Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Crack/Patch

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Enslaved takes players on a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy union in order to survive their way through a perilous, post-apocalyptic America. A tactical action-adventure game, Enslaved centers on the complex relationship between the two main characters and challenges players to employ a mix of combat, strategy and environment traversal. With influences and contributions from top music and film industry talent, Enslaved combines beautifully rendered graphics and captivating music with seamless animation and engrossing gameplay.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2592
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, General
Company / Developer
Namco Bandai Games / Ninja Theory

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West reviews ( 7 )

Startrance, Oct 26, 2013

Really liked this game, ever since it launched on Xbox 360 and PS3 i wanted this for the PC. And they delivered a complete port for the PC, haven't seen any kind of bad things for the PC version, so the porting is excellent. Really recommend this game for anyone who likes these types of games.

gietek, Apr 11, 2015

I'm giving this game 10/10 despite some technical issues of the PC port. The story, the characters, the smooth gameplay and beautiful visuals make this interactive story (that's what this game is basically) enjoyable, engaging and thought provoking. Unfortunately the game did not gain much recognition at the time of release. Hopefully the publishers learnt from their mistakes and one day we'll see the sequel.

Radu1943, Oct 27, 2013

This game is great.The story is one of the most beautiful in gaming the world is well made and beautiful. the game looks grate but for a pc game in 2013 the graphics options lack you literally can change gama and resolution those are the options that's it no vsync no nothing.But still the game looks good.The game play is fluid and mouse and keybord work perfectly ,ther is a nice variety of enemy's and locales but you wont find something special in its gameplay it is typical spectaclel fighter fare with some shooting aded to the mix it is very competent at what it dose.I sugest piking up the game simply for it'superb story and well realised characters and world.The main story is not long but the game has replayability and it comes with its only DLC and all extras so there is enough content

jelikey, Aug 21, 2015

this game guaranttee standard action fun. it shows the original graphic, and storyline. i am happy with that. but, pc porting is poor. it has no even anti-alising option.

BusterMcKnuckle, Nov 2, 2013

The combat is fun, the voice acting is really good, and the game does look great. However I find myself constantly being frustrated by a sloppy camera, insane amounts of scripted events and mini cut scenes that seem to interrupt actual game play every 2 minutes

llamayarmybar, May 17, 2014

This is and will be (for a bit longer at least) the worst port known to mankind (again currently). It features a completely bare bones options menu with a couple of selectable resolutions and gamma settings alongside a volume control menu. If you actually want to customize anything visually speaking, you'll have to direct your attention to an .ini file in your computers "My Games" folder. Not that I'm complaining that its "difficult" to do any of this or that I "hate" not having complete control over my graphics options, but honestly who are we kidding here- the game should've had a graphics menu BUILT IN not hidden completely in MonkeyEngine.ini. After disabling all of the ridiculous blur, bloom, fake hdr bloom, and some other useless features that only serve to hide just how old the games engine actually is (as well as looks) I was ready to play the actual game. Now this is the surprising bit- its good. Its a good game. I wanted to finish it, it was compelling, it seemed like it was setting up something kind of complex for its ending, but of course I kept reminding myself that they'd probably screw it up, so obviously I kept my standards low. Our two main characters Trip and Monkey have interesting chemistry, but I'd say that the characters don't all balance out until the introduction of "Pigsy" a short fat man with a mechanical grappling arm and ironically a total pig in every sense of the word. Monkey on the other hand is your generic mysterious past beef cake with a heart of gold who doesn't have as much of an arc as I thought he would. Which overall is still better than "Trip" and her fairly boring, yet stunningly animated (at times) character. She goes between overly excited and extremely mournful without warning though which chucked a wrench in the narrative at times. Level design was "alright," puzzles weren't particularly challenging ever however its really the combat that shines through. Off course it would've helped if the camera actually acted appropriately during most of the fights with your robotic enemies, since as of my first playthrough I'm wondering if I really want to go through that frustration again just to play through the story on "hard." You're looking at a fairly short game, that should be decent for the money, but it will let you down for many a reason. Collision detection is a nightmare at times, seeking out platforms can be irksome (even if they do flash for you), Trip can get stuck in the level (happened a couple of times early on), "Mek" combat is fun for awhile until they start throwing in the shielded enemies and then its like the obnoxious factor ramps up to 20 for no reason. Final thoughts: Some of the early sections with the "Dog" fights (heh) were incredibly enjoyable and I liked the sense of teamwork with Trip- it did help the characters bond a bit as well. The aesthetics were great in many places, the levels were at least interesting to look at (though not terribly complex). The visuals were fine, but the additions of bloom and motion blur were not well implemented at all. The voice acting was stellar throughout the game and the games narrative benefited well from the more than adequate writing. However, the convoluted nature of some sections of the game, the ridiculous amount of literal handholding even after completing similar sequences many times over was not entertaining (it was more insulting actually). The pacing was also very poor with short cutscenes breaking up the action for no reason other than to introduce the same puzzle solution or to "scan the area with the dragonfly" schtick mechanics. The ending was a complete wash. Absolutely dreadful that that was all they could do with it. No real resolution vague endings are garbage and tell me one thing only- "our budget ran out." Final final thoughts: Andy Sirkis was a strange addition to this game (even stranger was his actual appearance).

Dinopid, Jul 18, 2014

It's a rip-off game. They didn't fix for PC version. As I'm a left handed, I changed key bindings. It was hard to do so since panel kept moving slightly and its light blinking to distract you. When using a mouse, you can't point to certain keys, you have to move the mouse higher. After you're done changing key bindings, you had to watch a movie, then you're ready to play, but you found you can't jump and it says you need to use MouseY (I still have no idea what it is), so I went back to option. However key binding isn't there, so I had to go for menu, it means you lost saving progress. I changed jump key to Numpad 0 again. I had to watch movie again then it required MouseY again for jump. It went cycle four or five times. I've had enough of it. It kept scrambling your key bindings. I found that there are other people who have the same problems. I think it was designed for Xbox or PS4 or both, not so much for PC.