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Enclave In an age long past, the rift was formed, decisively separating the lands of light and the plains of darkness by an impassable chasm. Over time the Enclave of light grew strong and prosperous, while those confined to war-ravaged plains of the outlands harbored nothing but hatred and jealousy. Now, after hundreds of years, the rift is closing, and it is only a matter of time before a full-scale war erupts. Enter the fantasy universe of Enclave where the eternal struggle between good and evil rages, and your actions will determine the fate of a nation. [Vivendi Universal]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2053
Genre Action Adventure, Fantasy, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
VU Games / Starbreeze
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Enclave reviews ( 6 )

Anotherandomnes, Oct 4, 2013

A great game that reminds me why I love the action/adventure genre. The graphics are great, the premise is unique, the gameplay is solid, and there's a sense of exploration from trying to find the hidden stashes of gold.

Rennn, Oct 4, 2013

This is an underrated gem. The controls are fixed (compared to the Xbox version), and that improves the game overall, leaving intact the excellent level design, physics, graphics, and gameplay that already grace the PC version.

Squeze, Feb 5, 2015

This game is quite old, and yes, it crashes sometimes (Actually now seems fixed by removing v sync) frame rate is embarassing same is the camera angle, but still I think the game itself is quite enjoyable: Many characters to play with, many weapons, 2 different campaigns. The graphics are not that bad for a game of more than 10 years ago, and some effects and plot twists are almost surprising. It has even the right level of difficulty. In particular, it is damn hard to find all the coins in all levels, but doing so is unsuitable and annoying 'cause of backtracking. I am actually enjoying playing it again after so much time. It was one of the first game in bought as a 11 years old :') Totally worth it for 1 $ on Steam (actually 0,65 € in my country).

JohnM., Nov 26, 2007

I would've given this a solid 8 if not for the typical lazy console port job. Lack of any sort of quicksave is inexcusable on PC, and these days it shouldn't be tolerated on consoles either. I'll never understand the stupidity of most console developers. Which one of these ruins the immersiveness and flow of a game more: being able to hit F5 to save anywhere you want, then F7 to load, or having to replay the exact same level, doing the exact same thing, over and over until you hit some checkpoint or end the level? Pretty obvious to me.

PrincessRose, Oct 6, 2015

A game that is surprisingly enjoyable even though old with ugly old graphics. Not bad at all for a game I got for 50cents. If you don't mind ugly graphics and rather sub par combat you're likely to enjoy it. Has a variety of characters that you can play each mission with though at first you only start with 1 character and get more as you progress. It's important to collect as much gold as possible as in between missions you use it to upgrade characters with better weapons and armour. And there are two campaigns to play light and dark. Swapping weapons is so slow. And blocking doesn't seem to work well. Sure it's not perfect but I still find it fun and enjoyable. It's still an ok game better than some triple A titles.

Jok`RdeMo, Mar 22, 2003

One word - CONSOLE. If you like PS2 or X-BOX, then U will like this, but every self respecting PC gamer will hate this game. I gave it one point only because of graphics, everything else sux.