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Empire Earth From the lead designer of Age of EmpiresВ® comes Empire EarthTM a real-time strategy game that lets you control the destiny of a fledgling civilization through 500,000 years of human history. Choose any point in time and establish a civilization to transcend the ages and dominate the earth. [Sierra]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2184
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment / Stainless Steel Studios

Empire Earth reviews ( 6 )

Mikester7, May 19, 2011

I grew up with RTS games such as this as well as Age of Empires II. Empire Earth and Age of Empires have their similarites, but I believe they are quite different games. The campaigns of Empire Earth are historically accurate and a bunch of fun to play. Skirmish mode is great too. If you enjoy slower paced RTS games than Empire Earth is a game that is certainly worth buying, if not, then try Age of Empires. Either way this is up there on the best RTS games ever list.

Cgarater, Nov 24, 2010

Good Game, I liked Like Civilization. I tried once in normal and then I used some cheats I found on the net, Awesome Experience... Definitely one that you NEED to have on your gaming collection

nestoryavith, Jun 22, 2017

I love this game not only because it's a legendary strategy game that offers amazing freedom for even the creative and exploring minds but it's also an amazingly progressive game. Moving on from age to age is a wonder to see happen and the constant feuds between capitals is amazing. I played it for hours without sleep or getting tired. Genius really.

iseeall, Jul 29, 2013

A good game. Actually, it's just like Age of Empires, but with a much much bigger tech tree, multiple tech epochs and 3D graphics. It's all classics of the RTS genre

Alex_93, Jun 18, 2012

This game was pretty good.The evolution from Stone Age to the Nano Age seemed an innovative idea. Unfortunately, the gameplay is copied from Age of Empires.No civilization, there is only one that collect bonuses.Campaigns are boring, the stories do not attract.The downside is the graphics, though it is 3D, you can not rotate camera.And the units are unfinished and square. I'm also bothered by mixing cultures, ex: in the Dark Ages find legionaries,barbarians and Persians together in the barracks.I am bothered by the fact that in the Nano Age, people still cut trees with axes and still use Pickaxe. Instead, the matches are spectacular in skirmish and multiplayer.

Junuxx, Sep 6, 2010

Painful and slow gameplay make it incomprehensible that this game actually came after Age of Empires I. To me it feels like a primitive predecessor of that classic game in every way.