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Eador: Masters of the Broken World Eador. Masters of the Broken World - is a turn-based strategy in the original fantasy setting, where the decisions you make affect the world even deeper than the battles you win. The game combines the unmatched strategic depth with boundless role-playing opportunities, granting the player the power of the immortal ruler of the magic world of Eador. The game is set for release in 2012.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2667
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Snowbird Game Studios / Snowbird Game Studios

Eador: Masters of the Broken World reviews ( 7 )

mitra76, Apr 28, 2013

The game is very complex and gift hours of intense gameplay. I have experimented no bugs and major problem and the developers released 2 patch in a single week for correctimprove the game. For every bug reporter probably there will be hundred of people which play without problems. In the gameplay you have a full mix of strategy,RPG,management game style

thvaz, Jun 2, 2013

It is turn based (both the strategic map and the battles, an interesting campaign, has random events, a deep building and item system...what more could I want? Well, a game that wasn't unplayable for me at release, but now (two months later?) I didn't found any game breaking bug, the game runs and plays fine. Its fails aren't that many as I had a lot of fun with Eador already.

zanz, Apr 20, 2013

A very good turn based strategy game, which is essentially identical to the previous Eador game, with the exception of the graphics. First of all, this isn't a $60 (no DLC included) HOMM title, neither is it a $40 overpriced Fallen Enchantress game... It is $20 and it has comparable amount of content to the other titles I mentioned. I had no technical issues whatsoever. Graphics are good, without being amazing. Gameplay is deep, relatively challenging, but can get repetitive. This game can use a bit more content (like units, more terrain types, etc.) but, in all honesty, it already has enough. If it was more expensive I'd give it an average score, but for $20 this is a solid, 8.5 or 9 from me.

5hassay, Aug 1, 2013

Note that I'm not too far into the game. My first impression on launching the game were "meh". I have to mention that the cinematic was so nice except for the horribly noticeable narrator voice that was very cheesy. In general, for the most part, the game sounds and looks beautiful. Graphics are very customizable as well as gameplay. However, the game seems to have poor FPS issues, which is quiet noticeable. The game comes with a fairly handy in-game tutorial option. The game isn't always obvious though. The gameplay is fairly slow, that is performing actions and watching the characters perform instructed actions in battle. The game is quiet difficult. I have it on the lowest difficulty setting and I'm having trouble. Note that the first "map" in the game isn't fully featured (I guess for learning curve), but after that the game becomes more complex and interesting. There seems to be a nice little story to accompany the game. I feel like the game needs to be more obvious in certain aspects, and maybe have difficulty options that are less difficult. As a beginner I am finding myself just walking back and forth re-capturing lost land to enemies while my amount of money, necessary to do almost anything, oh so slowly increases. The game has some pretty cool RPG elements, and I enjoy the loot collecting. The structure building system is also pretty cool. Very disappointing though that there is only one model for each class--equipping different armour or weapons does not change how the character looks. Squads are only modifiable through level and level-up skill choices. It seems every layout used for battles uses the same environment (green plains) with randomized qualities (hills, trees, lakes), which is kind of bland, except for there always being a single, small building or something at one end indicating what kind of environment it is. For example, entering a mage tower results in being on a green plain field with one hexagon containing a small tower.

Beakerthefrog, Apr 21, 2013

Honestly, I'm not the kind of person to care a whole lot about graphical bugs, or even a messy interface. My biggest issue with the game is that it doesn't do anything that other strategy games haven't already done. You can't simply regurgitate the exact same game, slap some better graphics on it, and expect us to just accept it. This is a good game, but it isn't its own game. Anyone who is giving this positive reviews is really giving Eador: Genesis a positive review. Instead of releasing Eador: The Better Graphics, how about you actually increase the level of depth? Make the role-playing elements more interesting, and expand on the strategical aspects of the game. Is it going to make it more complicated? Yeah, probably, but we're playing turn-based strategy games. We like complicated.

