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Endless Space 2 The sequel to Endless Space. Endless Space 2 is turn-based, 4X space-strategy that will put you in the role of a leader guiding his civilization in making its first steps into the cold depths of interstellar space. Your Vision. Their Future.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1770
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, 4X
Company / Developer
SegaSoft , Sega , Amplitude Studios / Amplitude Studios

Endless Space 2 reviews ( 7 )

Gmfeier, Nov 28, 2017

This is the MoO II replacement I have been waiting for for 20 years. It expands on MoO II in every area. It's a new game and will surely improve over time, but it already has a much better combat AI than Civilization VI. It does have a steep learning curve and the UI could use some work, but the combat graphics are impressive. The "Just one more turn" factor is as high as in any game I have ever played.

BlackForest, May 31, 2017

Endless Space 2 is a great game tha underwent dramatic changes during its early release. Amplitude studios is one of the best listening to player feedback and they duly drop nonsense mechanics like hard forced truces or the underwhelming initial tree. In ES2 you pick one alian race with unique art and history. Every faction plays asymetrically and that adds greatly to the replayability. The gameplay is similar to 4x space strategy game: planet colonization, ship design, flotillas vombat, exploration etc The game is not perfect and it would be a 9 more than a 10 but I'd like to compensate for the unfair reviews in my opinion. My biggest flaw would be the combat, by far the weakest point in Amplitude games. The developers have tried to innovate which results in some interesting new mechanics and some more quirky than necessary. Among the novelties there is a new political system which is essential to manage to get powerful wide policy. Another innovation is the ability to mod the game AI called ENFER As usual the art, music and writing is superb. Endless games trademark is meaningful quests which add a lot of flavour to the game. I have beat endless difficulty after 100 hours of gameplay which was very satisfying. In the higher difficulties the AI have unfair advantages as usual but it offers a nice challenge. My biggest complaint in ES1 was that there were too many ships and that has been fixed in ES2. I consider Amplitude Studios productivity very high. They had a buggy day 0 release but quickly patch after only 1 day. All in all a must have for strategy enthusiasts

Eysteinh, May 21, 2017

Endless space 2 is complex yet accessible, It has amazing lore, soundtrack, artwork and 4x mechanism. It is supported by developers with a track record for listening to its community and inviting feedback (games2gether platform.) In short Endless space 2 is the best 4x game (base game compared with base game of other 4x games) I have played in 25 years of 4x gaming. For me it is only lacking a good hall of fame system (Hopefully coming) yet I cant bring myself to give it any other score than 10/10 when compared with the other games historically and currently available in the 4x genre.

potaeto, Jun 25, 2017

I like this game but it's buggy and unstable. If the writers and creative content people from this game teamed up with the engineers from Stellaris, they would have made a masterpiece. Overall, I still like this better than Stellaris because its RPG elements are way better than Stellaris. Edit: Adjusting my rating to 9 because the developers have since patched most of the game-breaking stuff. This is a very fun game.

koves, Jul 24, 2017

The first time you play if, you feel like you are farmer converted to king in a future sci-f kingdom, and you will not understand how the game really works. But after two or three plays, you being to know better how the game works and I hat off the game designers. The art is well designeed and the quests are very enjoyable. Very good!

TsukasaHiiragi, May 22, 2017

A solid sequel to the original 4X game, however it is still currently plagued by some fairly nasty bugs and balance problems. For me though, I would have loved the endless series more if they did away with the terrible and broken Over-colonization penalties, these have never worked properly - and always hurts the player more than the A.I, ES2 has even harsher penalties and severely limits the games appeal for me, since it really does prevent creating spawling empires, it heavily impacts conquests because you are forced to raze colonies so you don't go over your control limit and thus get hit with massive penalties which unfortunately even with tech/wonders can't really be offset by much, to be honest - I wish they would do away with this feature completely. The 3D battle scenes are nice to look at, but ultimately serve very little purpose because it is just watching a static battle, you have no control at all and because of that, you'll be skipping battles all the time.

j555203, Aug 25, 2017

More than 3 months after release, and the game is still unplayable. A game-breaking bug in which save files are corrupted after a mere 100 turns or so (even short games take at least 250 turns to complete) still prevents this game from being enjoyable or even playable. I have spent dozens of hours playing and attempting to remedy this issue to no avail. Even worse, the devs have released only a handful of updates over the past several months which have done nothing to correct this; and the largest update actually broke the game even more for most users. Despite an apology from the developers and a long-awaited bug fix/rebalance update earlier this month, the corrupt save file issues remains. I've tried to enjoy this game - far more than i would have had i not enjoyed the first Endless Space so much - and as much as I want it to work and be enjoyable I am giving up. 3 months later and countless hours searching for a fix for the corrupted save bug and the game is still UNPLAYABLE. I essentially paid for nothing. I have never felt so cheated by a developer, and will never purchase another game from Amplitude again.