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Enter the Gungeon Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell dungeon crawler following a band of misfits seeking to shoot, loot, dodge roll and table-flip their way to personal absolution by reaching the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure: the gun that can kill the past.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2375
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Devolver Digital / Dodge Roll
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Enter the Gungeon reviews ( 7 )

r0x-, Apr 10, 2016

This game is good old fun. The co-op is really fun with a partner too, lots of laughs. This is one of those few games my girlfriend and me enjoy playing together. Shes not a gamer so its nice to come across a game that is easy to jump into, but hard enough to keep playing. Absolutely would recommend it to any one like binding of issac and nuclear throne.

rgCountdown, Apr 7, 2016

A game in the same vein as bullet hell shooters like The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon is a fantastic addition to the genre. The controls are tight and pixel perfect. The narrative is silly, and simply told through item descriptions and brief interactions with quirky NPCs, but it very apparent. The gameplay is VERY difficult but fair, and through trial and error, even someone with a small amount of skill can surmount the obstacles in this game, only to feel real achievement when they finally kill that boss (I am looking at you Chamber 4!) Each weapon takes new tactics and getting used to, and most of them offer a new gimmick or purpose that doesn't always seem clear at first glance. Long story short - It is a great action game that while light on story, makes up for it in character and tons of replayability. IF that is you are willing to Enter the Gungeon.

vOidward, Apr 7, 2016

Mostly a response to grayback's review who seem to either misinformed or terrible at the game. Having played 21 hours in the first 2 days of release, most of the guns are either directly more powerful than the starting weapons, or are more difficult to use. In fact, the starting weapons are one of the only things I find boring about the game. Getting new weapons is always exciting. Equipping your character is rarely something you get to choose, there's so many items that you're at the mercy of RNG. I find all the bosses to be of roughly the same difficulty level that I've encountered thus far and have been frustrated with exactly 0 of them. Everything they do is in a pattern you can predict, anticipate and dodge. If you screw up, it's on you. The game has not once felt like it cheated me. To top this off, there's an incredible variety in the enemies, it's simply spread out amongst the levels. I suspect greyback never made it past the first to 2nd level. This seems to be a case of someone who's bad at the game blaming the game rather than himself. I've played my share of games that feel like they screw you over, this isn't one of them. The balance is great, the variety is great, the art is great. The only thing that I would point to as being shy of excellent is the soundtrack. I would urge anyone reading to check steam reviews where the general consensus is "overwhelmingly positive".

RichardTikler, Aug 21, 2016

I absolutely love this game. Clever and enjoyable art style. Smooth, challenging, fast-paced, and with gameplay that depends way more on skill level than item grinding. An enjoyable variation in enemies and a huge variation in guns (something I look for in every game). I've played about 20 hours and I can't confidently say that I've gotten the same gun twice. The passives haven't seemed quite so impressive yet, but I'm not incredibly far into it. Dodge roll keeps the movement fast and reloading adds a simple yet game-changing mechanic, requiring more skill and tactics. Bosses that seem downright impossible sometimes, this really is a great game. I've played both TBOI and Nuclear Thrones extensively, and this beats them both out by a mile for me. More interesting level design and gameplay than TBOI, and more variation than Nuclear Throne. I felt I needed to make an account just to love on this game.

DelTorro, Apr 13, 2016

A game with a lot of potential (and still is), Looks great and is beautifully animated, there are some great enemy designs (particularly the bosses) and some not so great enemy designs. I always thought to myself it'd be great to have a BOI with guns, but without the synergies it doesn't make for very interesting or unique builds - In BOI, a poor run could still be enjoyable simply because of how drastically a combination of items could force you to alter your play style. Here, it feels like you need to get lucky just to have a fun experience. It is brutally stingy with money and health which is fair enough, but it does mean that more often than not a 20 minute run can dissolve in a few seconds. Honestly though, one of the most irksome things for me about the game is that I think the first stage is just too big. "That's ridiculous" you say. Well, maybe I'm just a crazy bastard, but hear me out. In a procedurally generated game such as this - it takes too long for a run to take shape and start feeling unique. For me it seems like you spend way too long with the default weapons and it can make starting a new run tedious, especially when the game hands you a dud weapon to fight the first boss with. It's hard not walk away from each game feeling frustrated. In it's current form I think this is a good title marred by a couple of niggling flaws and maybe in the future this will be a 10/10 game.

stop9091, Dec 30, 2016

Fun bullet hell game. Recently, the developers have added a save functionality, so that the game is now also playable for people without a boatload of time.

WAnchor, Apr 7, 2016

Just a weak Nuclear Throne clone. The game looks great and the idea showed promise but the execution is lousy. Not a patch on the likes of TBOI:Rebirth. + Good visuals + Runs well - Boring gameplay - Horrible weapons - Weak upgrades/power ups - Levels are a cluttered mess - Enemies are dull and they just relentlessly fire - Poor soundtrack - Lacking in variety - No long term appeal I wouldn't even consider this game in the sale for under five bucks. I wasn't a big fan of Nuclear Throne but this is far worse in every respect. Stick to TBOI: Rebirth for a complete experience of a game that shows how to do this genre the right way.