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East India Company In East India Company, players enjoy building the World's most powerful trading empire and engaging in fierce battles in both single player and multiplayer modes. Players fight, manage and rule their trading empires from Europe to the Far East with eight nationalities to choose from: British, Dutch, French, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian or Spanish. Starting modestly, you build your fleet, establish connections to far away countries, and keep rival nations at bay. Choose from a wide array of ship classes, including a variety of transport and military vessels. Create diverse fleets and assign each of them specific trading routes. Control and upgrade well situated ports as you form your strategy for domination. Conflicts and wars are inevitable. When hostile fleets engage each other, the spectacular naval battles are fought on a real-time tactical level. Devastating broadsides are fired with a deafening roar and cannon balls tear through enemy ships and their crew. For greater tactical depth, you can, at any point, take direct command of any of your ships and feel the battle close up! Fight against the other European powers to create a trading empire that will rule above all others in this groundbreaking strategy game. [Lighthouse Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1420
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, General
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Nitro Games
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East India Company reviews ( 6 )

LeonardoBianco, Sep 12, 2009

I dont know why are you giving this note for a great game! I think the user that gave it a note bellow 7 must do not know how to play it! I trully get addicted since I get this game. One of the best Economy- Strategy games I've played since Anno 1404 Dawn of Discovery!

?ukasz, Aug 14, 2009

Reviews in here don't do justice to this excellent game. After three patches almost all the annoyances the game is getting bad rep for are gone and what remains is sheer pleasure of managing a trading empire on strategic level with breaks for enjoyable and wonderfully looking tactical level battles. This is the kind of a game you can't stop playing.

LysanderS, Dec 9, 2009

A disappointment to say the least. Could have been some very fun combat and trading, but this is offset by terrible interfaces, horrible controls, huge amounts of micro-management when in battle, sickening camera controls, daft AI, and a huge amount of bugs. There's still fun to be had, but not much of a lasting appeal.

razornetout, Jun 26, 2013

My experience with this game was being somewhat positive, until the problems started to show up. To begin with, the tutorials should be more complete, there're many details that aren't mentioned and you have to learn through trial and error. I can live with that, after all, whoever lived in the 80's knows what is to bear the fact that there wasn't such thing besides the manuals. In the beggining it's easy to administrate things but after a while you realize that the game simply begs for tools that could help with some micromanagement tasks, after all, it won't take long until you have to control several fleets. Even THAT is tolerable. The biggest problem with this game are the frequent crashes, that brings the game down even if it's fully updated. They usually happen after you win a battle and is eager to loot the goods, which is something that brings frustration in double. Overall, I noticed that it's the kind of game that breaks your legs once you're reaching the top of the curve of satisfaction. I bought it with good discount but I really don't recommend to anyone.

J.J, Aug 1, 2009

This game could have been great. It's a great concept and the art is beautiful. They had the funding and the assets. The game designers dropped the ball and you wind up with a disappointment instead of the classic it could have been. For example, tactical battles are where the fun should be in this game, but when you get into tactical battle mode, there is no time scale slider, you spend 20-30 minutes chasing ships across boring stretches of water, just trying to catch them. Painfully slow. And then there's the "multiplayer". There's all this rich beautiful world with pirates and trading and diplomacy, and all they offer for "multiplayer" is tactical mode deathmatch where you spend hours chasing each other across boring stretches of ocean until someone gets tired of it and stops so that the other player can sink him. That's it. No co-op campaign, no multiplayer competitive campaign, nothing resembling the potential that could have been delivered. Disappointment.

TRoyS., Aug 2, 2009

I can't even get the game to start. I get a message, "The game is currently not available. Please try again Later". Same BS I get everytime I purchase a game from Steam. Do not purchase this online. way to many bugs and issues.