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Drifting Lands Drifting Lands is an hybrid of classical horizontal shoot'em'up with a lot of strong gameplay elements coming straight from the action-RPG genre. If you want an original diablo-like game or you want a different kind of shoot'em'up, you're in the right place.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1197
Genre Scrolling, Action, Shooter, Shoot-'Em-Up, Vertical
Company / Developer
Alkemi Games / Alkemi Games
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Drifting Lands reviews ( 2 )

atomlord, Jan 2, 2018

Очень однообразная игра. Все виды основного вооружения открыты в самом начале, далее меняются только циферки урона но интереса в прокачке нету никакого т.к. противники прибавляют в броне еще быстрее. Рутина + хардкор. Только для любителей жанра.

Sjalka, Jun 29, 2017

The good: - simplistic but nice visuals all through the game - clearly recognizable enemy types - a very good UI that allows no confusion - a good "skill" system the bad: - flawed randomly generated loot that turns out to be vendor trash 99% of the time, regardless of "rarity level" - some skills are CLEARLY better than others or even almost mandatory (like auto-retreat) - Huge amount of customization at first turns out to be mostly for show. It almost all comes down to 3 simple stats and a few percentage bonuses. - the weapons in particular are a HUGE disappointment. Out of about a dozen different weapontypes, i find only 3 remotely useful. In the end i only use either lasers or Railguns. I would have wished for the option to either be allowed to switch to an alternative weapon during the levels or mix and match mechanics of two weapon types. neutral: - the story is forgettable and the storytelling feels like an afterthought other thoughts: This game fails hard where it wanted to shine - i think. There is no urge to grind for "the perfect loadout", No will to "play just another level for the chance to get a really outstanding item". Items seem to be tailored to the players level - that means once you get mostly appropriate items - 99.999999% of any further drops become useless. To compare - in Diablo (which the game was advertised to be compared to) - there is a chance to get items that singlehandedly elevate a mediocre character to a very powerful one. In Drifting Lands ... i do not think there is anything like that. I only managed to get to Grade 3 though ( out of 12 mind ) - so you HAVE to keep in mind that i only just scratched whats beneath. - but in several hours of gameplay - i have found no items that was really outstanding. No weapon with a unique effect (as in graphics, damage or way it fires) - i found uniques - but they are usually normal items with 1 characteristic that you cannot find on rares - and they usually break when you retreat. All in all - at THIS moment - the game is a disappointment, not because it is particularly bad - but because there is a lot of potential that is not used. I can give it a 5/10 for being about average. Compared to the countless other side scrolling shoot em ups however ... it is very hard to compete or find a place. I'd go so far to say that is is a VERY good mobile game - but quite underwhelming for PC.