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Ember A passion project 10 years in the making, Ember is a homage to classic role-playing games (RPG). Enter the world of Ember as a resurrected Lightbringer summoned to protect the dying Embers as the world is on the brink of collapse. Beginning in the Deep Barrows, traverse vast environments divided between above ground and underground realms ranging from lush forests to dry deserts and dark abysses to reach the City of Light. See how the story unfolds through encounters with strangers by making pivotal decisions about your own destiny.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1265
Genre Role-Playing, Western-Style
Company / Developer
505 Games / N-Fusion Interactive Entertainment Corp.
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Ember reviews ( 6 )

Seno12, Oct 31, 2016

Fantastic fantasy isometric RPG, game is a mix of Baldur's gate, Diablo, Pillars Of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin, Graphic is Great, and it's a Damn steal for that price, on Steam and Gog :)

Rounderone, Sep 26, 2016

This game is OUTSTANDING. Artwork, sound, combat, interesting story, NO GLITCHES. I never leave reviews but this game is so uniquely good I had to do it this time. I would!D have been willing to pay a lot more money for a game like this. Hopefully there will be add-ons or sequels. Keep up the good work Ember creators!!!

destinyfan1, Jan 28, 2017

Ember isn't a masterpiece but does mush better then other rpg's with great combat, story and crafting but the enviroments look like they are stolen from other rpg's and the game is somethimes boring but overral very good

MasterBata, Sep 25, 2016

This is a nice 20-25 hour RPG game. While it is limited in terms of number of skills and items, it all seems to be quite well balanced. Everything seems to be just about right. Not too many side quests, not too few either. Enemies are powerful enough to give you some challenge all the way throughout gameplay, but are not overpowering. I just wish there were some good items to be gained from questing and monster killing. Because all the good stuff (well most of it) can be easily crafted. To be honest, this game is nothing special. But for some reason, it made me want to complete all the side and main quests. Which I can't say about any recent AAA titles...

Greeensky, Sep 24, 2016

It's a pretty pleasurable to play hack'n'slash, you can play either mage, archer or warrior, there is no ability tree, all the abilities are gained from items, which is an interesting way, even if not exactly functioning. Basically a character can have 3 skills and each skill costs energy, problem is ... that energy is not regenerating, you have to either take a nap every encounter (in the beginning one group of enemies will force you to deplete your energy ...) or drink some potions, which are relatively difficult to come by, unless you have enough plants to craft a potion. The game also puts a lot of importance on crafting, the "lightbringer" can basically craft anything, helmet, chest, sword, bow, staff etc., as long as you find/buy the recipe of course. What I liked most about the game were the side quests, somehow they were pleasurable enough for me to complete all of them, even if they proved to be a pain in the ass ... Combat is challenging, especially in the beginning, but the longer you play, the easier it gets as they say. I honestly don't know why I finished the game, it didn't feel special in any way and yet it was pleasurable enough not to just quit and forget about, I was on a quest to save the embers and that's what I had to do!

Thilus, Nov 10, 2016

Ember is a game that has a simplistic side to it. The story is simplistic. The leveling system is simplistic. The crafting is simplistic. Even the combat system is simplistic. Yet, at the very same time, the game is very absorbing, and has a real charm. The gameplay is a little rough around the edges. You can feel that this is a mobile port, which means a lot of clicking and drag'n'dropping which was probably much easier on iPad than it is with a mouse. This makes combat more than a little clanky and unintuitive. I suppose that on mobile devices it could have been a smash hit, but on PC it's "just" one of those RPGs that you'll play for 20+ hours and then move on to something more challenging. It is hard to define what makes this game so likable, but it has a "soul" that is difficult to come by these days in modern AAA games industry. Ember is surely well-worth its asking price