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Eleusis Eleusis is a 3d first-person adventure game for Windows developed by Nocturnal Works. It takes place in a seemingly abandoned village in Greece where the player character, while trying to seek refuge, finds himself in the center of a whirlwind of mysterious events. As the plot unfolds he finds clues that indicate that the village is a nest of a cult which plans to revive a dark force through an ancient ritual and harness its power. The player character faces the challenge of unlocking the forgotten knowledge of the ancient mysteries in order to stop the cult from accomplishing their goal. It is an exploration based adventure game where the player is called to solve the mystery by finding clues and reading various texts based on actual history, mythology and technology of ancient Greece.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 51 / 100
User rating
Downloads 955
Genre Action Adventure, Adventure, Sci-Fi, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Nocturnal Works / Nocturnal Works

Eleusis reviews ( 5 )

StrangeWorld, Mar 19, 2014

Grandissima atmosfera e comparto tecnico di rilievo, che immerge il giocatore in scenari notturni suggestivi e paesaggi inquietanti. Qualche difetto, come pessimo il sistema di salvataggio a checkpoint e l'introduzione di inutili e mal fatte parti action, non pregiudica troppo un'esperienza sicuramente interessante e da provare.

miked007, Jun 17, 2013

pretty good game imo, i personally enjoyed it more than some of the other more talked about 'survival horrors' out right now, it is a relatively short game but has a decent story and gameplay, however if you decide to get this game get the original and not the latest 1.2 update that added wolves to the game, all that really did is made a good game frustrating.

Storm1672, Jun 27, 2014

The fact that this game was made by just 3 people is amazing. It stand up to par with Outlast and Amnesia. It matches the level of Amnesia's atmosphere and has a much better script than Outlast. It spits right in the face of Daylight. If you want to live a mystery in a secluded, mountainous, greek village, definetely check it out. If you are experienced in this genre, you will oversee its flaws more easily and its looks are gonna help you do that. It didn't look very promising, but delivered quite much. It certainly has its flaws, but it stands above mediocrity with a well thought story and excellent atmosphere. The action isn't good and the AI is terrible, but you can switch it off. It has excellent audio and quite nice level design. Kudos to the team behind it. Give us a sequel.

neout, Aug 23, 2014

not so bad, especially for an indie game... yeah, the game is short, there are some visual bugs, sometimes it is hard to solve some puzzle (without solution), but it is fresh idea - using fps engine to make adventure game, it has great atmosphere - most of time keeps you in tense and it had rather nice graphics, story is also not so bad and most puzzles are logical :)

asdgqw23, Jul 7, 2013

Eleusis aka Backtracking The Game. At first it looks very awesome and atmospheric game, atmospheric it is indeed. Then you find out that you have no idea what you're supposed to do. You have to jump around like an idiot and hope that you have found every item. If not, go jumping back. Compared to Amnesia, this game is not very player friendly. I lost my interest to it completely when I noticed, that you can't save the game. You have to play same parts again and again or you must have balls to solve puzzles and get new checkpoint. In addition when you get stuck in every tree and slope, it will ruin your day easily.