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Dungeon Defenders Dungeon Defenders is an original hybrid of two hot genres: Tower Defense and online Action-RPG! The game puts players in the role of one of four distinctive hero classes, tasked with fending off hordes of invading beasties by strategically summoning a variety of Defenses & Traps throughout their castle. But as far more than a strategy game, players directly participate in the action-packed combat with their hero characters, while upgrading their statistics, gathering tons of loot and inventory items, customizing & upgrading equipment, and developing unique class abilities. All of this can be enjoyed in seamless online and split-screen local multiplayer, as players cooperate and compete through the story campaign and challenge missions to build the strongest heroes and achieve the highest scores in the kingdom. Combining the depth of strategic gaming with the satisfying action of RPG character building in a beautifully stylized toon fantasy setting, Dungeon Defenders is designed to be a distinctly addictive, easy-to-play experience for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4481
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Trendy Entertainment / Trendy Entertainment

Dungeon Defenders reviews ( 7 )

Kutsubato, Jun 8, 2013

great game! Cool multiplayer, great effects, custom maps like cities from pokemon!!! ...and the price is low, I think. - fight with towers or with your own weapons - buy a pet - create your own maps - beautiful Comic graphic ...and much more!!! one of my favourite games!!!

Smiley15, Dec 6, 2011

If you love action packed RPGS and tower defences you have no excuse. This game combines them beautifully and makes a nice fun diversion that has proven to eat my time away. However, the graphics aren't the best. This game can be hard, and it can be easy. Your levels don't tell you what you can and can't do, you just have to have skill in this game. Combining defenses causes less damage to them, which means you don't have to repair 24/7. This is a amazing game, buy it.

jpjaques, Oct 19, 2011

Up-and-comers Trendy Entertainment are surely starting a trend with their premier title. Dungeon Defenders has already proven to be not only insanely fun, but also a progressive challenge. with each level, and wave for that matter, becoming more and more difficult, I am sure I will get hundreds of hours of gameplay from this title. Although it does lack more advanced graphic options (namely vertical sync) I love the colors and the general art design. I couldn't ask more from a veteran development team with a $50 dollar release price, let alone a first title from an indie developer for $15. I am impressed and excited see what Trendy has in its future.

SpectralAnubis, Oct 25, 2011

Fine blended whimsical take on the Tower Defense genre. Subtle RPG elements make the game enjoyable. Aspects are lacking, in some area's (tooltips) but the game for it's price is everything one would think it is. You'll either really like it or dislike it. I personally enjoy the zany artwork. The item textures and meshes can have a ridiculous appearance, but clearly that's the intent. Combat which is the core of the game can easily be mastered. There is a strategic element, when playing on the harder difficulties. Competitive play is included, there's a few nuances though. Overall Trendy entertainment will score pretty high with this release. 8/10

whitespider999, Feb 27, 2012

This came out around the same time as orcs must die, and while I think orcs is a superior core game. This game has excellently integrated multiplayer that really is why you should play. If you do have 3-4 people you can play this with - then it is a excellent game. It's major downfall - for me, is that it's feature light. And even if you spend 3 times the games original price on dlc - it will still lead to you playing the same maps over and over with the same limited traps. The loot, and leveling encourages you to grind away at this game - however it get's repetitive. It's still a top game that will become better and better as more content is released. I feel a fuller featured sequel could be exactly what this game needs to go from great - to fantastic.

Karandras, Dec 4, 2011

Dungeon Defenders is full of pro's and con's. It's just hard to tell which category outweighs the other in this game. I'll start with the pro's. The game is cheap at £10. Gets updated regularlyGets DLC and free DLC regularly The game is frankly amazing if you are playing with your friends and if you have a full team of 4 then it's even better.Fairly well optimised to run on most machines.Now the con'sConstant disconnects from Trendynet (getting better but still not there)Don't consider playing this game on your own as it's poorly balanced and you wont be able to do any of the late game content without help.The general playerbase of the game are idiots, you join their server you get kicked 2 seconds later and this will happen for ages unless you have the amazing hacked items which a lot of people are running around with.Extremely poor forum support from Trendy. They generally ignore most queries from people and answer only the most straighforward questions from past experience.Servers can get very laggy during peak times.Typical UNREAL engine 3 bugsSo why only a 5? Wel the game really excels in about half of what it does but then it just gets ruined by the other half. The game is weak on single player and is a major grindfest to get anywhere and if you venture online you will be dealing with idiots, griefers, hackers or all of the above. However the game is amazing when you have your friends to play it or people you can trust to play the game properly and wont ninja your godly items.So all in all. If you want a game to play with your mates then this is a brilliant game and worth the money. If you don't have anyone to play it with then you may suffer a tad when it comes to finding decent games.

Rmcdonald, Feb 12, 2012

Recently the developers are using it's paying customers as beta testers. If you want to be a beta tester for this game be sure to expect lots of broken game mechanics that are re-broken every few months in constant failures to achieve balance. The balance attempts in this game are implemented so poorly that it the "shift of power" has rolled in a complete 360 since the game started, With no hint of real balance in site. I would love this game to pieces if this issue was resolved but instead it's just a struggle to find some form of entertainment value for a few months before it is broken by the inevitable balance failures.If you love the game and want to beta test it for the developers while they charge you $ for the privilege, this is the game for you!In all seriousness if you don't like an incomplete game don't even spend the time with this one. I am hopeful Dungeon Defenders 2 is in the works because version 1 is a failboat with failboat "fixes" and this is after 750 hours of actual game play that I would take back in a heartbeat.Don't get sucked in! THE CAKE IS A LIE!