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Endless Legend Endless Legend is a 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game by the creators of Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless. Create your own Legend.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4684
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General, 4X
Company / Developer
Iceberg Interactive , Amplitude Studios / Amplitude Studios

Endless Legend reviews ( 7 )

BlackW, Oct 31, 2014

If you're looking for something new and fresh in the 4x genre or strategy games in general, you will not be disappointed. This is truly a gem of a game. It boasts a beautiful UI, streamlined game play, fresh approach to combat, depth in gameplay, 8 UNIQUE factions, gorgeous campaign map, that will have you hooked. I've been playing PC based strategy games for almost two decades now, and have played almost every major game you can name. With so many disappointing releases lately from AAA franchises this is truly one game you should get your hands on. While not perfect, this small Indie company is fully supporting their game with a very open dialogue with their community. This game made me create an account and post my positive review.

DMT, Sep 18, 2014

After loving Endless Space I am loving the lore on Auriga!! :) Amplitude really have made a much bigger game now and if they support it and add so much FREE DLC like they did to flavour and expand Endless Space then this could be a classic! Civ BE look out!!

Propbuddha, Sep 18, 2014

Endless Legend is a fresh take on the "4X" genre with original (yet familiar) factions, beautiful graphics and great game play. Highly recommended to turn-based strategy fans who are looking to lose 100s of hours in a fantasy setting.

Doc_Hopwood, Nov 28, 2014

Endless Legend is what I thought I was buying when I got Civilization: Beyond Earth. It's a great 4X game with a lot of evident work put in. The factions are very different and dramatically change your playstyles and priorities to a point that a playthrough as the "Broken Lords" is entirely different from a playthrough as the "Roving Clans". Your units and heroes are customizable though you are limited by your faction to certain types... with that said you can also conquer other minor factions, absorb them, then customize their units to fill any gaps in your armies. There are several different minor factions too so it feels pretty well filled out. You expand your cities by building them out.. so it's a pretty neat system where as your population expands a la Civilization you don't get an expansion in your influence area but instead are able to build additions to sprawl your city out to utilize more resources. Kind of a neat twist on the Civilization system of expansion. If I had to try to chop away at enthusiasm for this game I'd say you need a decent machine to run it because in the later stages of the game it can get pretty hard on your system resources, even chugging some systems to a complete halt and prevent you from finishing the game. I'd also say the graphics are... I don't know... not dated but maybe just a little bland? All in all if you're a 4x strategy fan and dig the fantasy setting then this is the game you're supposed to buy this year.

Koblihozrout, Sep 21, 2014

Wonderfully designed 4x turn based civ like game. It does almost everything right. It has clever 1_city per region mechanic, which prevents city spam. It has adequate expansion rush drawbacks. You can’t build and research everything, you have to make decisions. And the quest and hero mechanics are also well done. The only (but quite huge) drawback the game has is AI. It’s simply bad, I've finished my second game run (I stared with one race, played for two hours, then decided to restart with another race) on impossible difficulty (2nd most difficult) and I wasn’t even challenged. I’m afraid this issue will not be fixed, the game is too complex for dev’s to make competent AI. It’s quite an indie title, and even Civ 5 dev’s couldn’t handle AI. They can scale up AI bonuses, to make it cheat, but that’s not really a solution. 8/10

Game_Addict, Oct 17, 2014

There's so much about this game that's good, and I hope the devs can fix the bugs so it's a game that everyone can enjoy. But I've got to reiterate what some of the other reviews say about this being an unfinished game. After a few days of playing I've had maybe 30 "errors" and crashes. If I'm playing a beta version of a game pay me to test it, don't ask me to pay to play!

TsukasaHiiragi, Jan 9, 2015

Be extremely careful with Endless Legend, for many people the game simply does NOT work. There are considerable posts in the Amplitude and Steam forums about the game not loading, or crashing constantly. I myself have not been able to play the game at all as it always crashes on world generation. All the countless responses and workarounds never worked for me, and indeed for many others. I would love to actually play this game and give it a fair review but after trying in vain, the game simply never worked and I gave up - so anyone reading the reviews, or thinking about getting Endless Legend - be warned that this game does have significant issues and may not work for your system.