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Dropsy Dropsy is a non-traditional take on the classic point and click adventure formula starring the game’s perpetually carefree namesake clown as he explores a richly detailed world full of colorful characters and sinister secrets, doling out hugs along the way.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 882
Genre Adventure, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Tendershoot, A Jolly Corpse

Dropsy reviews ( 7 )

quimerico, Sep 29, 2015

Surreal, 8-bitsy and simply genius in their dialogue solutions for a non-verbal game. The psychadelic atmosphere is awesome, and I've been able to play for 2 hours with the shoes sound, despite everything ;D

Mandulum, Mar 25, 2017

Five Word Review: Wonderful game about misunderstood clown. Favorite Thing: This game oozes personality and style. There's a lot of feeling and emotion conveyed without using words. Least Favorite Thing: It was a basic and simple game (in a good way), they should have kept the ending basic and simple. Date Complete: 2017-03-20 Playtime: ~ 5h (100% Complete) Enjoyment: 10/10 Recommendation: A must play for point and click adventure fans.

Simply_Mars, Sep 24, 2015

A great experience for fans of the point-n-click genre, or those just looking for a bizarrely wonderful adventure. Great art and music accompanied with quirky and interesting characters and locations. A creative romp from beginning to end, with fun game play and a heart warming story.

Marmosette, Feb 14, 2016

Really beautiful and charming. Visual and audio design is really incredible. Caricatures and cartooney environments serve the world's cute tragedies well, and the music simply makes you want to stay in this oddly disturbing, but unavoidably pleasant place. The value of the game is being given the opportunity to help these distant, broken, sadly recognizable people, and help them and make the world better. It values kindness and empathy in way that isn't patronizing or overly saccharine. Dropsy centers around personal, internal pains, and handles them gently but maturely. It really is quite a satisfying play. Puzzle solutions are chellengingly abstract, but not so much so that they won't be discovered with a bit of exploration and paying attention to clues. Dosen't have the pitfall of pixel hunting.

Trashware, Sep 20, 2015

It is by pure coincidence that I had just finished Hotline Miami when I stumbled upon this gem of a game. These are two entirely different kind of games but they do bear a resemblence in signature. The color palette, bizarre storyline, strange characters and awesome soundtrack made me feel right at home from the very first pixel. This is one point and click that has been done really well. Dropsy is a beautiful, warm point and click varied with some fittingly disturbing elements. Like with Machinarium there is no speech or text involved, communication is with little rebuses that almost all of the time make perfect sense. There are phones and writings that you'll never be able to comprehend since well.. you're Dropsy. Your main activity will be helping - and hugging - all the people around you, gaining their trust and love while making the world a better place. It is by exploration that both story and the pretty big game world unfolds, giving you that great sense of wonder with each new screen you walk into. The surroundings feel fresh and slightly weird, comparable to those of Sam and Max (albeit a bit less over the top I guess.. maybe). There are some minor sidequests (scavanger hunts, really) to be done besides following the main story line. That gives the game some longevity besides the four hours give or take that it would take to complete otherwise, but also I do believe that you'll get different endings according to how much you have done. I only finished it once so far though so I'll have to figure that out myself as well. Steam achievements are not yet working at the time of this writing, but that's about to be fixed very soon so that will be an extra incense to explore thoroughly. So yes, give this game a hug and buy it, the fart button alone is totally worth it! 3

Chris_Vaughn, Sep 14, 2015

While the artistic sensibilities may be reminiscent of classic Point and Click games, Dropsy uses an amazing soundtrack, unique storytelling methods, and signature style to create a game that is equal parts familiar and unique. In fact, the entire game seems to be a dichotomy of design elements. It is equally endearing and haunting, ultimately bittersweet to almost heartbreaking degrees, and has deep themes about loss and self loathing while having a button in the menu that just makes a fart noise. With it's tonal shifts, weird characters, and bright colors, it feels like David Lynch designed a Sesame Street game. You can probably beat it in a day, but boy, what a day that will be. Truly unforgettable.

TitaniumDragon, Feb 8, 2016

An hour into this game, I'm left wondering: why does this game have a metacritic score of 80? Are critics so caught up in mindless pretension that they are unable to recognize that this game is garbage? I spent an hour wandering around and solved a few puzzles, but frankly, there has been absolutely nothing whatsoever to love about this game. There's a few things you can pick up, some unclear puzzles, and frankly a lot of "well, what are you supposed to do next?" I'm not bonding with the characters, and I feel like I've hardly made any progress in the game. What's the point of this? Why did critics call this charming? The art is intentionally ugly and I'm just confused over what is supposed to be so great about this game. I get that there's an aesthetic to it - the ugly cute - but frankly, I'm just not seeing anything heartwarming here as the reviews promised. Just a bland point-and-click adventure game.