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Duskers Pilot drones into derelict spaceships to find the means to survive and piece together how the universe became a giant graveyard.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 891
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Misfits Attic / Misfits Attic

Duskers reviews ( 3 )

evoelise, Jan 5, 2017

This game is tough, I mean seriously tough. One mistake and it's all over, it makes FTL look like child's play. The start of the game can be a bit RNGish, you need a bit of luck just to get a toe-hold in the game but if you can survive the first few ships you should have the ingredients to continue a long way - or until you make that next small mistake. The look and feel of the game is great, hugely tense and claustrophobic. Much is made of the command line interface but you soon get used to this and it just feels the "right way" to be playing a game like this. I'm very much enjoying this game.

Skulb, Nov 9, 2016

One of the year's best indie releases, Duskers blends Paradroid (google it) with the static cam feeds from Aliens before making you control it all with keyboard commands. It also avoids narrating anything, which sets you up for claustrophobic exploration of derelict space ship after derelict space ship as you attempt to piece together what's going on by yourself. To do this you must use, arm and upgrade drones. You start with just three, but more can be salvaged as you go. Aliens are almost all either dangerous or terrifying, and are really best avoided altogether, unless you have some sort of plan for how to kill them. Fortunately there is a robust array of drone upgrades that makes this a little easier. You can use Stealth to sneak up close to an alien so you can shoot it with Turret. Or you can Scan rooms from a distance, activate stationary onboard turrets and open doors to funnel scanned aliens towards them. Or you can simply open an airlock to flush aliens into space. Make one mistake though and you're dead. It's very nerve-wracking. There are also Mines, Interfaces for logging onto ship computers, Gather modifications for scavenging ships and Generator mods, needed to access power grids so you can open doors. Not everything is immediately useful, and experimentation is recommended with new mods. In addition to the aliens there are also many environmental threats. Radiation from space can compromise segments of a space ship, and, given time, an entire spaceship can be flooded with it. There are highly annoying leaks from the hull, which will threaten any stationary drones so you're never safe. There are also meteor strikes, although these are rare early in the game. Luckily you can get in your little docking vehicle and leave at any time. Of course then you won't get all the fuel and other resources you desperately need, and will have to hope for better luck on the next derelict. And finally the derelicts can be commandeered as well, effectively replacing your active ship between the missions. This gives various effects, but mainly affects how many mods the actual ship can have. For example commandeering a military ship often lets you fire weapons anywhere on a derelict you're exploring, while other ships will let you scan without using your drones or even power parts of a derelict power grid from the ship, leaving your generator drone free to do something else. Duskers can be somewhat frustrating at first. Each drone mod requires a bit of practice before you get the timing down. And while you're getting used to new things you will die. Over and over again. And because the game generates random ships every time, it never really gets predictable. The best tip is to abandon ship while you still can. Call me a coward, but fleeing at the first sign of trouble is the only reason I got anywhere in this game. I highly recommend being a coward. I also recommend Duskers. It's atmospheric , demanding and rewarding.

Cinetyk, Jun 18, 2016

In short: - Great, tense, claustrophobic, post-apocalyptic “lost in space” atmosphere with well realized mechanics, design, minimalistic aesthetic and visual effects - Use an array of drones, systems and upgrades/weapons to explore derelict vessels across star systems - Salvage precious resources in order to survive - Real space features and hazards such as asteroid collisions, radiation, depressurization, leaks, etc. - Drone tank controls plus command line controls make it realistic and interesting, despite sometimes tense and tricky to use - Different drone upgrades provide lots of different approaches, and you’ll need to adapt make do with what you have - Manage repairs and upgrades on drones and systems as they deteriorate - Explorable ships/vessels consist of collection of random blocks and are visually mostly all the same with not much contents or detail - Progression is very slow, so it gets repetitive and not very rewarding - Uncovering of what is going on is also slow and done in short pieces of text