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Eternity: The Last Unicorn Eternity: The Last Unicorn is a full-featured action RPG inspired by tales from Norse Mythology with classic game mechanics. Travel through mesmerizing locations, meet fantasy characters and fight to protect Elven immortality.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 40 / 100
User rating
Downloads 52
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
1C Entertainment / Void Studios
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Eternity: The Last Unicorn reviews ( 4 )

PedroHF, Mar8, 2019

I just loved this indie game. I have read several comments about the game, some positive and some negative but being very honest, it has been a while since I played something that reminds me of the golden age of the games. The feeling of going back to PS2 games is simply fantastic. I can understand those who do not like this approach, but I loved it.

MarcioCavalcant, Apr 13, 2020

This is an artificially difficult action RPG with glitchy combat that excludes many potential players. The lore is based on Norse mythology and is fun to read through; the individual stage designs are pretty nice with decent graphical elements; the bosses look neat until you go to fight them; and the glitchy combat + boosted difficulty makes the gameplay rely on good luck and continual grinding most of the time before progressing forward. Many people will have problems with the fixed camera angles, I did too in the beginning until I got used to where the transitions were and could often get myself into a comfortable angle during most combat encounters. Being generally aware of where your character sprite is on-screen relative to the enemies, as well as how fast the enemies move and what their attacks typically are will give you a good idea about proper dodging and attacking patterns that will ultimately benefit you. (This takes time to get there.) Overall, the game feels really very much like it plays in early access, with all of the glitches and bugs encountered. I am sure a lot of things were play-tested before release, but there are some simple things that should have been looked at and adjusted before release. These things I have mentioned to the developers through the discussion forums, and they have indicated that they will consider changes, though there has not been any updates or announcements about planned changes now 10 days post-release. (There are some really simple to correct things such as giving the player the ability to skip animations at boss encounters--because you are expected to die again and again, but the animation plays every single time. There are also other really time-wasting actions such as picking up each item individually that takes about 3 seconds each.) But those are QoL issues, and I understand that they may be working on some of the bigger glitchy aspects of the game, but I really feel that most of this could have been done before making the player base who planned on buying a full-release be the player-testers instead. So next thing I wanted to mention is the combat and the difficulty comes from a lot of enemies that hit super hard, and facing a small mob of them means that you have to constantly hit and dodge. Fortunately there is no stamina bar in this game, and you can use dodge to break up your current action, even if you are in the middle of a heavy attack. This is really necessary for this game. The not-so-fun aspect of the combat comes from the artificially boosted HP of a lot of bigger enemies and bosses. This is especially the case with bosses. Don't be surprised if you have to head into a fight and basically nip 1% HP off the boss per hit, having to dodge all over the place, and any hits you take will shave 30% of your HP. On top of that, there are issues with dodging around bosses because they are bigger, and sometimes you can get clipped between the boss and the wall. Burning through all of your healing items in any boss fight is just normal progression, and to get them back, you have to go grind through waves of enemies and hope for some good drops. Because shops have very limited supplies and do not restock. The ridiculous amount of repetitive fighting in this game is mind-boggling. (Repetitive in not only are you going through the same waves after waves of enemies, but also you are using basically the same attack, dodge, attack, dodge, series of button presses ad nauseam.) For some people like me, who wants to see progression in story, it just doesn't sit well with me when there are absolutely no difficulty options. Hopefully this will get added in the future. We are in 2019, and some computer games still don't allow for rebinding of keys. Why is that? I also had a lot of display issues, because there is no native 4K support, I had a lot of on-screen display aberrations during the gameplay because of the 1080P game window stretched across the 4K screen. I also had the game randomly jump out of full-screen to give me a 1080P window while I was playing. Native 4K support is really a must in 2019, in my opinion. I do wish some of the textures have finer detail, especially with the main characters, they could have had better polish. The game had so much potential... but having a full-release full of bugs and QoL issues without any updates/news does not sit well with me. Overall the game just feels like a game that hasn't been play-tested.

Dubeau, Mar 10, 2019

Bad controls. Clumsy combat systems. Obsolete interface. The story is very text driven but doesn't really make sens in terms of logic. The graphics were acceptable but the camera angle is awful for combat and positioning. I give it 25% for the graphics but otherwise, the game isn't that worthed spending time on it. Couldn't get pass the first 30 minutes...

canertas, Apr 26, 2019

Bad Controls,Story is not interesting, Gameplay is boring and graphics are not impressive.I give it a zero but a indie game (even how bad it is) do not deserve it but Probably nationalist reasons gets much higher User score then it deserves so I need to balance it.