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Drakensang: The Dark Eye In the legendary continent of heroes, adventure and mysteries, something is on the move. And it’s an event which role players have been eagerly awaiting ever since the Nordland Trilogy.With "Aventuria: Drakensang", dtp and Radon Labs are once again bringing Aventuria to the monitors of the role-playing community.Welcome to Aventuria, welcome to a new adventure! The story centres around Ferdok, an important trading city on the Great River. The feared female lancers of Ferdok and Ferdok’s famous beer have given the city a reputation throughout the continent and the humans here live in harmony with the dwarves.But despite the cheerful and peaceful atmosphere, the peace is now being shaken by a mysterious series of murders. Sinister figures are pursuing their dark schemes, while the fear among the population grows with every new murder.And while the adventures are still pondering whether the crimes are connected to the proclamation made by the Church of Hesinde on the tenth anniversary of the Dragonquest, they themselves are dragged into the mysterious events by a very particular murder. [Radon Labs]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2214
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Company / Developer
THQ / Radon Labs
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Drakensang: The Dark Eye reviews ( 7 )

Xelluse, Mar 1, 2014

It's classical style RPG, with much more freedom in all things you do, also it's quite hard and important to be concentrated on all things you do, for me the best RPG of this type of games, also can say if you like ME or DA style games you will not like it more, than will like it, but if you love real RPGs - hard, full, flexible, free gameplay, with rich storyline and without idiotic quests, I mean games like Sacred, Neverwinter nights atc... this game is for you.

SpectralAnubis, Oct 28, 2010

One of the crowning achievements of RPG games. The production value was tagged around two million euros. The developers over at Radon labs hit their stride and kept on going. They nailed the details, and the essence of tactical rpg games. The game is based off the Dark eye p&p game, very well titles have been released over the years, off such a well polished system. The combat rolls system rolls can take a while to grasp, for those unfamiliar with this niche of rpg's. The mathematics for the combat system are not on any physics level so, don't sweat it. The game resolves around the old pause, setup party and engage. The fights are quite challenging, the mobs will fight as if they are another player. The AI was well done in combat situations. The scripts are well written, the dialogues have options. The game lacks full range voice acting, this was obviously due to their budget. The character customization is lacking, especially on looks and cosmetics. The atmosphere and immersion is first class. I've nothing really negative to say about this game, pick it up if you're into tactical RPG's. There is possibly over 80 hours of gameplay, maybe more. Look forwards to Drakensang: River of time to be released in the 'near' future. Thanks for reading.

Vamrem, Nov 27, 2014

Along with Dragon Age Origins, these are the only 2 "real modern RPG" in the line of Baldur's Gate, in which the result of a fight is through the character's stats calculations, not by the player's actions in dodging, blocking or jumping like the rest of multiplatform RPGs more oriented to pad action. The game is well done achieving a believable fantasy environment of elves, dwarfs and amazons, only few whims in some repetitive combats but nothing serious and its successor River of Time is even better, having heard all player's suggestions if this awesome RPG would support mods natively it would be a solid 10 to me.

dryerlaw, May 16, 2012

Highly underrated. This game has an epic scale in terms of lore, story, world, character, etc. Superb graphics and vibrant environments, gripping story. It has all that is need in order to go head to head with the best RPGs the world has to offer right now, and rightly so because medieval fantasy RPG seem to be on the decline right now. The economy, shops, crafting, stats, and skills are broad and complex. Myriads of side-quests. In essence, very high game value. The battle system might be a bit too slow and non-tactical for today's standards is the only complain I have.

AngusMacAskill, Nov 18, 2014

While the combat and pace may not suit the more impatient gamer, possibly suffering from ADD, this RPG will be welcomed by the true connoisseur of the genre. I cannot express the joy I felt when I spied the inventory which was almost directly taken from another old-school RPG gem called Siege of Avalon. And while Siege had a more elaborate inventory and item combinations Drakensang stands on almost equal footing. The overall design and combat are as classic as it gets and I'd not change it for anything in the world, even if it meant the game suffering from low sales on account of those very things turning the less-than experienced RPG gamers away. For a game made in 2008 on a minuscule budget it looks quite fetching. The story is nothing special,so I had to deduct a couple of points for it, but it serves the game well I'd say. Some alterations could have made it even better but, well, hindsight 20/20. All in all, the game comes highly recommended from me. It is a considerable time sink and completely satisfying until the very end.

Stingray, Jul 27, 2013

The Dark Eye system takes some getting used to, and there's minor annoyances and sub-par voice acting, as well as a rushed ending, but overall this is a great classic RPG reminiscent of games from the peak of the genre in the '90s.

Morring, Jul 26, 2013

What a shame. This game had potential, but there are some huge problems that made this game unplayable for me. The controls are exceedingly bad, annoying while exploring and painfully wrong during combat. This literally killed the game for me, hence the low score. There are other problems tough. This game fails at properly introducing the player into its mechanics, and it fails at creating an interesting story and characters. Too many cliches, much too generic. I do not recommend it.