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Dying Light Dying Light allows you traverse an open world mired into chaos and destruction. In this environment, you scrap for survival against an array of enemies as the infected are not the only threat: accosting other desperate human beings is typically the only way to get precious supplies.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 12140
Genre Horror, Action Adventure, Survival
Company / Developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Techland
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Dying Light reviews ( 7 )

EarlyGameReview, Jan 27, 2015

*It is absolutely amazing. there can't be a negative review for this one. 10/10 The story is phenomenally good and VERY strong. the graphics are insanely good. the gameplay is absolutely fantastic. everything fits perfectly well together, amazing game, thank you Techland. one againnnn 101/10 10/10

dannybot, Feb 5, 2015

Finally a game that combines all the good elements from Dead Island, Skyrim and FarCry to create a vast and immersive open-ended world that is full with interesting locations and missions to explore and it will never make you feel bored while doing it. Despite minor flaws like cheesy acting and NPC:s who look like cloned mannequin dolls with bad lipsynching the game captures the most important thing - it feels FUN to play and is extremely rewarding when you bash in scores of zombies or when you level up and finally can unlock a perk that will help you feel less vulnerable when running through the endless hordes of undead that you encounter on a regular basis of the streets of Harran. The wonderful graphics and lightning effects in combination with the amazing sound effects and scary music makes you gasp for air when you get surrounded in battle or hang from a rooftop just a slip away from death. Hands down the best PS4 game out there right now and hopefully there will be a sequel soon with improved NPC:s and added vehicles and also a larger scale map in a different setting would be cool addition too.

ohtwo, Jan 30, 2015

Dying Light is a thrilling next-gen post-apocalyptic zombie hybrid shooter/survival game with a heavy focus on parkour game play. This is a landmark game that sets the bar higher for all games that will follow in its footsteps. The overall story line follows a formula that is similar to Fallout or Skyrim where you have a main story line, but there are multiple side quests and surprises for you to find in the open world where you are free to wander around. I'll talk more about the performance of this game rather than the graphics, game play as you can easily load up a youtube gameplay video to see the game in action. This game requires a great GPU, but also requires heavy CPU processing power as well. I have an I5 4670k running @ 3.4GHz. During game play with the view distance at 50%, all virtual/physical CPU cores were operating at 100% and was causing the game to operate at 30-35 fps. My 2x R9 290s were not being utilized fully. I had to overclock the CPU cores to 4.0GHz each then I was able to maintain 60 fps throughout most of the game. If you have a great video card, but do not have a great CPU, then try taking the draw distance down until the game is smooth enough for you. You can also try overclocking your CPU to get better results if you find your CPU is the bottleneck. Overall, and excellent game and will be talked about for years to come and newer games will be judged on the new standards and the bar that has been set by Dying Light.

mitzle, Oct 24, 2015

I've been playing DL for 20 hours now (ONLY SINGLEPLAYER) and here are my impressions of it so far. However, first of all I want to say that I did not play any of the Dead Island games, which according to some people were used as a base game for DL. I can neither confirm nor deplete it. Warning: Contains spoilers! Trying to avoid them as far as possible. You are thrown into the game - [spoiler] literally, since you parachute down into the city of Harran as a part of an infiltration mission [SPOILER END] - and at first the characters you encounter seem not as believable as you wished for. This is resolved as you get settled with the game and its central characters while you finish the first two or three objectives. To add to the RPG character of the game, there are main and side quest, which play well into the story line and motivate the player in different ways. For example, there are not that many "fetch quests" as in mere RPGs. Motivation comes from all sides: You find a vast amount of loot. Loot of the "crafting", "valuables" and "consumables" family can be collected to infinity, which I found very nice and rewarding. You need this stuff to craft or to heal yourself almost all the time. Weapon pickups have a restriction in amount, which can be expanded through skills. Let's talk about crafting first. You've seen it before in games like DayZ, How to Survive or similar RPGs. Where some do it unnecessarily complicated or just plain stupid, this game hits the spot! You have your basics (lockpicks, medikids, molotovs, etc) and you can either find or get blueprints as a reward from quests or random events (saving survivors, eliminating patrols) in the city of Harran. There also is a lockpick "minigame" every time you come across a closed door or crate, which gets boring really quick. They could've just put in a XP system for that, too (like in the Elder Scrolls series), so you have an easier time with locks. Since you can gather as much craftable stuff as you want, you will not be restricted by that and you will be able to have collected much stuff by the time you actually need it. The game focuses on melee combat, which is not a bad thing. This only means that you would like to use melee weapons for a great amount of reasons (loud noise lures dangerous types of zombies, ammo is usually scarce or buyable at certain shops, etc) prior to ranged weapons. This is why the game focuses on letting you modify close combat weapons - with blueprints AND certain buff items which fit in sockets (much like in Diablo II). Unfortunately, on low levels this is not profitable, since your weapons waste away like butter. I am talking about 10-15 zombie kills until you have to repair your weapon (very annoying!) which depletes "repair points" (usually between 2 and 4) every time unless you level up. This brings me to the skill tree, which is separated in three mayor experience trees: 1) Survivor score (points through quests, etc) 2) Fighting score (obvious) 3) Agility score (running, jumping, etc) Every tree has an own skill asset and you skill them separately, which I'd call quite innovative. As you progress, fighting gets much easier, you find your way running around Harran much more comfortable and you get certain perks being a great survivor. I am not going to get much into detail, but it has to be said that you have a great amount of freedom leveling up. This is an additional motivation to actually do all three things mentioned above. Lastly, I want to address another amazing thing, which is the day- night cycle. Yawn, right? No! Because at day, there are only four kinds of zombies you encounter with different difficulty/threat levels, where at night both your and their skills double and you encounter more special zombies, which you better run from instead of fighting. Alternatively, you can scare them off (they are sensible to UV light) or mask yourself (again, level up before). Also, you earn double the XP at night for ANYTHING you do and there is so much more to it. One mayor letdown is, that after 18-20 hours into the game, it seems to crash rather randomly, which you apparently can only resolve (WARNING: it worked for me and a couple other people!) by cranking down your resolution a notch. You might not encounter this problem, though. All this leaves me with a rating of about 8/10. I think, in some ways this game could be the pattern for multiplayer survival games.