Dunadd, Jun 17, 2014

Eador has some very nice features and the potential to be a really great game, but it is just so slow to play and so lacking in variety after a while, that it ends up being less fun to play than games like Heroes of Might and Magic, which it is a kind of offshoot of. First the good things about Eador. There are effectively 12 different hero types in the game. The basic three are mage, warrior and scout, but each type can choose to remain its own class on reaching level 10 or choose from 3 alternative sub-classes, which include hybrid classes that also have their own unique abilities which they get at levels 10 and 20. Second your heroes can not only conquer provinces and fight enemy heroes, but also explore provinces they control, finding locations with neutral creatures and warbands who they can fight for experience, treasure and loot. There are a wide variety of creature types and magical and non magical items which they can get this way. Third there is quite a large variety of unit types you can recruit, including non-human ones if you get alliances with other races through quests, or if you get spells to raise undead or demons or magical constructs like golems or gargoyles. Unfortunately the game is very slow. This is first because groups of neutral creatures that you have to fight to conquer neutral provinces become stronger and stronger the further from your capital province you get, meaning you have to build up a lot of hero experience, items and units before you can even get to fight the AI controlled enemy heroes and armies - and they similarly can't get to you quickly. Second it's because buildings cost too much gold to build - and you need too many buildings to build each new building - with the total cost of building tier three buildings being so huge it'll usually take over 100 turns, while to get the highest tier buildings takes hundreds. Third it's because while getting the buildings and money to recruit units is very expensive you can also get province guards in the game. This in itself is not a bad idea. The player and the AI can recruit province guards - at the most basic militia with pitch forks - to defend their provinces. The problem is that you (and the AI) can recruit and pay ridiculously strong province guards sometimes for a small fraction of the costs of recruiting and paying an army with the same units. This means that as soon as you get to a large 'shard' (basically map) the last or last two AI players have often recruited one of these overpowered, under-price province guards to defend their capital - and you then simply cannot defeat it without getting a third, or sometimes top, tier mage guild and third or top tier units too. And this means hundreds of turns of exploring and levelling and gold gathering to finish the map. If you like exploring and building up a bit to let the AI get stronger heroes and armies before fighting it this becomes ten times worse as the AI will then have powerful province guards in every single province by the time you fight it. This reduces the speed of the game to even more of a crawl. Building up to fight neutrals and province guards is simply dull compared to fighting enemy armies - and mind-numbingly slow with it. Now for the lack of variety. There are various AI enemies - 'masters' - who each have their own portrait, appearance and nature. Some are supposedly lords of the undead who hate and wish to destroy all living things. Others are human demigods. Others are demons - and so on. Some are good, some evil, some neutral. So far, so good. Unfortunately every single one of them recruits exactly the same unit and province guard types - mostly humans - and use the same spells too. The demon lord rarely if ever has a single demon (unless by random chance that he got a summon demon scroll as a drop). The undead master just has humans and doesn't summon undead any more frequently than any other master does. Good alignment wizard masters recruit evil province guards - and their heroes summon undead and demons as much as evil masters' heroes do. The only difference with the demon master is that he can sometimes get an 'Army of Chaos' province guard of demons. So when he tells you his demon hordes are coming for you it's pretty underwhelming when its actually some humans almost identical to your own army. Ditto for the dragon master. So fighting each AI enemy is much the same as fighting every other one, destroying the atmosphere and reducing variety. After playing a lot of both Eador and Heroes VI, Heroes VI is better paced, more exciting and offers more variety. It's a lot more fun struggling to defeat enemy heroes and armies in Heroes than grinding away at earning enough gold to be able to beat a province guard in Eador.

Hornybull, Jul 14, 2013

The game suffers from many bugs, they've also managed to rip off "Warlock master of the arcane" quit nicely without any law suits. The idea of having multiple islands is good, but overall there isn't much originality. They also ban all negative reviews from steam. As I say to any company that bans negative reviews in public places... DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! The mere fact that they ban negative reviews instead of coming back and saying that they improved the game merely shows that they only care about making money from it.