hand-drawn style visuals complement lightning fast combat while 3D battlegrounds let you get the upper hand on opponents. Choose one of four classes and explore a rich world filled with unique monsters. Power up to unlock devastating abilities, hidden combos and hilarious skill effects. Customize your character to suit your play style, or check out the new items and fashions in the shop. Call in the calvary! - Party up with friends to overcome challenges, or meet new buddies to take on Mission Maps. Cross swords with foes in the varied PvP modes and earn your place in the top ranks, or challenge entire guilds in massive brawls. It doesn’t stop there – regular (and surprise) events keep the world of Dragonica Online lively and exciting, and new content expands the game beyond your wildest imagination. [THQ]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1360
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Gravity Interactive , Gravity / Barunson Interactive
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Dragon Saga reviews ( 5 )

ALEX1337, Dec 30, 2015

Played since 2009 and really, the game is a very good starter for kids 9-13, then the graphics are good like every japanese/chinese/korean mmo game. When u start playing the first time with your first char' you dont even dont have to know what to do cuz it's OBVIOUS what to do, It's a fu**ing MMO u just kill monsta' and then do donjons and of course change maps. ezz game ezz char' ez life AND THEN CHANGE TO World of Warcraft xD that's why its ez to kids to play that god damn goood game. 9/10 - Could have been better.

Filotes, Apr 17, 2017

The new Update make Server Lag. And They remove cash from F7 I dont like it Please Fix it the lag Issue and give us the way to farm cash easier. Thank You

Gaudion, Aug 28, 2013

I must say, this game is a nice difference for MMORPGs. You play as a simple chibi character with the choice of being either a human or what are known as the Dragonkin. Yes, this game has the case of the Grind, just like any online RPG game you'll play, but If you play this with a friend or two, you'll see this is actually a pretty fun and interesting game what with the dungeons and simple story to follow. I played this game when it was known as Dragonica and just full of spelling and translation errors. Now this game has gotten a lot better than it was at the time this game had been reviewed by Metacritic. Whether this game is for you or not is not my call, but I will say this is a pretty childish game by aesthetic, but if you're a bored gamer with a budget of zero dollars, give it a try, you'll be amused for a while.

LinkxPeach, Jun 15, 2016

I think Dragon Saga is a great game. What I don't like about it and what kept me from playing the game is that the game has a lot of bugs/issues in the game that needs and haven't been fixed yet. There's an item bank in the game and Cash Shop Vault that is not shared by different characters on the same account. Because of this feature, I don't want to play the game anymore and buy any virtual items with real money. The game also has a small population of players playing it. This MMORPG needs to be advertised on websites like watch anime, and play computer games. The game needs to have a lot of bugs/issues fixed to make this a better MMORPG. Also, let players shared the Item Bank and Cash Shop Vault for all characters on one account.

Royvanl, Jan 21, 2010

I thinks its a really nice game for beginners of mmorpg's. i have played almost a dozen rpg games and this sort of gaming is new to me, its in 2.5D i think. Yea big heads, pink hair, no almost hentai, so what? its a nice game for the bored gamer.