hyper333, Feb 1, 2015

I had no expectations but this game blew me away. So much freedom, great parkour, progress trees, good main story, TONS of side missions - most of them well-executed and non-repetitive, gorgeous visuals, multiple zombie types. Gives you barely any guns and makes you value the weapons you find even more this way as it's not hard to get carried away and break them (but there's a perk for that as well). Music - nothing sensational, but fits the mood perfectly, the main theme is absolutely great. And the mood is much more serious than Dead Island, with no blinking objects around the world you feel like you are there instead of the game holding your hand and showing you the goodies around you. You have to work carefully for your progress while being careful of the masses of zombies around at all times - great survival element. Love the colours - more realistic than most games (including Dead Island and even GTA V), the setting and the colour palette might remind you of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - and this is huge compliment. The horror comes at night, when you become the prey and vicious zombies will chase you in the dark - and this is how nights in videos games should be (unlike the well lit ones on Rockstar's and Bethesda's games). Bottom line - fun to play, intriguing main story, tons of good side quests, great visuals and fitting music. Pretty much better than anything that came out in 2014.

MooseNine, Jan 22, 2016

Dying Light - another zombie game. I was very skeptical (even omitting fact that i love zombie theme). But somehow i bought this game. Plot: In fictional Turkish city of Harran begins zombie outbreak. Special agent Kyle Crane is sent on a mission of recovering extremely important file about zombies from the hands of Kadir Suleiman. Story doesn't sounds like it is something special and to be honest it isn't. Story is the biggest problem of this game. Characters are shallow, empty and indescribable fake. There's a lot of clichés - stupid, making no sense scenes or speeches. What about the gameplay? This is what defends this game and give a reason to buy this title. Amazing parkour mechanics in open world games is awesome. Jumping on the buildings, climbing on the walls, or jumping over the zobmies with parkour tricks. It's just feel amazing. Fight is pretty good too - hitting enemies makes me belive that weapon i'm using has weight - pushing enemies back or stop on them. To bad shooting wasn't made good as melee fighting.

Tessara_Vejgan, Feb 18, 2015

First new game release this year I played and first big disappointment. They left Dead Island development to someone else only to go work on a pathetic copy of it. Unimaginative, uninspiring, tedious and frustrating. Parkour is a nice addition since it allows you to avoid zombies more easily (doesn't work very well if a platform you want to jump on happens to be small) but everything else sucks big time. Poor selection of weapons and mods, guns are useless against zombies (and unmodifiable) since all they do is attract stronger zombies. Most side quests are not worth doing. Addition of the night cycle is completely unnecessary and pointless since all you're gonna do is run for the shelter and wait for morning, their is no point fighting or moving around at night since the streets are filled with strong zombies that can kill you very fast. There is no reason for you to care about anything that happens in Harran or the people in it, hell you don't even know where it is. You are just dropped in and asked to look for some file and ... you know what I don't even care explaining since you have no direct relation to any of the things happening in the city. To top it of the final boss fight is a pathetic qte event, yes you heard right, a F***** QTE EVENT. I find that insulting. They make you climb all that way and after dying some 20x because you miss a very narrow ledge they won't even let you shot the guy instead you have to press buttons at the right moments. Horrible, I mean if this is how they wanted to make DI then I'm glad someone else was in charge.