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Dustforce In Dustforce, players stylishly flow through precarious environments, sweeping up dust, leaves, trash and slime. The cleaners face off against the fourSprites who are determined to make a mess of the whole world

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1319
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
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Dustforce reviews ( 7 )

Kypi, Jul 26, 2013

What made this game one of my favorite games was: the music, the art style, the game flow, the rising difficulty, the competitive community, and the music. Did I also mention the encountering of no bugs? I don't think I ever had trouble running this game, and if I did, the game was so great that I forgot about it. People compare this to super meat boy, but I think this is much better of a game. It seems much more polished, and has a much better flow. If you like platformers (ones such as N ninja and super meat boy) this game is a must. By the way, you don't need a controller/pad to play this game. Many people do, many people don't. I personally enjoy using the Logitech G13 to play this game, but that's not much different from a keyboard.

yar, Nov 23, 2014

10/10 because if you like platformers, then this is a necessary addition to your library. The people who have written positive reviews are right. The people who have written negative reviews in regards to the game expecting perfection are also right, but I don't think that is a good reason to give it a 3/10. The game is well made, polished to a gleam, and is challenging. If you like to just press buttons and get to the end of a level and then go to the next one then this game may seem frustrating- as it really doesn't care if you finished a level. It cares HOW you finished a level. You have to glide, fly, and sweep your way to the finish in style. Completing a level is like executing a perfect dance routine. One slip up and you'll find yourself restarting in an attempt to get that perfect score. The game is smooth, has great flow, and I couldn't finish it. This game is great.

StarBurn, Jan 19, 2012

My Girlfriend bought me this game as a present after a fight...and boy did this make me feel bad, because this is one of the most awesome games I played in a while. I'll try to shoot down any doubts right now and say "BUY THIS" for the price tag of 6 euros, this is the platformer you will play for a long while, especially if you liked meat boy.So I've been tracking this game for a while and I was unsure of buying it...well...because I suck at jumping around. But I immediately felt like a broom wielding ninja. I can't abstain from this but I'll have to go head to head with Andromeda's review on this one, so here goes (be gentle my first review, that's how much I felt the need to defend this game):- The controls are anything else, but "not responsive". Everything you do seems in your hands to control.- The game also includes time trials and style challenge which both rank for score on the leader boards.- Replays can be saved and also if your confused, you can watch the highest rated player on the leader board's replay to see how he solves the level and try to mimic it, if the game is to hard on you.- A map editor on the way, which will guarantee lots o content.- King of the hill and Survival modes for local multiplayer. How awesome is that ?!I came from work after a long stressful day at work, a fight with the girl friend and I can't remove myself from this game. I will immediately buy flowers tomorrow and I recommend this to any fan of this genre.

Ryosatsuma, Dec 26, 2012

This game is awesome. The music is great and the stylish design too. There is a lot of frustration involved, so this is not a game for casual gamers like other games in the genre of precision platforming (like Meatboy). The controls are hard at first but the game invites you to dominate them, and is so satisfying once you do so. The game have customizable controls so you can be comfortable with them. Is a very well done game.

Sexbad, Jan 22, 2012

A complex athletic challenge complemented by lush, wondrous creative direction, Dustforce challenges you in terms of both thoroughness and finesse. My full video review at: youtu.be/2xoI3kogzYY

1771174, Aug 30, 2013

This games it's very funny, original, and challenging. Maybe the learning curve it's a little too steep, the game became very difficult quite fast. But the real problem with this game are the controls, if you expect perfection in a game then you must give me perfect controls, having the character not do what you wanted him to happens a little too frequently. That, and the lack of boss, in the intro you see monster that totally looks like bosses so I was a little disappointed to find out that they were only multiplayer characters. Despite that, the game it's very enjoyable, even the level selecting rooms are maps that require you a little of effort to find and reach the more difficult levels (but once you have "unlocked" every level you can conveniently access them through some books that enlist them), and the art too it's very nice, totally recommended.

Andromeda, Jan 18, 2012

Despite looking nice, awful and unresponsive controls and nothing but a simple time trial mode ensure this is not worth the relatively high price charged for it.