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Dungeons of Dredmor Long ago, the Dark Lord Dredmor was bound in the darkest dungeons beneath the earth by great and mighty heroes. Centuries later, the magical bonds that hold him in place are loosening and his power grows ever stronger. The land cries out for a new hero, a powerful warrior or a mystic wizard like those spoken of in the prophecies of yore.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2718
Genre Role-Playing, General, Roguelike
Company / Developer
Gaslamp Games / Gaslamp Games
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Dungeons of Dredmor reviews ( 7 )

MisterS42, Jul 20, 2011

Wonderful team of developers intent on making a great game. The game is difficult and enjoyable. I love how gaslamp games have brought a roguelike to the masses like it was nothing. I love this game and I am looking forward to the content that will be forthcoming. Huge recommendation to all!

chaoticGovernor, Dec 18, 2017

One of the best roguelikes on the market, based on the shear scope, humor, challenge, and replayability. Gaslamp games have created a genuine masterpiece.

w0lv, Jul 21, 2011

Amazing game that is highly entertaining. If you enjoy roguelikes, or are interested in them in the slightest, this game is worth checking out. This game is difficult, and you will die (a lot), but that makes it that much more fun and rewarding. The dialogue is humorous and riddled with references that will easily get a laugh out of you. The game also has hand-drawn graphics that make the experience all the more enjoyable (which is doubly worth noting, considering most roguelikes use ASCII or low-res tilesets).Dungeons of Dredmor is, without a doubt, worth the asking price; it is a high-quality game that will keep you entertained for hours. Gaslamp Games has a ton of potential, and are definitely a developer to keep an eye on for any of their future releases.

notyourbuddy, Jul 22, 2013

Its a rogue-like (Binding of Isaac/Faster Than Light genre), meaning its less about trying to beat the game and more about trying to see how far you can get before you die (farther you get higher your score). And you will die. For instance, the game comes with a tutorial designed for people who have never played a video game before in their life. I died in there twice. The game congratulated me for dying then gave me a Steam Achievement for it meaning the devs not only know you can die in there... they wear it as a badge of honor. *Note: You can turn off perma-death if you wish. - Combat: Dungeons of Dredmor is the standard hack-n-slash loot fest (Diablo/Torchlight genre) except it uses a turn-based system. This means winning is not about quick reflexes/clicking, but rather how you choose to utilize the skills at your disposal. It works well and the turns are pretty much instantaneous so fights/exploring plays out as fast as you want it to. - Loot: Loot is plentiful. So plentiful in fact you will quickly learn to stop picking up things that do not suit your character's build. The game has a crafting system for food, potions, armor, weapons, traps, etc. giving you even more ways to obtain items. And a few shops located around should you choose to buy items. - Character Customization: At the beginning of the game you have 50+ different base skills at your disposal of which you get to choose 7 to take along with you on your adventure. As your character levels up related skills get unlocked giving a high level character 40-50+ skills. The skills are quite varied and allow you to create all kinds of weird character combinations. Mage skills, range combat, warrior, thief, assassin, trap specialist, alchemist, smithing, banker, etc. Its all here. If you want somekind of weird warrior vampire mushroom loving tourist you can make one. The stats for each character are also pretty deep. 7+ different types of damage resistances/types to go with 23 different stat categories (dodge, critical chance, trap skills, magic, health regen, smithing, etc). This is definitely an old school RPG at heart. - Replayability: As mentioned the character customization is pretty deep so starting over can feel like a completely different experience. The monsters, loot, store inventory, crafting recipes you find, and other in-game items are all randomized for each play through. Its even moddable so new loot, recipes, character skills, and features (loot deconstruction to extract raw materials) can be added. - Some Minor Cons: a) Some things are quite vague. Whats this potion do? What does this skill do? Why not just tell me in the tool-tip? b) You don't get to visually see your character progress from peasant to mighty warrior. Equip a traffic cone on your ragdoll it won't show up on your actual character. Bummer. c) Screen seems to be always locked on your character. Cannot use the mini-map to view parts of the dungeon that you have already explored. d) Tried and true user friendly RPG elements are missing. A way to compare the stats of loot you find with the current loot you are wearing would have been great. e) I thought the music sucked. Mute it and use your own collection or play in silence. - Final Thoughts The screenshots/video might not blow you away, but I thought the actual gameplay was pretty good and at $1.25 for the base game or $2.50 for the game+all DLCs I feel its a no-brainer purchase. Works great on Linux as well.

LevelsAndGear, Jul 30, 2011

Dungeons of Dredmor is a Roguelike that you can proudly show your friends, as it offers graphics and sound instead of ASCII characters. For the unfamiliar, itâ

tech-noir, Feb 24, 2012

Dungeons of Dredmor is a modern, turn-based, roguelike RPG, comparable to The Binding of Isaac. In it, you will enter randomly generated dungeons with various levels to explore, and a large amount of loot to collect and experiment with. The artwork is charming and adequate, albeit not too creative. There is even a crafting system, for those interested in hoarding items for the hope of usage as you progress. There is a tutorial with several chapters, but even then it fails to explain and introduce a few aspects of the game to the player, which leads to a slow-paced approach to learning how to play. Dungeons of Dredmor is more focused on exploration, rather than action. There are many items to find and experiment with, as well as the innumerable crafting combinations. It is also more difficult and less forgiving than The Binding of Isaac. Death comes from various means, and there will be many times where you will be overwhelmed by the enemies. There are also many skills to choose from when creating a new character, which makes each attempt at the game different each time. Personally, I have no interest in crafting. To be able to craft valuable items, you must hold on to many different items needed for a very long time, in hope that you eventually will be able to craft something worthwhile. This means that your inventory will be populated by mostly garbage. Besides, if you proceed through the levels deep enough, you will encounter good, quality items to equip your character with. This to me, makes crafting practically abandoned. As you go deeper in the dungeon, the appearance of the levels change, and become more interesting. There will also be more unique and challenging enemies to fight against. As with everything else in the game, the shopkeeper is populated in the levels at random. This means that sometimes you will need to go up or down a few levels to sell your loot. Dying and losing everything is part of the genre, but that doesn't stop it from being slightly frustrating. The game also tends to crash sometimes, which means you will lose all your progress and be forced to start over. The developers even added a Steam Achievement for this. Dungeons of Dredmor is a difficult game. More difficult than The Binding of Isaac. You will die much more often and much easier than you ever did in The Binding of Isaac, while accomplishing much less. Even though the game is filled with what is supposed to be clever humor, I personally did not find any of it funny, but it does not ever get in the way of the game's enjoyment. Unfortunately, any items that you equip during the game do not change the appearance of the character in any way. I feel that this particular shortcoming detracts from the indulgence of the game, as there are many items that would make the game much more interesting if they actually changed the character's looks. The constant dying and lack of real progression through the dungeon in this roguelike leaves much to be desired overall. It simply isn't as exciting or as rewarding as The Binding of Isaac. With that said, Dungeons of Dredmor is still a title that should be kept installed for future casual ventures as a more classical style of roguelike game. In moderation, and with much patience there is plenty of fun to be had with this game.

Ravager, Nov 8, 2011

As a fan of many roguelikes, I have to say that this game isn't terribly good. It's your standard roguelike with less complex mechanics in favour of eyecandy. On top of that you have to pay for it, when you'll get a much more rich experience from the countless FREE roguelikes that are infinitely deeper. Its basically ToME with "humour" which wasn't terribly amusing.