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Draugen Draugen is a single-player, first-person Fjord Noir mystery set in 1920s Norway. Explore a picturesque coastal community in your search for your missing sister, accompanied by your gregarious and enigmatic young ward.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 81
Genre Horror, Action Adventure, Adventure, 3D, Survival, First-Person
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Red Thread Games / Red Thread Games
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Draugen reviews ( 7 )

uchiro, Jun5, 2019

The interesting game with a short story from my favorite studio Red Thread Games. The authors put a lot of effort into creating a feel of isolated Norwegian country of the beginning of the last century. They succeeded. * Beautiful views of the fjords and the recreated life of an ebbing village. * Neat work with the language. In the best traditions of walking simulators there will be a lot of notes, but they are not always in native language for the main character. So he will have some difficulties in understanding. * Gorgeous music from Simon Poole. * Cool weather effects PS You shouldn??�t expect much from story.

sphair, Jun1, 2019

Absolutely loved it, fascinating story but the fun of character interactions is what drives the game. Short, but very nice to be able to finish it in a busy schedule. Not all games needs to be 100 hours. Embrace it as a movie.

krzysprzybylski, May 31, 2019

I'm giving this game 10/10 just because people're giving this game 1 point because they still think this is a horror. Normally I'd give this game 9/10 but honestly. I can't leave metacritic with 4,5/10. This game deserves better

MyOnlyEye, Jun4, 2019

A brilliant game. Ignore the stiff lip sync and enjoy the mood, the story, the music, the graphics and a really good description of a Norwegian village stuck by disaster...

Anastasyah, Jun6, 2019

Nice game and nice story. Very interesting story really. Almost from start i have realized things about Lissie and i wondering about what will happen with the main heroes. 7/10 only for short game, sorry

LoletinAlexis, Jun 11, 2019

Draugen is a curious experience that I notice lack of work, with a doubtful and uninspiring ending. Draugen contains a very personal and emotional story, which emanates emotions and is intelligent. However, the end of this experience and the final null clarification affect the final set. Draugen contains an extremely simple and limited gameplay, which affects the general freedom in Draugen. The abusive use of the "F" key (default setting) is impressive.

JAGUAR10, Jun 13, 2019

Another Ragnar Tornquist dud! I watched gameplay on Youtube and had to turn it off after the first 20 minutes. That girl is so extremely annoying I winced every time she spoke! The protaganist is extremely boring and the plot is absolutely unrealistic. #1 I'd leave that brat, Lissie, at home!! #2 Why didn't he notify the Norwegian authorities if his sister has gone missing? People who are giving this game a 10 are either brainwashed TLJ fans or absolutely nuts. Tornquists' games have gone increasingly downhill since TLJ & Dreamfall. He can't even make a game without getting funded by the government of Norway. Was hoping things had changed after the Dreamfall Chapters disaster but they have not! Don't waste your money.