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Elite: Dangerous The next game in the Elite series - a space epic with fully multi-player. Carve your own path through a rich gaming sandbox, set against a backdrop of raw anarchy, galactic powerplays and intrigue. Do whatever it takes to upgrade your ship’s hull, engines, weapons, defences, cargo hold; constantly improve your capabilities and influence on your journey towards the most coveted rank in the history of gaming - ‘Elite’.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 15019
Genre Sci-Fi, Large Spaceship, Simulation, Space, Civilian
Company / Developer
Frontier Developments / Frontier Developments
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Elite: Dangerous reviews ( 6 )

earphrone, Feb 15, 2015

I've been waiting since Beta and bought on release. This is a game that will not appeal to all. If you need to win or be told what to do, where to go then dont come. If you get bored easily, then spend your money elsewhere. Absolutely no spoon-feeding here. This game wont treat you like an idiot.

djemergenc, Dec 21, 2014

I could never go back to any other space game. I used to play Star Conflict before I found out about Elite. This game is just too good, especially for those with VR. It can only get better from here.

Zargor, Dec 16, 2014

Elite is back! New, upgraded and shiny but at the core it's still Elite - you, your ship and the universe of possibilities. As per 2.07 (last pre-launch update) it feels good, looks better and plays great. The foundation is very solid and it can get only better with the promised development after release that will continue to expand the base of the game while also working on major expansions like planetary landings and first person. The latest fixes during Beta and Gamma have done an excellent job to improve the stability and overall balance of the game. Trading is finally fixed and logical again, combat feels great. No issues with the netcode (for me) and overall an excellent experience. Mind though - this game isn't easy and doesn't hold your hand - your actions have consequences and there is no magic immunity nets. Live fast, die hard! In addition, Frontier Developments have shown to be a great company, constantly hearing and answering their customers and changing the game to suit people's requests. Many times features or fixes requested in the forums have "magically" appeared in the game showing that the guys at Frontier actually do really care about our opinions - this also corroborated by some of the senior Frontier staff frequently posting and engaging in debates and clarifications with the players.

glasmex, Jan 6, 2015

Immersion in space is the best around, especially with a trackIR or DK2. Combat and dogfight is engaging and complex enough to savor it while at the same time not being overwhelmingly complicated. Playing with my friends has been a blast so far. There are some issues with netcode but nothing that prevented us to hunt Anacondas or interdict cargo ships together all day long.

toramo, Dec 16, 2014

Hello commanders ! This Elite Dangerous is a really cool game. I already spent a lot of time on beta/ gamma. Pro Immersion ! Exploration, trade, fight, mining, Each module is working really nicely and the bunch of ships available deserve it ! And there is of course a tons of mission relative to your stuff and specialization. Buy & stuff your ship to specialize it or keep it versatile, it is your choice :) Everything is working fine and there is a lot to discover in the game. Cons: Multiplayer !!!!!!!! seriously this game is sold as an 'MMO' like game but actually there is absolutely nothing to do with your friends. It is really hard to meet friends (you don't know where they are) and even more hard to try to do something with them... No coop mission, no PVE (except conflict zone but it is really boring), no convoy escort for example etc... Just don't buy it if you don't like to play Solo, wait for early next year, the multiplayer part called "wings" will be added. -3 points because of this, it looks unacceptable to sold a multiplayer game without multiplayer stuff !! Otherwise, all good !

Pannon, Dec 26, 2015

The gamer site reviews reflect the score, that has hopes and wishful thinking has attached to it. If you read them, note the date of the review. They reviewed the game not long after it was released and the game has (had) a huge potential to become something much bigger. The reviewers gave the high scores for high hopes. A year later, the game barely changed, beside a few additional features, which ultimately just gave the game more grind, instead of adding meaningful content. If you play it for a few hours you get the vibe, that you may have to do a lot of things to progress anywhere, and perhaps you get excited, just thinking about the endless possibilities and options and choices. Give it another 10 hours, and your entire gameplay consist of preparing to start to play the game and waiting for that moment, when you start really playing. Unfortunately, that moment never comes. What you do in your first hour, is what you will do for the rest of the time. Either trade back/forth between stations, which consist of taking off, traveling - loading screen -traveling - landing, or fighting endlessly spawning enemy ships, which change absolutely nothing, whether it comes factions or affiliations of various powers. All the other ships you may see as traffic is nothing else, but background filler. They serve no purpose or function, beside they are giving the illusion of "things happening". You can actually test this by trying to follow a ship, which will end up traveling somewhere infinitely, or landing at an non particular space station, and then taking off and doing over and over, without selling something or fighting. You can also test, that whether those ships you blow up makes any difference to their faction or base. They do nothing. Eventually, you will realise, that the entire universe is created for you, and outside of your visual radius, nothing really goes on, and everything ceases to exist as soon you leave. Unidentified signals sources pop up for you randomly, if you fly slow and their content isn't determined, until you stop to investigate by dropping out of hyperspace. Sound effects is great. That's why I'm giving it a 4. If nobody else, then it's the sound team, that perhaps did their best to make something. I see, a lot of people praising graphics. I don't see it that way. It's not hard to draw space and place objects floating in it.It's much harder to create Earth based fantasy worlds or actual locations with buildings, vegetation. I can't give more than 4, and if I would not consider the sound and music, this game is maybe a 2.