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Eidolon A narrative exploration game located in a massive, post-human Western Washington. Navigate an open world that has been reclaimed by nature. Use journals, letters, zines, and other documents to learn the interconnected stories of the people who lived here once.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1128
Genre Fantasy, Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Ice Water Games / Ice Water Games
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Eidolon reviews ( 7 )

stuffisgoodin, Dec 27, 2014

I'm just making a review to counteract the negative reviews, because it doesn't deserve such a low rating, it's very cool in a slow methodical way. Now the rest of this rating will

koolkidzswagger, Sep 22, 2014

I made an account because I saw the low review score and I HAD to change that, this is my first review so here it goes! This game isn't super heavy on survival mechanics, but it's there, there is hunting, fishing, starving, freezing, infection, all that good stuff but they aren't super complex mechanics, they are there, but in their simplest form. The critics are freakin' idiots, I saw a review here that said they probably expected a survival game, no, this game is more story based than anything else, the lore is REALLY well written. The only small downer is that the game assets are kind of limited, but the developers are working on that, and will add more models, lore and location (the world itself takes several hours to cross,if you don't explore and going in one direction. that's HUGE). I really enjoyed this game, a ton, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't listen to the idiot critics, they clearly didn't spend enough time with the game and that's just straight up unprofessional. I'm gonna make my friend make an account for this game just to review it, LOL, the game deserves a way better score.

Guan020, Dec 6, 2014

This is a Marmite game - you'll either love it or think it's a waste of space. Personally I love it - I find it absolutely enthralling. Initially it appears as a survival game, where you have to forage in a simple but beautiful wilderness of forested hills, lakes and rivers. However, you begin to find narrative (and other) clues to a series of events in the past, which steadily builds into a compelling story. This is beautifully atmospheric and mysterious, but not fast-paced. If you want a fast-twitch game, avoid this, but if you enjoy patiently unravelling an absorbing tale, then it's an excellent buy.

Daswagmasta, Sep 22, 2014

I really like this game, my friend told me about it and it sounded cool, so I bought it. He told me about the score of the game and I felt it was a little too low... Not disappointing so far, cool game. Only downside is that there is a ton of walking, but that's alright because the world is beautiful! I especially like the music, it's really amazing. Look up Eidolon ost on youtube.

Isak, Sep 20, 2014

This game is a masterpiece from every aspect. The mystery surrounding where and who you are are enough to make this journey a truly thrilling ride from start to finsih. The graphics are truly next-gen.

JackLondon, Aug 8, 2014

If you sit down with an open mind, Eidolon will find you. This game will not make rules, or explain anything, what may be repulsive for some, but very appealing for most, who got bored of today's soulless blockbusters.

SQLDiablo, Jan 1, 2015

I just don't see what everyone else sees in this game. It's a gigantic world, yes. It has some nice soothing atmospheric music, yes. There are even some interesting visuals, despite the lack of any textures better than Minecraft quality. I feel like this is an unfinished game by a college student and not a professional release by an independent studio. I'm glad that I got this game as part of a Humble Bundle, or else I would be mourning the money I spent. I think I see what the creators were trying to do, but the execution just isn't there. The world is actually much too large (unless there were some kind of directionhuidance given beyond a crude map and compass that endlessly leave you lost). The hunting and fishing aspects of the game are a joke. The HUDwatchinventory system is somewhat interesting, but it and many of the pages you collect and read hint at beacons that could possibly be cool, but I feel like I'd be long dead (IRL) before I ever get to that part of the game. Ultimately, you just run around endlessly, pretty sure that you have no idea what you're doing, and there is very little reward (pages that advance the story) for your efforts. If I were the creators of this game, I would look into providing more subtle direction for the player, refining the visuals, and perhaps even shrinking the map. All of this would lead to a better game play experience. In its current state, I can't recommend this game, and I suggest saving your money for something better.