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Euclidean Euclidean; a game of geometric horror; a slow descent into the dark, into madness, futility, and despair, where Things greater than you watch and wait and dream. Struggle for every second of life you have left.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1236
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
AAD Productions / Alpha Wave Entertainment
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Euclidean reviews ( 1 )

GamingzleastGr8, Oct 17, 2015

So, Euclidean advertises itself as a horror game. First massive flaw in this game for the "horror" genre. IT IS NOT A HORROR GAME! The creepy voice at parts of the game are the nearest we get to "scary", and I found them very cliche and boring. So, any hardcore horror fans can leave now. This game isn't for you. What this game DOES have is interesting concepts. In the game you are constantly falling through hell, purgatory, somewhere bad or evil. You are constantly having to avoid these dull, basic A.I. that circle below you. Again, dull. This has no changes throughout the game (at least as far as I could play without going crazy) apart from bigger A.I. (can you even call them that?) and more complicated paths to figure out. It has okay graphics, terrible, slow-to-react- movement, and near to no storyline. Also, the Steam achievements ruin the end of the game, so don't look at them. I don't like scoring games, it seems pointless to me, but this is definitely terrible for the type of game it COULD be. But, for ??2.79 it is worth it for VR (a slightly BIGGER investment), so it gets a 3. A short review, for a game there is nothing to say about. What else?