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Duelyst Duelyst is a tactical turn-based strategy game with a heavy focus on ranked competitive play, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from Diablo III, Rogue Legacy and the Ratchet & Clank series. The world of Duelyst has an expansive identity and mythology, with gorgeous landscapes filled with rich, complex characters, untold stories and unraveled histories. The focus is on squad-based combat on a tactical map with fast-paced multiplayer 1v1 battles where victory comes from defeating your opponent's General. At launch, there will be five unique factions with a roster of 100+ battle units and spells.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1772
Genre Fantasy, Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Company / Developer
Counterplay Games / Counterplay Games
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Duelyst reviews ( 7 )

Zedentin, May 24, 2016

If you like CCG + strategy games this is a must! Made by a small team, Counterplay Games managed to create an amazing and involving game, with rich mechanics, cool art style and rich lore. Don't be fooled thinking this is a copy of Hearthstone, besides some UI similarities, the addition of the board make the position aspect of the game very important and create some interesting situations. The game play is way more dense and skill related. Every factions and general (yes, generals, even being from the same faction, have different abilities called Bloodbourne Spells) feels very unique, not only for their looks and lore but also their playstyle. Its common to spend hours just creating and tweaking decks based on different cards, strategies and generals. The game is also very generous with card drops, and the usual chance to get a Legendary is 1 for 4 packs. And its not uncommon to get even 2 Legs per pack. The game just left beta, and still has a long way to go and features to be added but looking the product now its future already looks bright! Give it a chance, you wont regret!

Flantor, Aug 25, 2016

This is the deepest, most challenging, most fun, and least cost-prohibitive card game on the market right now, despite what some negative reviews may say. Pros: 1) FAST card generation. A pack costs 100g, and you get ~50g from easy daily quests (play 4 games as X faction), 20g for your first win of the day, 5g for the daily puzzle, and 15g for every 2nd win. If you miss a day of quests you get a Welcome Back bonus of 5g/missed quest. You'll generate a big collection in no time without paying a single cent. Some of the top players competing in tournaments have never spent a single dollar. 2) High legendary drop rate. The community has collected data on thousands of orb openings, and determined that 1 out of 4 packs contains a legendary! Plus the legendaries aren't as OP as Hearthstone, so they feel more fair when played against you. Granted, you need them for the most competitive decks, you can certainly get by without most of them. You'll get some sick legendaries in no time. 3) Duelst is a UNIQUE card game, with a key difference that makes this game shine above all the other card game on the market. The 5x9 board makes the game come to life. You need to just play a match and you will understand how much depth the board adds to the game. Positioning is everything, this is the steepest part of the learning curve, but the most important and the most rewarding to master. 4) Less RNG compared to other card games. You can REPLACE a card in your hand every single turn, for free. Don't like that super high cost minion on turn 2? Replace it and get something you can actually use. The replace mechanic adds a huge amount of CONSISTENCY and SKILL to the game. The best players know what to replace, and when. A novice or even an intermediate player will often replace away exactly what they needed one or two turns in the future. 5) Fantastic lore. If you listen to the first chapter of the fully narrated story of the world of Mythron, you will likely fall in and never return the same. The world is tangible, and deals with themes such as: Evolution of life on a hostile planet, the slow dawn of the first conscious civilizations, an epic journey by early explorers to the farthest reaches of the planet, formation and separation of nation-states, corrupt politicians and leaders, and much more. There is a fully-realized world map that accompanies the game. They are releasing more lore with every major patch, so the story is on-going. 6) 4 New cards released every month, and you earn them for free if you finish the month ranked Silver or better. Gold rank ensures you get the monthly legendary. These cards often shake up the game, so the meta is never the same from month to month. 7) Fun. I've played for 3 seasons and loved every match. Suffered some heart-breaking defeats along the way, but it just makes the wins even sweeter. If you like card games even a little bit, give this game a try. I couldn't stand Hearthstone, but I love this game. Duelyst is honestly better than Hearthstone in every way, as it is more fun, has a higher skill cap, less RNG, easier gold generation, and more. Cons: 1) A few archtypes dominate the meta at the high ranks. This is to be expected as players figure out what works the best. Counterplay is good at balancing when necessary, so nothing is too far out of balance for long. 2) Cosmetics are overpriced, especially the emotes, but not buying them has no effect on gameplay, so just ignore them and you're good! Give it a try, I think you'll be surprised by how much is packed into this little game. Add me in-game if you want any tips or want to play a friendly match: -Flantor

