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Dreamfall Chapters Dreamfall Chapters continues and concludes the gripping story of Zoe Castillo, the Dreamer.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3720
Genre Adventure, 3D, Fantasy, Third-Person
Company / Developer
Red Thread Games / Red Thread Games
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Dreamfall Chapters reviews ( 7 )

saiconze, Mar 14, 2015

Book one it's cool but second book is a piece of art. The graphical quality is amazing and the history really deep and your decisions are really important

Alice_Liddel, Oct 22, 2014

RedThread has continued their tradition of great storytelling with this long awaited third game. The story is deep and rich in a way that so many triple A games from big name studios are not. Dreamfall and TLJ clearly inspired Funcom's The Secret World MMO. If you enjoy classic Action Adventure games than this it but don't start at chapters. Get The Longest Journey and play the entire storyline.

Sjalka, Oct 22, 2014

Not much of a review, because i am too biased. The longest journey is the best adventure i played, Dreamfall is my favourite storybased game, and chapters just continues. To be more objective - it is less a "game" and more a "story" - or lets say - game elements won t get in the way of the story too much. TLJ was a better "game" than Dreamfall for sure. - Chapters tries to mix it up a little bit - offering more gameplay than "go from A to B and watch the next cutscene". chapters looks great, has a great soundtrack and feels very good. If you loved Dreamfall, i am sure you love chapters, too.

Baluberda, Jun 18, 2016

Some parts need polish especially in the beginning, over all is a 10 but the beginning ruins it a bit cause of the engine. I hope see more of this stuff

Edstalker, Nov 3, 2014

A decent game, while has its good moments, has its flaws. Played The longest journey Dreamfall before and loved it this game however got repetetive and pretty boring fast. While I have to agree with a lot of people that the voice acting is good, it lacks in other very important areas. First of all the graphics are fine, but has its fps drops, the game's pacing is super slow, didnt find the character interactions too intresting, you roam through a city endlessly using the same routes again and again and again. Ull have sort of an escrot mission with a robot which is plain boring. ull be running from point a to point b and back, running takes forever by the way. nothing intresting to keep me on toes happens. the beginning of the game had promise more. at the end theres not much to keeo me wanting to get back for more despite the fact i loved the previous games.

D34THGR1PS, Apr 6, 2017

A painful trip through childhood memories and nostalgia on the longest journey of quirky and cringeworthy writing, terrible performance issues and A to B walking simulator gameplay with no challenging puzzles, featuring the illusion of choice in a world of episodic modern adventure games. And I mean I spent a weak, trying to figure out on my own how to solve underwater puzzle in the first game, you don't find anything like that in Chapters, the solution to every puzzle lies within your reach all the time. Too bad the main plot is buried by the liberal PC agenda, with childish and questionable representation of politics, liberal values and equality. Almost every antagonist in the game is white/male or heterosexual that turns out to be fascist, power possesed maniac, pedophile or literally Hitler. Kian came out as homosexual, Zoe can literally cheat on her boyfriend and that's okay, Hanna and Abby are like 14 year old lesbians. It's a shame that it took 10 years to see how one of the most favorite game series ended this way. Though Saga sequenses saved a game a little for me. I suggest Ragnar Tornquist stay out of the politics in his further games and leave his polically correct liberal views for his twitter account, because the way they were shoehorned in this game, they don't solve any real problems of real people.

czt, Aug 6, 2017

Another unity-dinput ignorance case. "Full controller support" is just a lie if dinput controllers not working correctly. (See Layers of Fear or Syberia 3 as good examples.)