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Dungeons: The Dark Lord Dungeons The Dark Lord is the sequel to the critically acclaimed strategy game Dungeons by Kalypso Media.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1254
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Kalypso

Dungeons: The Dark Lord reviews ( 5 )

Xanthor, Oct 1, 2011

Technically this game is an improvement over the original Dungeons game. But while the original concept was copied from Dungeon Keeper, this time the storyline is eerily similar to Lord of the Rings. There are so many references to the Tolkien story that it has changed from tribute to just a plain right copy. And for the gamer, following that storyline has become subservient to maintaining your dungeon. I would sincerely rate this game higher if the makers would have made an original storyline, and if players were given a bit more control over the gameplay. It seems no one listened to the bad reviews on the first game. That made a potentially good game go to waste.

Ndi, May 31, 2014

I went looking for a wiki or some help with this game, because it didn't work right to me, heroes were really nonsensical, turning around, seemingly knowing what was beyond walls, and so on. Found nothing, zero help, even developer forum is really thin. Went on to read (real) reviews and found out that my experience was basically standard. Stupid heroes turn around and walk out the way they came, so you need to hide, let them "hmmmm" then jump them. What is this, Dungeon Mugger? Any attempt to be even close to their incoming route triggered them to fight, so you have to go away, then come back. To make matters worse, heroes progress in satisfaction needs, so if a path worked it will not do so soon. And since you can only dig as far as I can tell, that means you always have an inefficient, ugly dungeon. No wonder this game has such a low rating. Combine it with too much unnecessary mechanic (capacity gimmick?), small font, slow startup for non- DK fans and poor reproduction of DK for the fans, and it's hard to see who this is aimed at. Apparently, people smart enough to like complicated puzzles, but simple enough for repeated brainless tasks. +1 soul. +1 soul. Sigh. Dungeons: The Dull Lord.

Tick, May 29, 2012

This game got my curiosity going, and I purchased it thinking it would be an improvement over Dungeon Keeper. It was presented well, they put some effort into graphics, but you can see the lack of ability/knowledge from the company once you get into the game. You cannot experience what the game purports. You cannot create a gorgeous, sexy dungeon where heros search through and explore, and monsters/you interract with in a fun and imaginative way. You simply cannot do it!!! The game degernates quickly down to this... make one huge room where all the Hero access points funnel into. Jam the path to your dungeon heart full of monsters/traps. making attacking it impossible for any group of heros. Put all the decorations along the straight pointless paths from the hero spawn points and fill the main room with the armour, weapons, gold, and monsters the heros want, and have them all die there or at the traps. Then you can go to sleep and wake up in the morning with TONS of everything... Not my idea of fun, being able to win a game while being asleep!! To get to this stage you have to deal with the HORRIBLE play balancing where the heros do nothing but walk in and out the same way they came in... Basically you cannot pick out a satisfied hero and turn him/her into profit. You have to slaughter every hero in your dungeon to get to that one that is profitable, turning all the other empty heros into wasted effort. This game had potential, but failed to deliver. Basic problem solving and logistics were not thought out. Major decorations could have served as pathing anchors, there could have been Entrances and Exits for heros... smaller access holes could have been used for your workers (a seperate set of tunnels), transport pads for heros to use... So many things could have been added in if the company simply cared about the product they tried to make money off of... Failure!

CaptainScrubby, Nov 11, 2011

User scores have been removed from GameSpot, showing only professional metacritic scores which were probably paid for or in house. =============================================================================== How this is sold as a stand alone expansion is beyond me, not much has changed and practically nothing has been improved, this is the same stale boring game that the "Critically Acclaimed" Dungeons was. You decorate the various hall ways with props, heroes come in through a hero gate, after they're done looking at the props you kill them. That's pretty much the whole game, the props can be chests of gold that need to be refilled for heroes to loot, or useless monsters anchored to a spawn location that don't do much of anything other than sit there waiting for heroes to come kill them. ================================================================================ Bottom line is, if you want to play the same boring game that only passed as "ok" even among it's fans, go ahead and pick this up, but my advice is to save your money. This game would be just fine as an iPad ap or Facebook social game, but as a PC game it's not worth your time.

xxtammyjayxx, Jul 6, 2012

Looks like an epic game you get the choice of four lords, and they have their own skills BUT they fail to tell you what they are and what class or whatever, so anyone willing to tell me???