evansgreen, May 20, 2016

Best of a kind, to be honest: * 3-10 minutes games, which is great for my game consuming pattern (doesn't need a huge amount of time) * Acceptable learning curve, but astounding depth. * Collecting elements, which always encourage you to keep playing. * Huge strategic element. After many hours you keep making strategical mistakes. Hard to play "the best way" * Really good legendary and rare drop rate. You don't feel at all like it's impossible to build your collection over time without spending a dollar. (However if you're the typical "I want it all fast to get to tier S that's going to cost you a few orb packs). If you like strategic board games and CCG, and don't have very long periods of time to spend gaming, this game is really really good. Trust me! Go download it and try it.

FelixGaptor, Sep 1, 2016

Хорошая тактическая игра. Некая смесь МТГ, Хартстоуна и Берсерка. Что понравилось: Классная пиксельная графика, красивая анимация юнитов, дневные задания, пазлы, возможность без вложений получить любую карту, много людей онлайн. Ну и главное отличие от Хартстоунов всяких - возможность тактически перемещать юнитов, что очень здорово и чего очень мне не хватает, как любителю шахмат и Берсерка (старого, не новых "Берсерк Герои", а именно старого ККИ Берсерк, ну или браузерки Берсерк Возрождение). Что не понравилось: Ограничение по времени на ход. Иногда просто не успеваешь доходить свой ход, не говоря уже о том, чтобы распланировать что-то. Большая зависимость от приходов. Конечно, тут немного лучше? чем в МТГ, раз в ход можно заменить карту, нет земель, которые в МТГ могут сильно испортить игру, но все же, от стартовой руки и приходов слишком много зависит, особенно в деках с всего 1-2 ключевыми картами. Опять же, сравнивая с Берсерком, слишком простые абилки у юнитов и мало комбятся друг с другом, хотелось бы более сложных взаимодействий. В целом, игра очень понравилась. Для меня, если бы убрать из игры случайную "стартовую руку", и сделать подбор отряда полностью контролируемым игроком, то это была бы, наверное, почти идеальная игра для меня. Если вы любитель тактических игр, карточных игр и красивого пиксель-арта, то вам однозначно стоит поиграть в Дуэлист.

DeusXCom, Jun 10, 2016

Surprisingly good. It's basically Hearthstone where beautiful hi-res pictures are replaced by cute pixel art and with more depth by adding another strategic element of placement of your minions on battlefield. While it borrows from Hearthstone very heavily in some of it's mechanics, it can be actually a good thing, because it makes it easier for you to get into it. The question is - will it have the same lasting appeal and will the game still be enjoyable after months and years of gameplay the same way Hearthstone is, only time will tell, but so far I'm having a good time. 8/10

Nebukarr, May 17, 2017

I'm absolutely not into trading card games, but Duelyst made me an addict. Pros: + chess-like moving of minions + regular legendary drops + matchmaking system for evenly matched opponents + endless strategic possibilities + regular new cards and discounts Cons: + gauntlet is very hard + frustration level can rise high (if you're disposed to) + shrinking community :( I had a lot of fun playing it. But as I played further, I challenged opponents with very strong decks, so that I got frustrated and stopped playing. But if you're interested in TCG, I would strongly suggest to give it a try. It seems much fairer and challenging than Hearthstone...

vzgn, Aug 20, 2016

Classic example of how incompetence and greed of devs can kill ambitious game. They hastily released crude game, removed its key features and now it is slowly loosing playerbase.