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Elemental: War of Magic Elemental is a fantasy strategy game set on a world filled with magic and ancient lore.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1241
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Stardock / Stardock

Elemental: War of Magic reviews ( 6 )

kaiosyne, Aug 24, 2010

Well alright, it seems I have the first review status, and I will say that it feels great. But you want to know about this game, and I shall oblige. First, let me say that I played Master of Magic back in the days of Microprose, and this game is not Master of Magic. There are hints of Age of Wonders, smatterings of Civilization 4, a bit of Galactic Civilizations, among others. The list of things that this game does right is too long, so let me just say this: this game is fun, if you are into the genre. I played a bit of the campaign mode to learn how to play, and I had picked up the concepts and whatnot within the first 100 turns. I then started a 'sandbox' style game, played long enough to lose a moderate force to a goody hut and tried to load an autosave and the game crashed. So now I am writing a review. The GUI needs patching in this game, several times I noticed stuff from behind the book window thing superimposed with it, nothing major. It SEEMS to me that the game WILL need patching, and if you happened to pirate it, you will not be getting the patch for quite some time, since it is a Stardock game ( you have to patch it with their steamoid Impulse software thingy.) I recommend this game highly, if you like turn-based strategy games like Civilization 4 or Age of Wonders, this game is for you.

Decho, Aug 31, 2010

There are, with the current patches, still a few bugs. However, considering Stardock's track record and the patches so far I'm sure these will be resolved son. The game itself is fantastic, masterfully combining RPG elements with classic 4X game-play. While there is room for improvement, I am sure that the full potential will be realised, going on what Stardock have outlined as content for patches, hence the high score. If you enjoyed Galactic Civilizations, then you will enjoy this.

refdxf, Jul 7, 2012

Stardock is a great company. Hands down. They made some mistakes with Elemental, but they worked on it. They develop with passion. They responded to users concerns and fixed them. They even went so far as to give their sequel to customers who bought War of Magic at the launch. I would definitely return to them and look forward to any game they release.

salarus, Sep 4, 2010

Having been a 4X gamer for many years, this game has come with bitter disappointment. A horrible UI, ranking up there with Space Empires 5, is the first of many failings in this games overall design. I could go into all of the bugs, tutorial and graphics as so many others have, but I will not. Simply, the reason this game fails on such a massive level is it's just not fun. When playing SEV, Civ, GalCiv and others I must fight the urge to play for that next turn...but here, I simply just don't care. I'm sure the game will improve as time goes on, but after spending $50, I've gotten a half finished mess and has completely ruined this experience. I urge everyone to not get this game until it's either fixed or bargain binned.

Hyperwolf, Sep 9, 2010

So I bought this game the day it came out, super excited. I played it for about 30 hours so far. And then I stopped, because to be honest this is one of the buggiest games I've played on my PC for a long time. My masochistic side forced me to keep playing through at least 50 CTD, and innumerable slow downs. Game would start out fast and just get slower and slower to respond every time I ended a turn. Things I should be able to click on, couldn't be. graphics would glitch. Combat would get stuck and require wildly clicking on your character to resolve remaining attacks. The list does go on and on. The AI is really quite stupid, and sometimes just downright crazily overpowered with wandering mobs running around with scores of over 9000.. (yes it's a pun, but also true) As someone to whom this game was like all the things I wanted in a game packaged up, I was willing to overlook a lot of problems, and I did. But ultimately sticking it out that long just convinced me that I wasted my money, and that the game is just ... well it's bad. Sorry guys. You tried to be everything to everyone, and the lack of focus really shines through.

starbuck, Sep 4, 2010

Unfinished and broken. It's unplayable at the moment. Crashes every now and then.. No Introduction. The graphics look old but nice, but i really don't know why this game is so hardware-hungry. No Multiplayer since release till now (04.09.2010). This game should not have been released till next year. I assume that all the good reviews are from fanboys of stardock, but if you have a look at the game-forum you will see that even that fanboys state many shortcomings of the game, but have the undeviating belief that we will get some updates in the future that qualify the good reviews they gave. Stardock has a very active community and that's probably why so many positive reviews were given. I hope their belief will come true and the game will be playable and entertaining sometime. Yet it's a long way to go there...