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Enforcer: Police Crime Action

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 38 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1328
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Excalibur Publishing Limited , Excalibur Publishing / Odin Game Studio

Enforcer: Police Crime Action reviews ( 6 )

AlexStar6, Oct 27, 2014

Fun, and unique. The game lacks polish for sure, but polish is something that's "Good to have" but not necessary to win. Enforcer is like a sports team that wins, but doesn't look particularly good doing it. The team behind this game has some great new ideas, and in this day and age where video game development is geared towards "Sure Things" it's this kind of risk taking that should be lauded

Isaiah53six, Jul 8, 2017

This game is not worth more than $10 in its current state but overall it's playable, has nostalgia and charm. Besides there are no standalone American simulator police style games on the market right now that I know of in 2017 (not counting mods). The game settings can be tweaked in a notepad style editor making it more enjoyable to play. Of course this game has potential to be better and has room for improvement but if you can get it under $10 it's fun to play especially when you want to pretend you are a cop in a laid-back setting.

byCrux, Jan 20, 2015

Great game. Most of the major bugs were fixed within the first week of its release. The gameplay is fun and has many different missions. The developers respond to almost every thread in the forums and have implemented user requested features in the past update. While the game isn't perfect, its still a ton of fun to play

Rollie, Dec 12, 2014

The whole idea... Yes... The game itself? No and here's why... I like the idea of the whole "Be a police officer" simply because it's different from your other sort of games you would normally play. You're best of buying GTA IV and downloading the 'LCPDFR' mod, it's so much better than this game. It doesn't seem to be nowhere near finished, if you played it yourself you'll realize that there's a ton of bugs and it just hasn't got that "finished" feeling to it, a lot of patches and updates are required for this game, the developers have said they will release some but it's not they're main concern. Well 'devs' if you're reading this then I advise you to hurry up because the game is just dreadful to play. I really do love the whole idea and concept to this game but the only crime taking place is the release of this game... It seemed like they just threw it together and was like 'Yep, it's finished, don't worry about the bugs'... Seriously guys, do not buy this game, unless you want to be ripped off and wait a (what seems) lifetime for patches and updates. The only reason I gave this a 4 is due to the idea of the game itself. The potential is there but it seems like it will never be fulfilled. To the dude who gave this a rating of 8... You sure you was playing the right game? Because from what it seems, me and the other reviewers think the same about this game... "Drug dealers, drunks, speeders, kidnapping, house breaking and many more missions will keep you busy and alert. And don't forget to punish that drivers that parked at wrong places, shame on them." -That is from the devs themselves... Sounds completely epic, right? -Don't be fooled.

jterminus, Oct 26, 2014

Great idea to put police life into a game. Sadly though, everything about is outdated, most of all the graphics. Animations are clumsy, controls unreliable. Timers such as need for food, use of gas, payment are all completely wrong. The consequence is you spend most of your time eating, sleeping and whatever to replenish those bars. Needs huge amounts of patching before it becomes enjoyable. Still a great idea, but needs time.

Leviathin1, Oct 28, 2014

This game might have been acceptable had it been released 15 years ago. The graphics are horrible, controls clunky and unresponsive and mission ridiculously simplistic. This game lacks so much polish you would think that it was made as a high school project or something. The one thing it has right is the concept which would be good to see in a game that has any semblance of a currant standard. This game should cost no more than $2.99.....