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Ducati World Championship Feel the rush of motorcycle racing with Ducati World Championship. Select your machine from over 70 original Ducati models, perfectly simulated replicas of the real thing. With Ducati World Championship you don’t have to settle on one model, you can have them all. Ducati World Championship features more than 70 superbly modeled motorbikes from 4 different categories - Classics, Sports, Road and Grand Prix. There are over 34 exciting circuits to race on with many extras to unlock. A 360 view into the world of motorcycle racing enables players to be a pilot racing in the amateur, semi professional and professional racing classes, intent on reaching the Superbike and the Grand World Championship. [Strategy First]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 37 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1437
Genre Driving, Racing, Motorcycle, Street
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Artematica

Ducati World Championship reviews ( 6 )

johnnym, Jan 10, 2010

good game for die hard ducati owners like myself i enjoy the challenge's even though the graphic's arnt great but i got this game for 72p so im really now complaining.

TimS, Apr 11, 2009

This is a great motorcycle game just for the fact that you don't crash as soon as you hit the grass like you do in so many other motorcycle games. The blur effect in this game when you are going 170+mph is the closest to what it looks like in real life that I have seen on any motorcycle game to date. If you do a quick race and pick the SuperBike class, team number 27, you will be doing wheelies and endos right away. Only negs are that it makes my computer run funky after I stop playing (until I reboot) and my AVG antivirus said it was a virus at first. O-yeah, and the British guy that keeps telling you to go faster (but you can turn that off). Great buy, great game.

scottp, Dec 30, 2008

Well first off if your a huge ducati fan ( Me ) then its worth the low price. I got it on sale for $2.49 anyway. If your looking for an allround good graphics, controls, handleing, varity motorbike game then get MOTOGP08 NOT this!! The graphics are weak. The controls are annoying (can't have what you want) and the engines sound crappy. Think of it as a Good ducati game that could of been made back in 1998 or something not 2007.

AWG, Jul 7, 2013

Bought for less than 2 Euros on Steam and still I regret my money. Ducati World Championship is just not a good game: not only its controls and physics are terrible but has the poorest graphics I've ever seen in a game since 1995 (maybe). Never again/10.

VincentB., Dec 26, 2007

Agree with Gord Goble and his review @ IGN. This is one sad 1995 wannabe race game. I had such high hopes. Comparing it to MotoGP 03 (for XBox), or MotoGP07 (Xbox 360), Ducati World does not cut it. Poor graphics, sound, controls, music. And the game never retains the settings that have been made. It has locked up on two of my PCs that both exceed all the recommended specs to run the game. Will give them positive credit for 3 items: i) damage score to bike when an accident occurs; ii) damage impact to rider health for an accident -have to go see the doctor.; iii) adreanline boost when riding successfully for a period of time, allows the rider to turn it on, and catch up, or make time. MotoGP could use those features. Otherwise, this was a waste of $20.00.

TimE., Nov 21, 2007

This game is crap, I've never heard a Ducati Monster that sounds like a 50cc scooter. Made in 2007? more like 1987. I might as well have ate my twenty dollars, it would have been less painful!