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Dungeons Dungeons follows the mis-adventures of the foremost of all Dungeon Lords, who spends his time luring heroes into his labyrinthine creations with the promise of treasure and a good fight - only to be trapped by his ingenious devices. Once they are in his grasp, our Dungeon Lord must look after and cherish his new found prisoners until they are more comfortable with their surroundings because come the "harvest", happy heroes have more precious soul energy for you to gleefully extract via foul prisons or twisted torture chambers!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1511
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Realmforge Studios

Dungeons reviews ( 7 )

Sorkvir, Feb 17, 2011

Dungeons was alot of fun to play, its a game of its own, a mix of Tower Defense/Tycoon/Action RPG all in one, if you like those types of games, then you should try Dungeons, if you want Dungeon Keeper 3, then you should pass, its not fair to judge this game to Dugeon Keeper 3 like most people are doing, anyway great game, i had fun with it

Elantia, Feb 10, 2011

Dungeons has about as much in common with Dungeon Keeper as Evil Genius did. It's not dungeon keeper, it was never meant to be, it' an absolutely refreshing take on the "anti"-RPG genre. If EG was set in medievil times it would have been slaughtered for not being "DK3". It's about the same as calling Far Cry 1 a dreadful attempt at Doom 3. They're both first person, they are both set in modern times, they both contain monsters and they both contain guns, that's it, the rest is their own. Likewise DK3 and Dungeons are both in medievil times, both have a dungeon lord, both have minions and both have hero's, but they're totally different. I think the reviewer from Game Spot didn't get "his" the morning he decided to review Dungeons, that and he was probably high and/or drunk. I think it's really unfair how critics so rarely anymore look objectively at a game. They rate games purely on their own preference of genre and NOT on the games own merits like it should be. Two quick games that spring to mind are Starcraft 2 and Redfaction 2. They got reviewed on their genre and not the games merits or they'd both have gotten a 1/100. I wasn't looking for a DK3, I was looking for a game that offered me building a base inside rock, I loved DK, I loved EG and I love Dungeons. I love what they did with Dungeons too, it's VERY refreshing and at the same time so very cute and cudly when your dungeon lord rips apart a fat souled hero, love it. Currently there are still quite a few bugs, I think they suffered from bad QA rather than budget constraints since the bugs coming out now are the type to come out during QA, gameplay bugs you'd only really get to if you actually played the game from start to finish and not budget constraint bugs. That said though, the dev's are doing a great job of patching. I think both Kalypso (publisher) and RealmForge (developer) have learnt a lot from this game, they're both small but they're doing some really interesting things. Really looking forward to see how deep into their dungeon these steps will go

Paulie_C, Feb 9, 2011

It looks, feels and sounds like Dungeon Keeper 2 but has it's own style of gameplay which is quite immersive and fun although a bit repetative at some points. The gameplay wasn't as fun as DK2 but it still kept me going all the way through and I enjoyed every level of it.It seems the people who are giving this game a bad review are the people expecting it to be DK3, which I was too, but it isn't, it's a different game in it's own right and should be percieved this way before purchase.I would say that £29.99 does seem steep and perhaps should have been £19.99 at least on Steam if not in the shops (fortunately I work in a game shop so I got it cheaper).If you are wondering what the gameplay is like watch some footage on YouTube and make up your own mind before you buy it as it is quite a unique experience and hard to describe in a short review. The key point here is to make sure you check the game out first.Do not buy this game is you are expecting a DK clone because you will be dissapointed, however if you are looking for a new style of dungeon play which is still fun throughout then this is a good buy, especially if you can get it cheaper than its RRP.

Bigmageusa, May 27, 2011

The game is actually rather good as a dungeon defense game, however almost all comparable games are free flash games. While an enjoyable game, the strange forced details (such as decorating to unlock abilities) grew strained during play. While the game looks stunning, the gameplay lacks the thrill of a normal tower defense styled game.

Hellspeller, Feb 24, 2011

First of all, I have never played any other "dungeons" family games, but I was a big fan of "Overlord" and that's what made me buy that game. Then I must say that I really regret my money wasted.. I first tried the demo (I strongly suggest to all of you out there who ain't sure about this game, to do so) but, for me, it didn't help my choice. At first, it did not made me love it more, nor less. But let me tell you..*FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO TRIED THE DEMO AND STILL AIN'T SURE, DON'T BUY THIS GAME !*It's really, really repetitive and boring.. On top of all, it's really bugged, some scripting events are actually not working at all or working at the wrong time ! Plus, late in the campaign, you get to have so much stuff in your dungeons that the game don't stop lagging (And thrust me, it's not because of my computer, I have a computer made to do 3D, worth 10k $)Sure you'll find the parody talking there and there fun, but the game is JUST about that.. Each and single phrase is stolen from a movie or an other game for somewhere, like Diablo, Lotr, warhammer, Dante's inferno, etc.. At some point one of the character actually says : "Okay we need to stop that or we will get sued." The game would have been okay for a 20-30$ game, but it's not worth it's current price.. Sure, there is 17 mission, but it's all the same.. Just play the demo 10 times and you'll have played the full game.. As everybody else is saying, a lot of points in the game mechanics seems incomplete, some stuff do'nt work at all and lack interactive stuff.. The game even have a fast-forward mode, like if they knew it could be boring to play..So, for all amateur of evil-cool-funny-stuff, you can pass this one.

chevmech, May 5, 2012

Pass on this one. It is unfinished. How can they consider this game to be out of the beta stage?. The whole dungeon design theme sounds great but the game is not fun. My rig transcends recommended requirements but the game runs so slow that it is almost unplayable. Even when my patience is high and I spend time with this game I find it lacking in almost all elements. There is no depth here to keep me interested for too long. Kalypso needs to take this one back to the drawing board- I think the premise alone is worth another try. Like with Elemental War of Magic in it's early releases, the game fails to deliver the promised experience. At least Stardock admitted to their failure and offered incentive for players to try their 2nd attempt which they are following through with.

JamesBondX, Dec 14, 2012

They tried to shamefully lure the DK series fans to play this THING. No one fell for it. It was very monotone, it was pretty ridiculous. A dungeon lord shouldn't ENTERTAIN heroes, there is NO valid reason for that. I know they try to explain why they need to do it, but it's just WRONG. You should mercilessly kill heroes, not entertain them THEN kill them. Creeps should be more personal, as it is, they feel like buildings rather than actual "beings" in your dungeon. I can't even see how this game would be fun from a tycoon point of view. But what bothers me most is that they basically lived on the principle that they would get the older DK fans to play this heap of ****. Definitely cannot recommend to any DK fan out there. Also, someone else mentioned this being hard while DK being "sleep, then wake up to a victory screen" NO, JUST NO. SHAME ON YOU.