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Enemy Front Enemy Front is the realistic tale of a hardened soldier dropped behind Nazi lines to engage in dynamic, diversified missions ranging from quick skirmishes, espionage assignments, and sabotage activities. The epic scope of Enemy Front spans several years and key battles as it progresses from the trenches of a desolate France right on through to Berlin and a secret weapons base. Once there, the player must thwart the plans for a terrifying weapon that will all but assure a global Nazis victory.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1865
Genre Shooter, Historic, Action, First-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
CI Games / CI Games
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Enemy Front reviews ( 7 )

atmosf3ear, Aug 25, 2014

Just good WW2 shooter! Refreshes old memories made while playing Medal of Honor series or Call of Duty! Made by not big studio. Graphics @ PC are good, soundtrack is awesome.

Ambient_Malice, Jul 23, 2014

Enemy Front is a flawed game. Technical hiccups are constantly present - some especially obvious to someone like me, who is experienced with CryEngine map design. But beneath the flaws is a refreshing and vibrant WWII FPS. The environments are not the best CryEngine has to offer, but they are hardly ugly. About the only truly negative aspect is the fact everything is nailed to the floor. Patches seem to have ironed out the worst of the technical issues faced at launch. Voice acting is very good. Stealth is fickle, but very usable, and the weapons are varied and fun to use. I hope this review convinces others to give this underrated gem a chance. I am also interested in the possibility of modifications which could improve the game, since CryEngine is one of the most open game engines around.

Megatellica, Jun 19, 2014

God is good to play a ww2 shooter again. The gameplay is pretty good , you can pretty much decide how you will succeed in your mission , go stealth or just guns blazing. The fact that you can pick your own route through the map makes it even cooler . Although it's pretty obvious they played some of the well known ww2 shooters its still a unique game. The best way to find out if you like this game is to just buy it , it's only 20 euros , its not like your paying 70 euros for another call of duty thats exactly the same as the last one. Also I see lots of people complaining about the game but you should consider that it was only 20 euros.

AdrianChan, Jun 19, 2014

Never have hope on CI Games. They always disappoint. The graphics in this game really very bad, so does the texture. (CryEngine 3 is awesome but not in this game). The AI is super dumb. I don't know whether the gun is overpowered or the enemy is too weak, you only need to kill them in 1-3 shot but the playable character can take like 20+ shot but still stay alive with a lot of health. It is just way too easy and completely not challenging. The stealth and the multiplayer in this game is not good. Story isn't impressive. The voice acting sucks. Countless number of glitches and bugs. If you are looking for a WWII FPS Games, go buy Wolfenstein The New Order (with much better graphics and story) or wait for the upcoming Sniper Elite III. If you really want to try this game, wait until the game price drop to $5-10

MadJaples, Jun 14, 2014

For older gamers - like myself (way into the 30s at this point), this game is either going to be a serious affront to the memory of all that was good about Medal of Honor's first instalment - because that is essentially what it is. A modern day Medal of Honor part 1. CryEngine..awesome. Lovely stuff we've had from CryEngine, notably the Crysis series. However, what the devs here have failed to realize is that though you may have impressive names at the front end of your game, piss poor gameplay will **** it right up. And it did. Royally. Just a nutshell list for you. 1. The AI is SHOCKINGLY **** It is so bad in some areas it defies all belief. Any MoH Airborne players will relate immediately to how friggin annoying it is to have AI 'team mates' get in the damn way? Well these ones PUSH YOU out of the way - more often than not into harms way. 2. There is no real cover mechanics here, you can't peak left or right from behind cover, but worse, the only kind of cover you get is from just moving behind a box or a sheet or metal. That's it! That is ALL it is. This leads to 3. You face a small swarm of enemies, get yourself riddled with bullets and fire back. Rinse and repeat, over and over and over again. 4. Back to dim AI, there is very little to show of in terms of real war-time tactics used here. If you want a tactical shooter with a WW2 theme, go play Brothers In Arms "Hell's Highway", or similar. This game, despite looking fairly good, was let down so very, very, VERY badly, by some seriously poor AI and limited gameplay. I hope, if they intend to release a 2nd one - which is unwise at this rate - that it is a VAST improvement upon this one. Save your money, buy something else. I mean it. You can thank me later.

IE33, Jun 13, 2014

A big dissapointement with this title, I really hoped for great WW2 shooter but what I got is a low budget WW2 shooter that brings nothing interesting with it. This game should be sold as digital download for 15$ because what it offers for current price is a joke. +WW2 (Not many games set in ww2 out there) +Graphics (Cryengine did it's job) +Maps size -Bugs (First 5-10 minutes of game and I have already seen 3 or 4 bugs and yes some are really annoying) -Combat system, it seems to be literally broken, most of the time it takes one bullet to kill enemy when sometimes you have to waste 10 or more bullets on him. - Breach/Slow-mo segments are horrible, Terrible hitboxes (I breached a door and had to kill a nazi that was holding somebody hostage about half a meter away from my face, so I shot the hostage in the face... Apparently, that's where the nazi's hitbox was, so the hostage survived and the nazi flopped to the floor) the devs couldn't even be bothered to make the guns' animations and sounds actually adapt to the slow-motion. - Map designs, don't be shocked when you will encounter: One building copy-pasted into a different area, with a few textures changed and a few static props added... - AI, it's complete nightmare, some enemies take cover, others run into your face and just sit in front of you while spraying down their MP40, they don't seem actually to bother when you will throw grenade under their feets. - This game just screams rushed and unpolished... Whoever wrote the subtitles and objectives couldn't even be bothered to check the grammar, let me quote text from game "You have got to hurry up before the enemy shoot the hostage" and believe me theres much, much more of this. To sum up: Enemy Front at it's current state is one of the most broken games out there at the moment, it doesn't provide fun as it should do and makes you feel frustrated at some point. I highly recommend to wait for price to go down and some patched to be released because it's just no fun at the moment.

Falkkon, Jun 13, 2014

Terribad - Next to no unique story. Next to no unique format. Dated graphics. Long load times. Horrible voice acting and scripting. Bad AI. Short linear maps with pretty much the same thing over and over. Held my attention for about an hour, much of that being load screens. And when I say bad graphics, I mean both animations and textures are at the very least 5 years out of date. Don't bother wasting your money. Really.