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Escape Dead Island Zombies are an even bigger threat now that you’re playing as a character that is no longer immune. You must be on the lookout for not only Shamblers, but also other new and familiar zombie types that are even more dangerous. Do not forget to take pictures of each type, but be careful that you do not get bitten when you do.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1181
Genre Action Adventure, Adventure, 3D, Survival, Third-Person, Modern
Company / Developer
Deep Silver / Fatshark AB

Escape Dead Island reviews ( 7 )

Dunge, Jan 12, 2015

Much better than the review make it be. I expected playing some crap and quitting after 15min based on reviews, but ended up completing it and having a blast doing so. Story is interesting, there's no dead moments, it always keep going and adding new stuff and fckeup events. I would even say presentation of the story is better than the Dead Island game. Gameplay is fast and shooting action is tight. Level design are great. Not worth a 10, but I'm balancing for these whining kids who don't know what's good and what's not.

runner, Dec 5, 2015

Above all, this game taught me one important lesson: If it's not fun, stop playing! The 10-points review here says that the game isn't as bad as the reviews make it seem. It is right to say this, but, the game is still bad. While not being 100% disastrous it is also not too far from that point. Truth has to be said. I would have given this game 410 and I believe that is what it deserves. I would give it a 6 just to balance thing a little, because I see many zeroes here. God help my sense of video-gaming justice. And no, I didn't fall into the trap of expecting it to be like Dead Island or Riptide. I knew, or at least thought I knew, what I was getting into. I knew that it is mainly an 'action' title, with a small map, short length, etc.. Personally I have no problem with this. But.. This game is simply not all that fun, and,sometimes it does so in a cruel way. Gameplay-wise, you would mainly run around some other zombie-infested island - a mostly linear experience - advancing with the story and smashing zombies along the way. Somehow the developers arranged the game in a way that makes you BACKTRACK A WHOLE LOT. I Hate backtracking. And playing through the game, you'd find yourself walking through the same areas, threading the same caves, climbing the same ladders, using the same ropes, crounching under the same foliage, over, and over, and over, again. Oh yes, but you won't JUMP over anything. Our hero is capable of sending zombies to their ultimate deaths but cannot jump. This may sound like a minor detail, but doing all this backtracking just to run around some annoying not-too-giant obstacles just makes you think WHY CAN'T YOU JUMP CLIFF? The combat, which is a big part of the game, won't save things either, for the simple reasons of it being repetitive and monotonous, but above all, way too laggy! The controls would always respond in delay, the combat mechanics feel flawed and clunky. Also, our hero would die SO FAST. No matter how much medkits you'd collect along the way, (these would tell yo that you've raised your max health!), you'll just keep dying quickly, without even realizing what's happening! At first the buggy mechanics are bearable, but later in the game on the parts which are meant to be more challanging, it becomes a pain. Switching weapons is also not too quick, and the result is a combat which is not flowing , and you'd pray to end it as quickly as possible. Yes, you will pray. Or just quit. Or just break your computer, as I almost did. There are also MANY collectibles throughout the island. usually these are logsrecordingsetc you'd have lying around and well hidden, there are also snapshots which you can take with your camera. I actually found this aspect nice and enjoyable, but it grew tired soon enough, and didn't make up for the rest of the game. The one thing which really kept me from leaving this game mid-way to rot in hell was the story. And as much as it hurts to say, it wasn't too good or worth it, as well. It is very twisted, which is actually a good thing in my opinion. It is very bland at some points, though, and leads you to a very weak finale. I guess the concept was alright and a somewhat original, but still, the story is not getting too clear throughout the game. For many of the events, you'll never figure out if they ACTUALLY happened or are simply a fruit of our hero's limited imagination. The ending doesn't properly close the game, there are many holes and questions unanswered, and it is simply not justifying the time spent on. No need to say the chatacters have no depth or any development (storywise). So, there it is, with a heavy heart I would definitely NOT recommend this game, even though it doesn't deserve a round zero. There are some bright sides which are worth mentioning, although they fail to save the game from being what it is. The graphics are actually pretty good, not too fancy but has a cool comic-style which is very refreshing to the series and I always like to see in video games. The soundtrack is splendid! Feels like a waste for this game, but, it really keeps the atmosphere in a good place, very dramatic and tense, very fitting, very epic, simply great! Unfortunately, these make the game look like a nice package while the inside is an utter mess. The Underwater Labs is also worth mentioning, for being a free DLC, it is quiet good and mostly enjoyable. While it doesn't have much connection to the main story, it would take you aside to an hour or two of something...else. It is probably the only portion of the game which was actually creepy for me. There was a special emphasis on sneaking around instead of storming your enemies, it was bizzare and twisted, tense, and, well, good. Until the game mechanics ruined it and it's final section almost made me quit the game for good. Maybe I should have.

Cosmic_Pangolin, Nov 13, 2016

As a fan of the previous Dead Island games I expected something from this game. It fills in the gap between the 2 Dead Island games and adds a little to the origin of the zombie virus, but that's it. You expect the quality of the Dead Island games, but it's not. The graphics look okay, and the comic like loading screens are fine too. But that's it. The camera acts clumsy like it's doing drunk boxing, some enemies are WAY too strong (Everyone who played this game can confirm the Butcher is ridiculous!) and the game has the WORST save system of any game I have ever played. For instance: You have a save point, and you have boss or mini boss. Obviously when you are thrown before the lions so to say you will die at first. Any decent game has a save point right before you fight the boss. It also allows you to skip the videos. This game just saves at the first place possible, and when you die you have to walk the entire way back to the boss or mini boss and have to watch the video all over again! Which is super frustrating. Pros I have found for achievement hunters and people on low budget for gaming: -Achievements are fairly easy. the 1000g is somewhat grinding and a bit of luck but you can at least get 800G or so in the first run. (the rest is missing objectives and finish the new game +) -There is one DLC called Underwater Labs. It was 10$ in the first period, but since this game really sucks they made the DLC free. Thank god for that!

prossnip42, Dec 28, 2014

Why just whyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Why would you do this to the dead island franchise. The games were flawed sure but they had charm god damn it. This pice of **** is not worth any **** peny. Dont buy it

Tessara_Vejgan, Nov 21, 2014

Game is s***. Its a survival adventure game. Story is f**** up and has almost nothing to do with Dead Island. Your character is boring. Weapons are crap. They put this stealth mechanic in the game that doesn't work very well. They expect you to sneak past zombies which gets near impossible as you progress deeper in the game specially near the end. Some zombies can hear you from very far away and are extremely difficult to sneak upon. Locations are boring and lack in imagination. Graphics are not very good either. I suggest you skip this one.

OGGamerOG, May 12, 2015

worth a steam sale for...... uh..... well....... free? nah spend yout time elsewhere. Has really simplified gameplay, no rpg elements. The enemies are sometimes difficult but not in any fun way. They just pop u behind you since if you could simply see them they would just be fodder. The story degenerates to a graphic style that looks like the developers really wanted to do a sci fi. then well ah never mind just dont buy it. And for reference i am a DIE HARD fan of both of the first two in the series.

joshan2, May 17, 2015

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