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Echo Arena In Echo Arena, you’ll join a team of up to two other players and face off against the competition in a zero-gravity clash of robotic glory as you glide, boost, and punch your way to scoring goals in a breathtaking virtual arena.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 774
Genre Sports, Futuristic, Team
Company / Developer
Ready at Dawn / Ready at Dawn

Echo Arena reviews ( 4 )

Bubblewrap, Aug 4, 2017

This is not not only the best game I have played on VR, but also the most fun I had a in a multiplayer game since the original Duke Nukem. The mechanics are very simple, but there is definitely enough depth to keep you interested. Graphics are adequately polished, locomotion is perfectly solved, there is no nausea whatsoever and the community is very friendly and helpful when you have any questions. However, what makes this really special is is the combination of an incredibly immersive experience with exciting online sports.

Boredpirate, Aug 3, 2017

Hey you! Want to play a fast-paced, beautiful, tense Esport that draws to mind the training exercises from Ender's Game? Without any motion sickness? Which is completely free until 3 months after launch, with no microtransactions? Of course you do! Echo Area is that game.

greatest, Jul 29, 2017

This is the best game I have played on VR. Exactly what I was hoping to experience in the medium! The competitive nature combined with the disorienting nature of zero gravity, its a perfect storm for wild fun and spontaneous moments of delight and frustration!

knutsi, Jan 22, 2018

This is about as good as it gets in VR gaming, and it's really good. In this game you are weightless and largely move around by grabbing surfaces (and players). This simple mechanic requires skill to be precise, and provides foundations for a fantastic team sport experience. Add a vibrant community, default tendency for always-on microphones and expressive avatar, and you have an explosive combination that can keep you occupied for a really long time. It feel fantastic to progress, and it feels like you are developing skills rather than learning mechanisms (unlike many other games). Cannot recommend it enough, and also a update is headed it's way in just a few weeks to add combat. All VR headset owners should play this.