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Emerald City Confidential Work with the world's most cunning detective in the shadowy underbelly of the Emerald City of Oz! As Petra, you'll be lured deep into mysteries involving new foes and familiar faces; Scarecrow, Lion, Dorothy and Toto included. This is Oz as you've never seen it before! Solve your detective's quest and unravel a conspiracy of magic and intrigue! Follow a case through five chapters full of puzzles, witnesses, suspects, and allies. [PlayFirst]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1360
Genre Adventure, 3D, Fantasy, Third-Person
Company / Developer
PlayFirst / Wadjet Eye Games
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Emerald City Confidential reviews ( 4 )

EricLeS, Jul 8, 2009

Really great game. My 7 year old daughter just finished it and she loved it! From a grown-up perspective, the voice talent is outstanding. The puzzles are just the right level of difficulty for my girl: she only needed my help a few times.

overfiend87, Aug 7, 2013

Quite a fun game, also worked on by Wadjeteye Games and it is interesting when they do with the wizard of Oz lore. I quite enjoyed this and it's a nice short adventure game that I recommend to most anyone willing to have a go with it, not ot mention it's quite cheap and easy to find online.

sakij, Dec 30, 2009

this is one of the best adventure games i have played since day of the tentacle, it has one of the greatest detective stories in the first 3 acts, unfortunately towards the end they give up the noir detective story for an all fantasy ending, in the first half the fantasy setting seems like a cover, like they wrote a m rated story and then changed key phrases and changed them to fantasy things, drugs to magic and such, the puzzles are nothing to write home about, but it does make the entire thing smooth, you are never stuck and the you constantly feel like you're making progress, i can only recommend this game, its an amazing story that should be experienced, i only wished they would have kept the noir feel true out the entire game.

eTurkey, Feb 10, 2012

There's no place like home. Just not at home playing this game. *sigh* I am downright furious. Emerald City Confidential had all the makings of a really enjoyable point-and-click adventure title but it is one of my biggest video game disappointments. The storyline was fantastic, the voice acting was great and the music was fine. The puzzles on the other hand. WTF. It's almost like the developer (Dave Gilbert) forgot to include them. And there isn't a save game function which can be quite annoying at times. Wasted potential in my mind.